travel rewards

We all love racking up those travel rewards. Going on your next vacation for half the price? Yes, please! But a lot of times, we’re racking up the wrong kind of rewards, or else we just don’t seem to be able to earn enough points to put towards our next vacation. Luckily, there are some easy ways to earn travel rewards that will actually reward you.

A perfect match

First, of course, you need to pick the right credit card. If you’re getting a new one, make sure to look for one that gives you the kind of rewards you’re looking for (points towards a plane ticket, for example). A lot of cards will also have bonuses for signing up with them for the first time—look for those deals, and grab the best one you can find!

In this game, it’s okay to pick a favorite

If you have a favorite airline, hotel, or other great travel service provider, chances are they have a rewards program. Sign up for it! Now when you use their service, you’ll also be earning rewards with them. This can help you earn points towards future stays in their hotel, flights with their airline, or other bonus deals.

Pay your own way

If you travel a lot for business, this can be a great opportunity to earn a lot of points for your travel rewards. Pay for your own flight, your own hotel, your own dining—everything. Just make sure you can get reimbursed later. Your travel rewards will start adding up fast!

Pick up the tab (no, really)

On a night out with your friends, the bill can get pretty big pretty fast. Offer to pick up the tab to get even more rewards for your credit card (just ask your friends to pay you back). Some cards even have special dining rewards, so this trick could get you even more points than you would normally earn.

Limited-time offers mean maximum travel time

Last, but certainly not least, keep an eye out for those limited-time offers! Special deals around the holidays and other random deals throughout the year can earn you a lot of bonus points on that card. So keep your eyes peeled, and work smarter, not harder, to earn more points toward your next vacation.