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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Topaz

While DiCaprio doesn’t own this super-yacht, it’s his go-to boat when he wants to party in style—and he pays for the privilege. It reportedly costs 3,750,000 euros to charter for a week. He famously threw an ’80s themed party in 2014, perhaps inspired by working on 2013’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” (or “The Great Gatsby”). Guests included fellow A-listers Orlando Bloom and Jamie Foxx, among others.

(Photo credit: Michael011172/Wikimedia and Colin Chou/Wikimedia)

Topaz was built in 2012 by Lürssen Yachts. At 483 feet, the super-yacht is considered one of the largest in the world. It’s got a state-of-the-art gym, conference room, water sports center, and two helipads (in case you really want to get your “Wolf of Wall Street” on).

J.K. Rowling and Johnny Depp’s Amphitrite

By now most people are familiar with J.K. Rowling’s rags-to-riches story of how she went from being a secretary to one of contemporary literature’s most recognizable names. The “Harry Potter” franchise has made her a rich woman—rich enough to afford Johnny Depp’s 20-million-pound yacht (and no, it wasn’t named the Black Pearl).

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The houseboat is 156 feet long and includes an assortment of amenities and features, including saloons, jet skis, kayaks, and five cabins that each have their own skylight and wine bar. Rowling reportedly sold the yacht to a mystery buyer for 7 million pounds less than she paid for it, but don’t worry, she’s doing fine.

The Edge’s (not Bono’s) Cyan

It was originally reported that Bono splurged on this 12-million-pound yacht, but his U2 bandmate The Edge had to set the record straight: “It’s mine,” said the guitar player, “Bono doesn’t know anything about boats.” Terse words, but it’s been The Edge’s dream to own his own yacht, so perhaps we should give him some leeway.

(Photo by Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images and Pere López/Wikimedia)

In truth, Cyan was a little out of the guitarist’s price range, so he enlisted the help of a few friends to chip in together on the purchase and redesign the super-yacht. The 160-foot vessel has a jacuzzi, top-of-the-line music system, and luxury bar.

Giorgio Armani’s Mariù

Being worth $9.1 billion has its advantages—who wouldn’t love to sail on their own fully-customized super-yacht? The first yacht Giorgio Armani had built was also (partly) designed by the man himself, and he designed the interior to accommodate 12 guests in luxury. An elevator can take you between decks as you enjoy the pine floorboards, oak paneling, and aluminum ceiling.


Like Maìn (mentioned next), this boat was designed with elegance in mind—it’s painted classic gray and white. Armani sold the yacht in 2010 for an estimated 19.95 million euros. If you’re interested in taking the Mariù for a spin in the Mediterranean, you can charter the iconic designer’s old yacht for 185,000 euros per week.

Giorgio Armani’s Maìn

When you’re one of the world’s richest and most iconic fashion designers, why settle for just one yacht? The billionaire designer designed his second houseboat himself in his signature sleek, elegant style. It may look minimal, but it’s anything but.

(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

The 150-foot boat has 14 cabins, an indoor gym, cinema, stateroom, and hot tub, in case the water outside is a little chilly. The blinds and windows continuously wrap around the vessel to give the appearance of having no walls. True to form, Armani had the boat painted deep green as a form of camouflage because he didn’t want the boat to appear too flashy.

David Gilmour’s Astoria

As one of the most iconic and creative guitarists in contemporary music, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour has done well for himself. If you need evidence of this, look at his 27-meter houseboat, which he’s had converted into a recording studio. The boat was used to record the three latest Pink Floyd albums and parts of Gilmour’s solo albums.

(Photo by: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images and Motmit/Wikimedia)

Gilmour purchased the Astoria after seeing it for sale in a magazine in his dentist’s office.  The previous owner, Fred Karno, had the yacht built in 1911 to accommodate a 90-person orchestra. It reportedly cost 20,000 pounds to build back then, which translates to over 2.2 million pounds in today’s currency. One can only imagine what the famed floating studio would sell for now.

Rafael Nadal’s Beethoven

Arguably the most dominant men’s professional tennis player in history, Rafael Nadal has a crazy net worth that you’d expect from such a high-caliber athlete—approximately $180 million. Growing up in the Balearic Islands, the tennis star developed a passion for sailing.


He purchased Beethoven in 2016 for the modest price of $2.5 million. He can entertain up to eight guests comfortably while the super-yacht reaches speeds of up to 31 knots, which is quite remarkable for a 24-meter yacht. Nadal says he loves to drive the boat around the mountains and beaches of his home island of Mallorca after he finishes training for the day, and he’s entertained various famous friends and tennis players on the luxury yacht.

Steve Jobs’ Venus

Sadly, the billionaire founder of Apple died before his custom super-yacht was completed. His family now owns the houseboat. Little is known about the mysterious luxury vessel, as no photos of the interior have ever been released. We do know that the yacht’s bridge is equipped with Mac computers (naturally).

(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images and David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

The super-yacht was designed by Philippe Starck, who had the vessel impounded following a dispute in which he alleged Jobs’ heirs owed him 3 million euros of his design fee. Fortunately, the beautiful 256-foot boat didn’t stay docked for long, as the family and Starck reached an agreement after only a couple of days.

Steven Spielberg’s Seven Seas

Apparently, directing “Jaws” didn’t scare the director out of the water for good, though he may have taken the film’s most iconic line to heart: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” The famed filmmaker’s $200 million super-yacht is a staggering 282 feet long, and features (among other things) its own movie theater complete with a projector, large screen, and rows of raked seating.

(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images and Adolfo59/Wikimedia)

The boat also has a gym, jacuzzi, jet skis, and large windows that extend from floor to ceiling in the dining room and that can be opened when the weather permits. Apparently, Spielberg didn’t realize how much he’d enjoy sailing when he bought the enormous vessel, because he put it up for sale in 2015. The reason? He wanted more space.

Billy Joel’s Vendetta

Bronx-born singer/songwriter Billy Joel has led a storied career as one of the best-selling musicians of all time. His music is ubiquitous, granting him the finances necessary for a man to acquire not one, not two, but five yachts. Yep, you read that right.

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The fastest of these sea vessels is the Vendetta, which Joel helped design as a replica of the commuter yachts of the 1920s—the kind that would have held a young Jay Gatsby under its spell. A yacht fanatic, the “Piano Man” has proved himself a competent yacht designer, selling about 50 boats he designed for around $500,000 each. He may have a backup career—you know, in case this whole music thing doesn’t work out.

Richard Branson’s Necker Belle

When you own an island, what’s the best way to get around? For billionaire investor, philanthropist, and founder of the Virgin Group, owning a yacht is a no-brainer, even when it costs 5.3 million pounds. The 105-foot vessel is designed for partying, sunbathing, and housing its own wet submarine, the Necker Nymph. It seems Virgin aims to dominate both the aerospace and aquatic industries.

(Photo by Joe Scarnici/FilmMagic)

Proving luxury vessels can be used for more than playthings for the fabulously well-off, the yacht was admirably used in relief efforts following Hurricane Irma and Maria. Branson later sold the award-winning luxury catamaran to an undisclosed buyer in 2018.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Hokulani

Actress Nicole Kidman and her country-superstar husband own this awesome 3-story super-yacht, complete with a jacuzzi, televisions, water skis, wakeboards, snorkeling equipment, and a glass atrium roof. The 150-foot sea-beast can sleep 10 guests and eight crew members. The giant boat is named after the actress herself—Hokulani is her Hawaiian name.


Estimates put the price of this yacht at around $4.5 million, which is chump change for Urban and Kidman, who are collectively worth approximately $195 million. The sleek super-yacht is designed with contemporary elegance—it has natural wood furnishings, a champagne-colored exterior, and large windows that offer a panoramic view of the scenery.

Diddy’s Oasis

Sean Combs has gone by many monikers over the course of his career, but there’s one thing you can never call him—broke. The rapper/producer-turned-millionaire-music-mogul bought this $72 million yacht from the executive chairman of Google because clearly, he knows how to party in style.


It should come as no surprise that Diddy’s super-yacht includes a nightclub, but you may not know that the vessel houses a AquaGlide waterslide worth a whopping $1,669. Oasis is around 195 feet long, plenty of room to accommodate its celebrity guests, which have included Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé, to name a few.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Galactica Star

What does hip hop and R&B’s biggest couple do between tour dates? Sometimes, they spend time with their kids on a $42 million yacht. The Galactica Star rented by Hov and Bey actually belongs to Nigerian billionaire Kola Aluko, who reportedly rents the supersized “surfboard” for $900 million per week.

Getty Images / Twitter

On the vessel, the Carters can relax in the hot tub or pool, entertain up to 12 guests overnight, and watch their favorite movies in a beach-club-turned-cinema. Despite the boat’s immense size (it weighs 961 gross tons), the vessel can reach speeds of up to 28 knots, making it one of the fastest yachts in its class.

Rihanna’s Latitude

Born and raised in the isle of Barbados, Rihanna should be no stranger to sailing. The singer-turned-makeup mogul has spent time soaking up the sun in the French Riviera aboard the Latitude, a 172-foot super-yacht. The 812-ton vessel has five decks, six double staterooms, beach club, sky lounge, and charters for around $300,000 per week.

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Rihanna reportedly rented the vessel for some rest and relaxation after performing at 2011’s V Festival. Since then, she’s only gotten richer. She’s estimated to be worth $260 million, and rakes in $70 million a year without even having to release music. Her company Fenty made $100 million within the first 40 days of its launch.

Nicolas Cage’s Sarita

Nicholas Cage reportedly blew through $150 million between 1996 and 2011 on a spending spree that included, among other things, a dinosaur skull and shrunken pygmy heads. A good chunk of this likely comes from splurging on four different luxury yachts—because why rent when you can buy? His favorite of these was the 126-foot super-yacht Sarita, which can sleep 12 guests.


Cage put the 227-ton vessel up for sale in 2008. After getting hit with a hefty $6.2 million fine from the IRS in 2009, he also sold several properties, including a Bavarian castle and several homes. He blames his accountants and business partners for his financial troubles (and not his propensity for purchasing shrunken heads and castles).

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Ghost

Pitt and Jolie clearly knew how to vacation in style. The actor and actress were fond of spending time on Australian accountant Anthony Bell’s luxury yacht. Brad and Angie were spotted cruising Sydney Harbor with their children on board, and Brad Pitt’s taken his son Pax on the yacht before. The 122-foot super-yacht is currently for sale with an asking price of $8.91 million, in case you’re in the market.

(Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images)

It’s award-winning design includes three guest cabins that sleep two guests apiece, a double owner’s cabin, and a custom 5-meter MAKO catamaran. With all its luxury, it’s easy to forget the boat is fast—it’s competed frequently in major super-yacht regattas.

Elton John’s Wabi Sabi

Elton John was rumored to own this luxe super-yacht that recently sold for $25.9 million. It’s got a large plasma-screen television, sofas, barbecue grill, and a large dining room table that can serve 12 guests at a time. The 12 guests can also stay the night in beautifully furnished luxury cabins.

(Photo by Tony Barson/FilmMagic)

There’s a swimming platform, jacuzzi, air conditioning, underwater lighting, barbecue area, and room for 11 crew members to make sailing as comfortable as it can possibly get for everyone on board. The Wabi Sabi was bought by Moran Yacht & Ship; you can now charter the super-yacht for $195,000 per week.

Tiger Woods’ Privacy

Tiger Woods needs little introduction. Overcoming a rough patch in his career, injury, and a highly publicized personal life, the professional golfer recently proved naysayers wrong by winning his fifth green jacket at East Lake Golf Club. It’s common to see Woods’ yacht Privacy docked near golf courses where he’s slated to compete.

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images/Instagram/@tigerwoodscenter)

Functioning as his home away from home, the boat has everything the star athlete needs to live comfortably at sea. It should come as no surprise that the athlete’s yacht is luxurious, but Privacy is epic even by celebrity standards. It costs over $20 million and has all the amenities you can imagine, including a gym, bar, five guest rooms, two built-in wall safes, and much, much more.

Justin Bieber’s Ecstasea

“The Biebs” likes to rent this yacht to host lavish celebrity parties, or for family vacations. The massive super-yacht was built for billionaire Roman Abramovich, but he sold the 282-foot vessel in 2009 to an unknown buyer. The super-yacht is not available for charter, but being Justin Bieber apparently opens some doors.


The yacht is valued at around $75 million, and it has air conditioning, a Flyboard, a gym, jacuzzi, and helicopter hangar: everything you need to host a party with Zac Efron, Michelle Rodriguez, and other celebrities on trips around Ibiza. The boat can sleep 15 guests in seven cabins.

Kendall Jenner’s Axioma

When millionaire socialite, model, and fledgling entrepreneur Kendall Jenner wants to party on the open sea, she settles for nothing less than the best. Apparently, she enjoys jumping off the 236 ft. Axioma into the Mediterranean Sea. But the real joy is in the luxury super-yachts nearly endless amenities, which she likes to share with her celebrity besties: Hailey Beiber and Gigi and Bella Hadid. 

Jenner yacht, fancy yacht, celebrity yachtJenner yacht, fancy yacht, celebrity yacht
Yacht Tv via Youtube / GETTY IMAGES

Axioma has a giant, two-story living room, helicopter landing pad, large swimming pool, scuba gear, inflatable water slide, and cinema. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to party like some of the world’s richest and most recognizable supermodels, you can rent Axioma for the low, low price of 595,000 euros.

Simon Cowell’s Slipstream

Say what you will about controversial “mean judge” of singing talent, Simon Cowell — the man knows how to vacation in style. Cowell makes frequent trips with his family around Ibiza in his favorite super-yacht, Slipstream. The 196-foot yacht has everything the celebrity talent scout and his loved ones need to have a good time.

celebrity yacht, Simon Cowell, luxury yachtcelebrity yacht, Simon Cowell, luxury yacht
Jou Tunes via Youtube / GETTY IMAGES

The sun deck features a spa pool, barbecue grill, and dining and seating areas. Inside, there’s room for 12 guests in seven rooms, an observation lounge inside the master suite, a VIP suite with its a private balcony, and a skylounge that transforms into a cinema. The Slipstream charters for 330,000 euros per week.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Silolona

A-list movie star Gwyneth Paltrow is known for taking some decidedly odd approaches to wellness and health — but when it comes to her idea of luxury vacations, we’re willing to get on board. When Paltrow and her family cruised through Komodo Archipelago in Indonesia, she felt compelled to blog about her experience aboard the 164-foot Silolona.

Gwyneth Paltrow, celebrity, fancy yachtGwyneth Paltrow, celebrity, fancy yacht
Voyage by Yacht Sourcing / GETTY IMAGES

The yacht features an elegant, classic design and is equipped with everything the actress-turned-entrepreneur needs to enjoy a leisurely vacation with her family: The boat has five rooms, including a breath-taking master suite, and four triple cabins — room enough for 12 guests and 16 crew members. The Silolona charters for $108,500 per week.

David and Victoria Beckham’s Horizon E88

One of Britain’s richest and best-looking celebrity couples, the Beckhams enjoy spending time on their luxe super-yacht that’s worth an estimated 3.8 million pounds. The super-yacht can sleep 12 guests and is nicknamed “The Sophisticated Lady,” a name that seems all too fitting for Posh Spice.

Elton John and the Beckhams (@victoriabeckham/Instagram)

Obviously, the 94-foot boat has plenty of room for a state-of-the-art gym, so the couple can stay in shape while they relax at sea. Together, the Beckhams are worth an estimated $1 billion, despite being retired from soccer and singing. The bulk of their wealth comes from lucrative fashion empires and sponsorships. Retirement must be nice.

Mariah Carey’s Capri

When you’ve sold as many records as legendary “Songbird Supreme” Mariah Carey, you can do basically anything you want. So when the “Always Be My Baby” singer decided she wanted to spend the entire summer of 2016 living on a boat, who could tell her no?

Mariah Carey, super-yacht, celebrity yachtMariah Carey, super-yacht, celebrity yacht
Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

Of course, this would be no ordinary boat. The luxury yacht has five decks, a gymnasium, multiple dining areas, two bars, jacuzzi, library and a grand piano for Mimi to play in place of the $600,000 baby grand she bought from Marilyn Monroe’s estate (presumably, she keeps this in one of her homes). If you want to spend your next summer like Mariah, it’ll cost you 265,000 euros a week.

Michael Jordan’s Catch 23

Retired basketball superstar (arguably the greatest of all time), shrewd businessman, and principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan has a deserved reputation of being ruthlessly competitive. That’s probably why he spends a fair amount of his post-retirement life on the golf course. 

Michael Jordan, super-yacht, celebrity yachtMichael Jordan, super-yacht, celebrity yacht
ZipZapPower via Youtube / GETTY IMAGES

He’s also fond of sailing and competing in fishing competitions in his favorite $80 million sportfish super-yacht, although he reportedly didn’t do too well in the contest. Naturally, the yacht shares the number Jordan wore on his jersey for the majority of his career and has a full basketball court on board.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Aya

The Portuguese soccer superstar made the news in 2017 for the wrong reasons when the yacht he was chartering to vacation in Ibiza and Formentera was raided by the authorities. The attacker was enjoying the Spanish sunshine with his family on a 45,000-euros-per-week yacht when police boarded the boat looking for evidence of tax fraud as part of their investigation brought against him earlier in the year.

(Photo by Philip Ramey/Corbis via Getty Images)

He was reportedly eating dinner with his girlfriend when police boarded holding pistols and cameras. The search took an hour and a half before police left with a few papers. In 2018 he settled with the authorities for an 18.8-million-euro fine and a short prison sentence (which was knocked down to probation).

Eric Clapton’s Va Bene

One of the most recognizable names in rock and roll, Clapton is a virtuoso with the guitar. The man is apparently passionate about sailing as well, especially when it’s on a 156-foot super-yacht. “Va Bene” is Italian for “goes well,” and clearly things are going well for Mr. Clapton—the yacht reportedly cost 9 million pounds.

(Photo credit: Majvdl/Wikimedia and Yachtspotter147/Wikimedia)

The luxury vessel has room for 12 guests and 12 crew members, and features a barbecue grill, two dining centers (one formal and one informal), and karaoke. Clapton put the yacht up for sale in 2016, but don’t think for one minute that he’s fallen on hard times—he’s got another.

Elon Musk’s Mr. Steven

This one’s not for partying. The 203-foot mega-yacht’s primary purpose is rocket recovery. Mr. Steven trails a net that, when positioned properly, will catch and recover pieces of SpaceX rocket fairings. Before you ask, fairings are heat shields that protect the rocket while launching. They’re apparently very expensive to manufacture, so the idea is to capture them in the 3,700-square-meter net and rebuild new fairings out of the old.

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Huffington Post and @elonmusk/Instagram)

The SpaceX project has had its successes and failures, but it has an impressive list of achievements in the private aerospace industry, including being the first privately owned liquid-fueled rocket to enter orbit. As the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX, and CEO and co-founder of Tesla, Musk is worth an estimated $18.1 billion.

Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse

The Russian businessman and owner of the Chelsea Football Club also owns a truly remarkable boat. Stretching 538 feet, it’s the second-biggest private yacht in existence, and has hosted parties with guests that include Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Salma Hayek, and more.

(Photo by Anton Novoderezhkin/TASS via Getty Images and Otto Domes/Wikimedia)

There are 24 guest cabins in the 340-million-euro yacht, as well as its own mini-submarine and missile detection system. It takes a crew of 70 to operate the super-yacht and serve the guests. Abramovich is worth an estimated $12.7 billion, making his fortune in the steel and nickel industry. Once nearly double that, he spends his fortune on a variety of luxe items and endeavors.

David Geffen’s Rising Sun

David Geffen, founder of Asylum and Geffen Records and owner of Dreamworks, has done pretty well for himself (he sold Geffen Records to MCA for $550 million in 1990). The Rising Sun is a 138-meter super-yacht that has a long list of amenities, including a full gym, cinema with a private screen, spa, sauna, and wine cellar. The basketball court on the top deck doubles as a helipad.

(Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for UCLA and @davidgeffen/Instagram)

The giant vessel can reach speeds of up to 28 knots and cost an estimated $200 million to build; it’s estimated to be worth more than double that now. Originally built for CEO Larry Ellison of Oracle Corporation, the super-yacht has hosted many different celebrities, including Oprah, the Obamas, Tom Hanks, and Julia Roberts.

Bill Gates’ Serene

Though he was once the world’s richest man, Bill Gates has never appeared too flashy. However, his yachting habits may be the one exception. He reportedly leased this 439-foot super-yacht for $5 million per week in the summer of 2014. Serene has a helicopter hangar, saltwater swimming pool, two helipads, and can sleep 24 guests.

(Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images and Nick Wells/Wikimedia)

In 2015 the yacht was purchased by Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia for around 500 million euros. Serene had an unfortunate accident in 2017 when it went bow-up into some rocks off the coast of Egypt. Apparently, she’s fixed now, though—you can even charter her if you’d like.

Dolce and Gabbana’s Regina d’ Italia

Dolce & Gabbana is a titan of an upscale fashion house, so it only makes sense the pair would own a titan of a boat. Regina d’ Italia hosts some glamorous parties full of models and celebrities on her luxurious decks; amenities include a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and 167-foot custom waterslide.

(Photo credit: Renan Katayama and Mike1979 Russia/Wikimedia)

Doorknobs around the vessel are golden outstretched hands, and marble floors are covered with leopard-skin rugs. 12 guests can stay overnight and enjoy the atmosphere—each room follows the theme of a different exotic animal: Rhinoceros, Elephant, Crocodile, etc. Regina d’ Italia is currently on sale, and for $17.26 million, you’re sure to get what you pay for.

Calvin Klein’s Vantage

The designer is considered one of the wealthiest people in the fashion industry. Considering how ubiquitous his products are, it’s not hard to see why. The Vantage is designed with Klein’s sleek elegance in mind. Plush carpeting and warm colors line the interior, while the exterior hosts several luxurious amenities, such as a jacuzzi, bar, and barbecue grill.

Getty Images / Twitter

He’s hosted Cannes Film Festival parties on its decks, with an impressive list of celebrities no doubt in attendance. The yacht can sleep 12 guests and nine crew members. The 150-foot yacht is available for charter at a price starting at $180,000 per week.

Sir Philip Green’s Lionheart

This retail magnate is worth close to $5 billion. With that type of wealth, you can afford to live and sail in luxury. Lionheart is actually the third yacht Green has had built. At 308 feet, it’s the biggest of the three. The giant yacht can accommodate 12 guests overnight in luxury and has an estimated value of $150 million.

(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Caprice Holdings Limited and Dan Istitene/Getty Images)

The yacht recently came into focus for the wrong reasons. As Green plans to shut down his Arcadia retail empire, leaving 19,000 employees uncertain about their jobs, he’s also planning a lavish party aboard the yacht in tax-free Monaco. In fact, he’s spent a lot of time aboard the yacht recently, even as his shops are threatening closure.