DIY alternatives

Unsplash/Patrick Coddou

There are a lot of household products we buy pretty consistently to keep everything running smoothly and cleanly. From deodorant to dish soap, a lot of these things are items we think we can’t live without. But these surprising DIY alternatives work just as well as the store brands, and can save you a lot of money!


We all want to keep our teeth white and our breath smelling fresh, right? Unfortunately, many big-brand bottles of mouthwash can cost a lot of money — sometimes up to $10 a bottle! Luckily for us, there’s a cheaper solution. You can make your own salt water rinse that works just as well. Just mix a bit of salt with warm water, rinse, and spit. All done, and a super cheap alternative! 

Makeup remover

There are a lot of products out there to help us get rid of makeup at the end of the day, from washes to creams, pads, cloths, and other unnecessary items. But we can make our own makeup remover in a jiffy! It turns out that olive and coconut oil are great for removing makeup. They’re cheap, and most of us probably already have them in our house.

Cleaning rags

These are some pretty essential household items to keep our house looking clean, right? They can also get pretty expensive pretty quickly. We can easily substitute them, however, with pieces of old tee-shirts or other pieces of fabric that we won’t use anywhere else. Easy, cheap, and perfect for using around the house!

Shaving cream

This is a product that definitely eats up a sizeable chunk of any budget. There are a couple of cheap solutions, though, to save us some money the next time we swing by the grocery store. Conditioner works really well as a shaving cream substitute (perfect for those of us with a half-empty bottle sitting in our shower)—and so does simple bar soap. 

Fabric softener

Here’s yet another over-priced item that we can easily make ourselves with stuff we already have. To make your own, simply mix conditioner, white vinegar, water, and maybe some essential oils if you’d like to add a particular scent to your laundry. That’s it! This easy DIY fix, like all the others, can save you a lot of money when you next to to the store, so give it a go.