Disney Cruise


Disney cruise ships can be magical places. They’re also a lot of hard work to operate. The magic needs happy workers to fuel the fun engine (and people who are not scared off by terms like ‘fun engine’). That’s where you come in! Applications for servers are open. Before you jump out of your seat with excitement, there are some challenges to cruise life that you need to be aware of.

Are you ready to set sail?

Entry-level waiting jobs on cruise lines don’t bring in that much money. You have to have a passion for travel to make the sacrifices worth it. You can make between $1,700 and $2,200 a month working on one of the happiest ships on Earth.

It’s not a huge chunk of change, but you’ll be able to save a ton because your room and board are covered by Disney. If you’re 21 years or older, speak solid English, and have a minimum of one year of experience as a waiter, you can cruise your way to a traveling job with the one-and-only Disney!

Time off, or lack thereof

On cruise lines, you work seven days a week most weeks. You’ll get several hours off each day, but most workers spend that time resting, eating, and taking care of personal chores. It can be a long grind when you’re out at sea.

Workers have restricted time ashore. When the boat docks, Disney’s going to need your help manning the ship and taking care of odds-and-ends. You may not get off the ship for several days even if you’re docked.

Disconnected from family, friends, and luxuries

You might get homesick. You’re going to be away from family and friends and surrounded by tourists from all sorts of countries. On the ship, you have limited internet and cell phone access. It can be costly to call from the ship’s phone. You might not be able to contact your loved ones for days at a time.

Personal space is a luxury on a cruise ship. Chances are you’ll be sharing a cabin and a bathroom. Cruise life can be claustrophobic for some. If you feel like you’re up for a challenging adventure, applications for Disney Cruise Line close on August 28, 2018.