Elon Musk

It’s the ultimate irony that one of Elon Musk’s companies is called The Boring Company because their latest hyperloop invention is anything but boring.

The hyperloop idea came from Musk being absolutely sick of the “soul-destroying traffic” that he likened to “the seventh or eighth level” of hell.

More Ways To Skin This Cat

Musk has admitted that there are many different “ways to skin this cat” of high traffic levels in major cities. Some of those include expanded roads, highways, flying cars, etc.

Instead, Musk has his mind set on going deep underground (30-100 feet) to install a high-speed hyperloop tunnel system with single-rides only costing $1.

Massive projects like this don’t come together overnight, but Musk is already laying the groundwork for hyperloop transportation to become a reality.

The Plan Is Being Laid Out

The Boring Company is forging ahead with the elohyperloop project and was recently given permission to test the system with 2.7 miles of track in Los Angeles.

With tunnels being dug so deep underground, the disruption to surface life will be minimal if at all.

Ultimately, Musk envisions miles of track laid out across Los Angeles with surface pods similar to elevators that take people down to the underground track.

The Future Of Hyperloop Tunnels

Tracks in cities like LA will travel roughly 150 mph and take people from landmarks like the airport to Dodger Stadium in 8 minutes or less.

After the project proves its effectiveness in cities, Musk plans to expand the project for city-to-city travel and use SpaceX technology to create vacuum tunnels. This will allow the hyperloop trams to go up to 300 mph.

This hyper-speed transportation system would revolutionize the way we see travel and make most commuters lives exponentially more efficient.