billionaire lifestyle

Getty/Justin Sullivan

There are only 2,325 billionaires in the world. That’s one billionaire for every three million people on earth. Average people don’t have the frame of reference to understand what it’s like to live life as a billionaire.

Here are five insights into life at the top.

Their minds are their most prized possession

The asset billionaires value most is their minds. Focusing their minds on their work and vision has led them to success. They don’t stop there. Billionaires continue working around the clock after making it to the top. They chose to work because they are obsessed with it (and are really good at it).

They have the power to change the world

It’s hard to take a stand for charitable causes when you’re focused on keeping a roof over your head. Billionaires have the capacity to drive major improvements in causes they care about. 

However, they don’t just give their money away. Giving away money is more complicated than most people realize.

They are fearless

Billionaires are full of confidence. They know they are capable of changing mindsets and shaping public policy to help them achieve their goals. 

That’s right, you can buy influence. Governors, corporate leaders, and even presidents look up to billionaires. They see billionaires as collaborative partners in their political work. 

Their time is money

Another top-valued asset among billionaires is their time. Take private jets, for example. Billionaires don’t purchase private jets for show or fun. They purchase them because it saves them valuable time.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is known to wolf down his lunch within five minutes (during meetings).

They are intentional about how they spend

Billionaires choose not to spend money in areas that they don’t care about. They make purchase decisions carefully based on value and purpose.

They prefer experiences over material things. Go out for a five-star meal at a prestigious restaurant, or cook a meal at home with the entire family?