Derek Jeter dating history

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Lara Dutta

After winning the World Series in 1999, the world champion slugger set his sights on Miss Universe. The Indian-born model and actress claimed the illustrious title of Miss Universe in 2000, the same year she dated Jeter.

Lara Dutta dated Derek JeterLara Dutta dated Derek Jeter
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Reportedly, the relationship only lasted a year. At least it was a good year — The Yankees won the series this year too. Dutta is currently married to retired tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi.

Adriana Lima

Derek Jeter and Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima also dated in 2006. The Brazillian supermodel was listed as 99th on the Forbes list of 100 Best-Paid Celebrities at the time. Before dating Jeter, Lima had been engaged to rock musician Lenny Kravitz.

Adriana Lima, Derek JeterAdriana Lima, Derek Jeter
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Three years after Lima and Jeter’s romance, Lima married professional basketball player Marko Jarić. Their marriage lasted five years. But tying the knot was still a ways away for Derek Jeter.

Jessica Biel

In 2006, shortly after her breakup with actor Chris Evans, Jessica Biel moved on from the future Captain America to date Captain Clutch. The relationship didn’t last more than a few months, which worked out for the best.

Derek Jeter dated Jessica BielDerek Jeter dated Jessica Biel
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Biel rose to fame for her role as Mary Camden in 7th Heaven. She quickly moved to the big screen, starring in the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The next year she starred in Blade: Trinity.

Jessica Biel, part 2

When Jeter and Biel broke up, the actress began dating singer Justin Timberlake, to whom she’s now married. Somehow, we don’t think she’s heartbroken things didn’t work out with Derek Jeter. Biel and Timberlake have one son together.

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A proponent of natural diet and medicine, Biel doesn’t eat gluten or dairy products, and is a dedicated yoga practitioner. Her views on vaccines have caused quite a controversy.

Jessica Alba

Yep, her too. Though it was never officially confirmed by either party, sources say the two hooked up while Jeter was on one of the many breaks between him and Vanessa Minnillo.

Alba has been acting in films since she was 13, but her career really took off when, at 19 years old, she starred in the television series Dark Angel

Jessica Alba and Derek JeterJessica Alba and Derek Jeter
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She’s best known for her career in acting and modeling, but she’s also a successful businesswoman, founding The Honest Company with her business partner Christopher Gavigan. She’s been married to Cash Warren since 2008, and the couple have three children together.

Vida Guerra

Mr. November sure likes models. Guerra and Jeter dated in 2005, shortly after Guerra had been named FHM’s model of the year. It was a good year for Jeter too — he won the Golden Glove award for the second time, and finished second in the American League in runs scored.

Derek Jeter and Vida GuerraDerek Jeter and Vida Guerra
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It’s unclear why the pair broke up, but they clearly harbor no ill will toward each other.

“He said once he retired he wanted to get married, so he’s living his dream,” Guerra told TMZ. “He’s really an awesome person, and I wish him all the best.”

Vida Guerra, part 2

Guerra was born in Cuba, but she defected with her family, eventually residing in New Jersey.

Her first notable appearance was when she posed in lingerie for FHM. Reportedly, the magazine became flooded with letters from admirers demanding more pictures of her.

Vida Guerra, Derek JeterVida Guerra, Derek Jeter
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Guerra is a strict vegetarian, and claims the diet has benefited her in many ways, both in mind and body. She posed nude for a PETA campaign in 2011 to raise awareness for the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. I suppose that’s one way to get the world to pay attention.

Tyra Banks

We were rooting for them! We were all rooting for them! Sadly, it was not to be. Banks and Jeter reportedly dated briefly in 1997, well before the romance between him and Adriana Lima would come to be. He must have a thing for Victoria’s Secret Angels (we can’t imagine why).

Derek Jeter and Tyra BanksDerek Jeter and Tyra Banks
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Of course, neither party has confirmed that the pair were an item. Jeter dismissed the rumors as gossip, stating that they were only photographed at a Knicks game together because they were both International Management Group (IMG) clients. You choose whether you believe that or not.

Gabrielle Union

Long before Dwyane Wade and Gabby tied the knot, it was rumored that she and “the Captain” were an item, shortly after Derek and Jessica called things off (referring to Biel not Alba — can you believe this guy?).

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Gabrielle Union had just split with NFL running back Chris Howard. Gabby and Jeter seemed like a union (heh) made in heaven. Reportedly, the pair were observed heating things up in the Bahamas. So what gives?

Gabrielle Union, part 2

According to both parties, this was all just a rumor. “I’m linked to a lot of people. Trust me, if I were dating Derek Jeter, I would hold my own press conference to announce it to the world,” Gabrielle Union told People.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane WadeGabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade
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What do you think, are they telling the truth, or would both parties rather not kiss and tell? Of course, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, now that both superstars are happily married … to other people.

Bridget Hall

Most people swipe through Tinder when looking for a date, but Derek Jeter flips through Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Editions (or so it would appear). Hall briefly dated the then future Hall of Fame in 2000.

Derek Jeter and Bridget HallDerek Jeter and Bridget Hall
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2000 was a great year for Jeter, he’d win the World Series with the Yanks, and date both Lara Dutta and Bridget Hall. He batted .311 on the diamond that year but, in our book, he batted 1.000 with the ladies.

Jordana Brewster

Like Derek Jeter, Jordana Brewster first entered the limelight in the 1990s. The soap star was best known for her roles on All of My Children and As the World Turns. But it wasn’t until after her career really took off that her and Jeter started going steady.

Jeter Jordana BrewsterJeter Jordana Brewster
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After appearing in Robert Rodriguez’s The Faculty, Brewster became a household name when she landed a starring role in the 2001 blockbuster The Fast and the Furious. Sadly, the pair didn’t last too long. What’s she up to these days, anyway? Let’s find out.

Jordana Brewster, part 2

Unfortunately, Jordeter (or Derewster?) would not last for long. The highly publicized romance burned out quickly, and after a year or so, the pair moved on to greener pastures.

Jordana BrewsterJordana Brewster
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As for Brewster, she married film producer Andrew Form in 2007. Jordan and Andrew have two kids. 

After skipping the eight installment, Brewster is reportedly returning to the driver’s seat for Fast & Furious 9, scheduled for release in 2021.

Scarlett Johansson

It was rumored that the Bronx Bomber and this pouty-lipped blonde bombshell dated while Jeter and Vanessa Minnillo were on a break. Reportedly, the pair left a Christmas party together, and that was all it took to set the tabloid printing presses into overdrive.

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What do you think, did the pair wind up under the mistletoe together, or was all the gossip blown out of proportion? We’ll let you decide.

Rachel Uchitel

Uchitel is a former TV correspondent and nightclub manager who briefly dated Derek Jeter in 2008. Unfortunately, Rachel Uchitel may be best known for her highly publicized trist with another all-time-great athlete — Tiger Woods.

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Rachel has struggled with some destructive habits, and eventually appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Reportedly, she was able to negotiate double the salary she was originally offered to appear on the show — quite the shrewd businesswoman.

Vanessa Minnillo

Jeter and Minnillo had an on-and-off relationship for a total of three years (that’s practically a century by Jeter’s standards), but ultimately separated for good in 2006. Minnilo is a TV personality, Miss Teen USA winner, actress and fashion model.

Derek Jeter dating historyDerek Jeter dating history
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Fans were bummed when Jeter called it quits with another high-profile girlfriend, and began to wonder if The Yankees were the only thing he’d ever fully commit to. As for Minnillo, commitment was just around the corner …

Vanessa Minnillo becomes Vanessa Lachey

Later that year, Minnillo began dating singer Nick Lachey, who she’d met on set while shooting the video to his hit song “What’s Left of Me.” The video makes many references to the failing marriage between Lachey and his wife at the time, Jessica Simpson.

Nick and Vanessa LacheyNick and Vanessa Lachey
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Ironically, the woman wearing the wedding ring that disappears in the music video is the same woman he’d later give a ring to. Vanessa and Nick have been married since 2011 and have three children together.

Joy Enriquez

The singer and 7th Heaven actress dated Derek Jeter after A. Rod introduced the pair at the 2001 All Star Game. The relationship didn’t last too long.

Derek Jeter and Joy EnriquezDerek Jeter and Joy Enriquez
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Three years after dating Jeter, Enriquez would elope with music producer Rodney Jerkins, and the couple remain together to this day and have three children. In 2015, Joy’s daughter, Heavenly Joy Jerkins, was a contestant on America’s Got Talent.

Mariah Carey

In the 1990s, Mariah Carey had more number one hits than any other artist. But in 1998, she was focused on number two — shortstop for the Bronx Bombers, Mr. November himself. Back then, neither one of them could miss.

Derek Jeter and Mariah CareyDerek Jeter and Mariah Carey
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The couple quickly bonded over their biracial identity. But shared life experiences couldn’t keep the flame lit in the face of non-stop paparazzi attention. The pair said “Bye Bye” to each other before the year ended. Are you noticing a pattern yet?

So what about Mariah?

The “Songbird Supreme” started dating Jeter just after she’d divorced her former husband, music executive and producer Tommy Mottola. When things didn’t work out with Derek Jeter, she moved on to Luis Miguel, who she ended up dating for three years.

Mariah Carey and Bryan TanakaMariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka
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She was rumored to have dated rapper Eminem in the early 2000s, though she denies it (he’s the inspiration for her hit song “Obsessed”).

In 2008, she married actor Nick Cannon. The couple would have two kids together before they divorced in 2016. 

She’s currently dating choreographer Bryan Tanaka.

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly is an electrician. Just kidding! She’s a model and actress. Kelly is best known for her starring role on Friday Night Lights, but she’s also appeared in many other TV shows and films.

Minka Kelly and Derek JeterMinka Kelly and Derek Jeter
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Her and Derek Jeter dated for four years. Fans thought that as Jeter neared his retirement as a baseball player, he’d retire from the dating game as well.

As it turned out, Jeter wasn’t quite ready to hang up his cleats just yet.

Minka Kelly, part 2

Kelly and Jeter split in 2012, two years before Jeter retired from baseball. She’s been dating fellow actor Jesse Williams since 2017.

In addition to the screen, Kelly is passionate about cooking and baking, and graduated from the New School of Cooking in 2015.

Minka KellyMinka Kelly
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She’s scheduled to appear in Lansky, an upcoming biopic on the infamous gangster, who was the mob’s accountant and key member of the notorious crew known as Murder Inc.

Hannah Davis

Actually, it’s Hannah Jeter, thank you very much. In 2016, “Captain Clutch” finally tied the knot, settling down with the Virgin Islands born model and television host. So far, the pair have two daughters.

Hannah and Derek JeterHannah and Derek Jeter
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Mrs. Jeter is also a former tennis champion with the Caribbean National team, so we can only imagine how competitive things must get in the Jeter household. Perhaps their two daughters are some star athletes in the making as well!

Derek and Hannah’s marriage

While their daughters have seen their dad plenty of times on TV. Derek and Hannah try to limit the amount of television they watch, and how much technology the young girls are exposed to.

Derek Jeter and Hannah JeterDerek Jeter and Hannah Jeter
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“I think I raise my kids just how my mom raised me — being outside with nature and animals, trying not to be so on top of them, giving them safe places to explore and use their imagination,” Hannah explained to Editorialist magazine. “I really value that.”

Derek and Hannah’s marriage, part 2

The Jeters currently reside in Miami, Florida. Their location has made Hannah eager to make sure her kids learn Spanish.

After years in the spotlight, and the media constantly hounding Jeter about his love interests, the family is happy to have their privacy.

Derek Jeter and Hannah JeterDerek Jeter and Hannah Jeter
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“I know (posting on social media) is necessary in my industry, and I absolutely have to when it’s part of a contract,” Hannah explains. “But a lot of people post their children and husbands, and for me that will never be the case … when you love something so much, you want to protect it more than anything in the world. And for me, that’s my relationship, that’s my kids.”