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Whether you work full-time, drive kids to-and-from after-school activities, or work a part-time job at night, everyone likes to have a hobby to participate in during their free time. Some hobbies like golf, biking, or sewing can end up costing a lot of money if you are constantly buying equipment. But not all hobbies have to put a dent in your wallet. For the frugal folks out there seeking to take up a new pastime, try one of these 5 hobbies.

Take It Outdoors

Whether you’re hiking a six-hour trail with your best friend or taking a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood park, exploring the surrounding nature by foot can become a healthy hobby. Good for both the body and the mind, hiking doesn’t really cost anything to do unless you’re hiking in a park that requires you to pay for parking.

Join A Book Club

Before there were computers and iPhones, it was much more likely for a person to pick up a book and read in their spare time. While it costs money to buy books, it can also be a virtually free hobby. Join a library and see what they have available to borrow. In addition, with the invention of tablets and e-readers, most libraries even rent out digital versions so you don’t even have to physically go to a library.

Host A Game Night

Want a hobby that gets others involved? Host a game night or challenge your spouse to a game of chess. Almost everyone has one or two board games sitting around their house, so meet up with friends and family and trade off who hosts the event. Looking for something a little more challenging that you can do on your own? See if there are online lessons to really learn how to perfect a game or pick up a crossword puzzle and put your brain to the test.

Learn Something New

Do certain topics that come up in conversation or on the news intrigue you? Dedicate some time to learning a new subject on your own through research and online courses. You can spend weeks or months on one topic before you move to the next. Then, take your knowledge and get a conversation going with your friends at your next dinner party.

Work On Your Green Thumb

While some people are born with a green thumb, others have to work on it. This hobby, depending on where you live, might be seasonal, but it can take up a lot of time. This hobby will require you to spend some money, but if you go to the right store, it can be a minimal cost. Whether you’re looking to learn more about flowers or want to create your own vegetable garden, it can be very rewarding to see the fruits of your labor literally grow over time right in your own front yard.