There’s no question about it. Teachers are hard workers. In addition to being educators, they serve as counselors, confidants, and much more. Some feel that teachers are fairly compensated, and others feel teachers are underpaid. Do teachers get as much money as they deserve? What do the facts show?

Where Does The Teacher Live?

Teachers are paid based on the education budget of the state and/or county they work in. Some teachers make more than others. The average salary for teachers is $55,000. That is enough to live comfortably in some areas, but in other areas, it would leave a person in poverty.

What Other Compensation Do Teachers Receive?

Teachers pay varies from county to county, but teachers who work for public schools are state employees. That means they get benefits from a state insurance plan. State employers usually have “good” insurance with low copays, paid vacation time, and retirement benefits, which is more than most employees today receive.

How Much Do Teachers Work?

Teachers work a lot of unpaid overtime. Sure, they are at school during the school day, but there are also activities before and after school. Many teachers grade on their own free time and pay for supplies from their own wallets. In that respect, teachers are certainly not compensated fairly.

What Are The Overhead Costs Of Being A Teacher

Bachelor’s degrees are some of the bare minimum requirements for being a teacher. Many teachers also have state licensure, which requires fees and costly continuing education credits. Teachers even continue with post-secondary degrees in their field as well. Student loans and continuing education costs add up, so teacher salaries that would otherwise be considered good may not be sufficient.

Should Teachers Make As Much As Other College Graduates?

Teachers make less compared to other college graduates, but there may be a reason for that. Engineers and teachers are both college graduates, but there are fewer engineers than there are teachers. There is also a greater degree of difficulty to get into engineering programs and to complete engineering coursework.