Vacations can give people a lot of much-needed relaxation and fun, but they take a lot of planning to pull off well. An ill-planned vacation can fall far short of an ideal getaway, and can even cause more stress, not relieve it! All this planning usually means that it is impossible for a vacation to be any kind of surprise for any of the people involved. However, there is now a company that will do the planning of a vacation for you, all you need to do is go and find out what adventures are in store for you!

Just pack up and go

Planning a vacation can be incredibly hard work, stressing you out before you ever get to the beach, mountains, exotic city… wherever you want to go to relax and have some fun. There’s time off of work to schedule, home and pet-care arrangements to make, family and friends to inform, flights to book, activities to plan, hotel rooms to reserve, etc. All in all, sometimes this much preparation can make a vacation seem like more work than it’s worth! If only there were a way for you to decide to go on a vacation, pick a time, pay someone else to do all the work, and when that time comes, you just pack up and head out on an adventure with surprises around every corner. Well, now you can have your surprise vacation, with the help of Pack Up + Go!

How your surprise vacation works

Pack Up + Go is a recently-formed company that specializes in surprise vacations. Their goal is to get people out in the world, to get them to go to places they would never have considered (or possibly never even heard of), and connect them with small businesses and future friends. Pack Up + Go’s core values put the travel experience above all else, with an emphasis on conscious consumption, rather than simple consumerism. Pack Up + Go wants you to enjoy the ride and all the surprises they have in store for you.

A lot of Pack Up + Go’s unique achievements are possible through their connections with loads of small businesses all over the United States. Unlike traditional travel agencies, which tend to book their customers into big-name resorts by the hundreds, Pack Up + Go prides itself on finding the hidden gems in all their travel destinations. Small businesses are what make a city unique, from the hole-in-the-wall restaurants that have astounding local cuisine, to the secretive nightclubs which are bursting with vibrant life, these are the kind of businesses that Pack Up + Go establishes connections with and sends their travelers to!

When a person decides to have Pack Up + Go plan a vacation for them, there’s only a little work to be done. Give them a budget to work with, the dates you want to go on your vacation and answer some simple questions. These questions are aimed at finding out your (and anyone else coming with you’s) travel preferences, what activities interest you, etc. Just basic information that is necessary to plan the perfect vacation for you, complete with surprising, enjoyable activities, views, food, and more.

Once you’ve answered the simple questionnaire, the experts at Pack Up + Go get to work doing the hard parts of planning your vacation for you. They decide on a destination you will love, book you an excellent place to stay, and line up a variety of intriguing activities for you to enjoy. All of this happens without you needing to lift a finger. Then, a week before you leave on your surprise vacation, you get an email telling you what kind of weather you can expect wherever you happen to be going, some suggestions on what kind of clothes and other items to pack, any luggage restrictions, and where and when you will be leaving from! Finally, you will receive an envelope in the mail just two or three days before you are scheduled to leave, but it isn’t to be opened yet! You open the envelope when you get to where you were told to be in the email, at the designated time. Then, you open the envelope and find out where you’ll be heading, along with a list of activities Pack Up + Go thinks you’ll enjoy and more information to ensure you’ll have an excellent vacation!