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30. 92067 – Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Median Home Price: $2,275,000

Located just north of sunny San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe is one of California’s hidden gems. This private neighborhood shaded with abundant eucalyptus trees is just a few minutes’ drive from beautiful beaches. Residents can also enjoy the yearly county fair in nearby Del Mar and visit the Del Mar Racetrack during racing season to bet on the ponies.

rancho santa fe, expensive zip codesrancho santa fe, expensive zip codes
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The equestrian culture has attracted some famous residents, too. Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates owns a horse ranch in Rancho Santa Fe. Olympic snowboarder Shaun White also owns a home in Rancho Santa Fe, as does golfer Phil Mickelson. Foodies in this exclusive ‘hood can chow down on ice cream baklava at Beeside Balcony or fine French cuisine at Mille Fleurs.

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29. 94025 – Menlo Park, CA

Median Home Price: $2,363,500

Thanks to big profits from tech companies based in the area, Silicon Valley property values are soaring sky high. One town that’s feeling the effects is Menlo Park, California. Facebook’s Frank Gehry-designed campus is located here, and many top-ranking Facebook employees are moving into the gorgeous nearby properties.

expensive zip codes, menlo parkexpensive zip codes, menlo park
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From Menlo Park, California’s majestic redwoods are just a short drive, and Stanford isn’t far away either. Culinary connoisseurs can sample the fine dining tasting menus at Maum for Korean cuisine and Evvia Estiatorio for Greek. Looking for a hot date? According to CNN, Menlo Park is one of the best places to be rich and single.

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28. 90266 – Manhattan Beach, CA

Median Home Price: $2,369,000

This beautiful beach town is also a mecca for volleyball. It’s rumored to be the birthplace of beach volleyball, and every August players gather in Manhattan Beach for the Manhattan Beach Open. The food scene is nothing to sneeze at either. In 2014, GQ called it the best beach town in terms of cuisine, featuring outstanding seafood and healthy fare.

expensive zip codes, manhattan beachexpensive zip codes, manhattan beach

Manhattan Beach is also a popular filming location. Iron Man and Thor filmed some scenes in the beachy town, among many other films and TV shows. Manhattan Beach’s Mira Costa High School was used for parts of Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana, and Keanu Reeves buys a surfboard on the Manhattan Beach boardwalk in the movie Point Break.

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27. 10012 – New York, NY

Median Home Price: $2,377,500

10012 sits in the heart of New York City, specifically Lower Manhattan. New York City is a cultural hub, so whether you’re interested in art, music, theater, or food, you can go out any night of the week and experience the best of the best. Take in a Broadway show, visit Central Park, or hang out at a Yankees game.

expensive zip codes, new yorkexpensive zip codes, new york

Lower Manhattan itself is home to the New York Stock Exchange and World Trade Center. Day trading can work up quite the appetite, so when you get hungry check out Jalala for vegan Mexican food or Clinton Street Baking Company for a breakfast featuring sugar-cured bacon.

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26. 94920 – Belvedere Tiburon, CA

Median Home Price: $2,400,000

With views of San Francisco, Sausalito, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean, it’s no wonder that the island zip code containing Belvedere Tiburon boasts some of the most expensive homes in the country. Though it’s known for well-preserved Victorian houses, you can find some newer properties in town, too.

expensive zip codes, belvedere tiburonexpensive zip codes, belvedere tiburon
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When residents aren’t lounging in their multi-million dollar homes, many are enjoying the bay from their yachts. Belvedere Island is home to the San Francisco Yacht Club. Foodies will need to sail over to the mainland, however. There are no restaurants or stores allowed in Belvedere, making the island strictly residential.

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25. 92625 – Corona Del Mar, CA

Median Home Price: $2,500,000

Nestled in Orange County right along the coast, you’ll love living in Corona Del Mar if you’re raising a family. Residents enjoy highly rated public schools and a squeaky clean suburban environment. It’s also quite close to the popular Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach, making back to school shopping (or any shopping for that matter) quite breezy.

expensive zip codes, corona del marexpensive zip codes, corona del mar
Wikimedia Commons

If you’re on a budget after dropping $2.5 million on a house, luckily restaurants in the neighborhood seem pretty affordable. You can enjoy New American gastropubs or Mexican seafood without breaking the bank. Go ahead and chow down!

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24. 94957 – Ross, CA

Median Home Price: $2,550,000

The little town of Ross lies north of San Francisco in Marin County. Residents love the green scenery and small town atmosphere. With a population under 3,000, if you live in Ross you probably will get to know your neighbors quite well. Additionally, the schools are rated very highly, so Ross can be a great place to raise your kids.

expensive zip codes, rossexpensive zip codes, ross

Living in Ross gives you the best of two worlds: you can enjoy small town living but easily head into the city whenever you like. It’s just 10 miles to the Golden Gate Bridge, so you can soak in the hustle and bustle of the urban life by day and still enjoy quiet nights under the stars in Ross.

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23. 92657 – Newport Coast, CA

Median Home Price: $2,550,000

Newport Coast can be found in Orange County, just to the south of Newport Beach. It is also one of the many communities in Southern California that was planned and developed by the Irvine Company. The Irvine Company is responsible for much of the suburban development in Orange County, and their holdings tend to be extremely clean and organized, if a bit on the Stepford side.

expensive zip codes, newport coastexpensive zip codes, newport coast

Newport Coast is home to Crystal Cove State Park and its incredible beach. Unsurprisingly, all the most popular restaurants in Newport Coast offer coastal views and outdoor seating. If you want to soak up the sun, this is the place to be.

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22. 95030 – Los Gatos, CA

Median Home Price: $2,580,000

If you’re looking for a place to Netflix and chill, then Los Gatos might be just right for you and your cat. This Silicon Valley town sits in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains, and it’s home to Netflix headquarters. The streaming company has a huge presence in Los Gatos, and they employ more residents than any other company.

expensive zip codes, los gatosexpensive zip codes, los gatos

Los Gatos is also home to Manresa, a restaurant with three Michelin stars. Residents can easily visit hiking trails, nearby wineries, and enjoy views of majestic redwood trees. If you and your cat are seeking a small town lifestyle in Silicon Valley, Los Gatos will make you purr.

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21. 95070 – Saratoga, CA

Median Home Price: $2,690,000

Saratoga is a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in 2010 Bloomberg named it as the most expensive suburb in California. Saratoga also ranks in the top 20 most educated small towns in America, so it’s a place where money and brains go hand in hand. Thanks to its beautiful scenery and proximity to San Francisco, Saratoga has become a popular retirement destination.

expensive zip codes, saratogaexpensive zip codes, saratoga

Saratoga’s The Mountain Winery is a popular destination in town, and residents also love hiking and cycling on nearby trails. Nightlife can be a little quiet in Saratoga, but the city isn’t far away when you need a night on the town.

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20. 94306 – Palo Alto, CA

Median Home Price: $2,700,000

Originally established by Leland Stanford, the city of Palo Alto includes parts of Stanford University and boasts a highly educated populace. In addition to the university, many prominent tech firms started in Palo Alto or have their headquarters there now. But you don’t have to be a tech wizard to enjoy what Palo Alto has to offer.

expensive zip codes, palo altoexpensive zip codes, palo alto

For one thing, they have one of the largest farmers’ markets in California every Sunday so you can stock up on the freshest fruits and veggies around. Palo Alto is also very big on coffee, so if you’re a caffeine fiend you have plenty of excellent options, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s fave Coupa Cafe.

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19. 10282 – New York, NY

Median Home Price: $2,792,500

10282 is a New York City zip code that you’ll find in the Tribeca neighborhood, just south of Lower Manhattan. The new buildings in Tribeca are part of the neighborhood’s appeal for wealthy residents. Older pre-war buildings in New York tend to have apartments split into many small rooms, while the new, open concept lofts in areas like Tribeca are more appealing to modern residents.

Tribeca New York City, expensive zip codesTribeca New York City, expensive zip codes
Aude/Wikimedia Commons

Residents can enjoy the Tribeca Film Festival each year, and there are great public and private schools in the area. Additionally, city ordinances have kept the buildings in this neighborhood from going sky high, so you can enjoy less claustrophobic views than in other parts of Manhattan.

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18. 94010 – Burlingame, CA

Median Home Price: $2,800,000

PEZ fanatics, we’ve found your new favorite town. Burlingame, a coastal town on the San Francisco peninsula, is home to a PEZ dispenser museum that has every single dispenser ever sold. Burlingame is also known as the City of Trees thanks to the many tall eucalyptus trees that grow all over town. The town even has an ordinance “prohibiting cutting, injuring, or destroying trees.”

expensive zip codes, burlingameexpensive zip codes, burlingame
Wikimedia Commons

Foodies are in luck here; there are tons of great restaurants in Burlingame. Locals love the pomegranate pork chops at 37 North and Chinese style tapas at Stick and Steam.

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17. 11976 – Water Mill, NY

Median Home Price: $2,862,500

Water Mill is a hamlet on Long Island where the first water mill in New York is said to have been built in the 1600s. Today, Water Mill is loved by its residents for its rural quality, quiet life, and yearly ice skating on Mill Pond. Water Mill also sports quiet beaches featuring tide pools in the summer that are great for kids to play in and explore.

expensive zip codes, water millexpensive zip codes, water mill

According to residents, the burgeoning art scene in Water Mill is among the hamlet’s best-kept secrets. Water Mill is home to two art museums and a number of interesting galleries sure to provide you with plenty of eye candy. There are a couple of restaurants in town, but you’ll have to head to the next town over to do your grocery shopping.

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16. 90272 – Pacific Palisades, CA

Median Home Price: $2,900,000

Located on the coast in Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades is home to one of the famous beaches mentioned by the Beach Boys in “Surfin’ U.S.A.” The Getty Villa, one of the Getty Museum locations, resides in Pacific Palisades where it houses a collection of Greek and Roman artifacts.

Pacific Palisades California, expensive zip codesPacific Palisades California, expensive zip codes
JCS/Wikimedia Commons

Pacific Palisades has long been a favorite spot for Hollywood stars. Back in the 1950s, comedian Jerry Lewis was the honorary mayor, and today famous folks like Billy Crystal and Conan O’Brien own homes there. Palisades Charter High School is also a popular filming location that has been used in many films, including Carrie and Freaky Friday.

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15. 98039 – Medina, WA

Median Home Price: $3,050,000

Just outside of Seattle, Medina has become a haven for billionaires. Featuring waterfront properties ensconced in evergreens along Lake Washington, Medina’s mansions offer privacy and peace to their wealthy residents. The town also offers great schools, so it can be a wonderful place to raise kids.

expensive zip codes, medina expensive zip codes, medina
Getty Images

In the summer, residents love to swim, fish, and boat on Lake Washington. The town is mostly residential, and you’ll have to go to neighboring Bellevue to do your shopping. However, it’s not a far commute to Seattle, so Medina residents can still pop over to a bustling city when they get tired of the quiet life.

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14. 92662 – Newport Beach, CA

Median Home Price: $3,057,500

Fans of Arrested Development can live the Bluth family lifestyle (hopefully with less lying, embezzling, and treason) here in Newport Beach. This affluent area is referred to by some as California’s “Gold Coast.” Sailing, swimming, and surfing are all popular pastimes in Newport Beach, and the city is popular with young professionals and retired folks alike.

Newport Beach California, expensive zip codesNewport Beach California, expensive zip codes
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Newport Beach is also home to hundreds of restaurants and great shopping malls are not far away. Plus, golfers can visit Pelican Hill, which has been recognized as one of the top golf resorts in the world. Conservatives will feel right at home here, as it is also the most Republican city in California.

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13. 10007 – New York, NY

Median Home Price: $3,075,000

If you want to have celebrity sightings at the grocery store, you might consider moving to 10007. Stars like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Robert De Niro, and even Beyonce own homes in this exclusive zip. Containing parts of Tribeca and the Financial District, this area offers newer, open concept penthouses and lofts in a quieter part of town.

expensive zip codes, new yorkexpensive zip codes, new york

This neighborhood is also known for its cobblestone streets, but you’ll have to take a long walk down those stones to get to the subway. The neighborhood is generally not very flashy about its enormous wealth, so it can be a great retreat for famous folks looking to keep a low profile.

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12. 92661 – Newport Beach, CA

Median Home Price: $3,150,000

We’re back in Newport Beach to explore another zip code. Newport Beach is the first city to contain two of the most expensive zip codes on our list, but it won’t be the last. 92661 has all the same great weather, shopping, and dining as 92662, but it costs about $100,000 more to live there than in its sister zip.

expensive zip codes, newport beachexpensive zip codes, newport beach
Wikimedia Commons

Newport Beach is also home to the Balboa Fun Zone, an amusement park on the California coast. Take a date or the family for a ride on their Ferris wheel overlooking the ocean, play games in the arcade, or take a ferry from there to Catalina Island.

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11. 90210 – Beverly Hills, CA

Median Home Price: $3,212,500

The ‘90s teen drama series 90210 put this Beverly Hills zip code on the map. Following the trials and tribulations of rich kids growing up soap-opera-style, 90210 the show presented a glamorous lifestyle of easy wealth and questionable hairstyle choices. But is living in this zip code for real anything like the show?

expensive zip codes, beverly hillsexpensive zip codes, beverly hills

Sure, there’s glitz and glamour, but there’s also a laid back dog park, a really nice library, and great schools. La Cienega park offers a great place to work out when it’s just too sunny to go to the gym, and when you want to treat yourself you can get a cupcake from an ATM machine at the original Sprinkles bakery.

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10. 33109 – Miami Beach, FL

Median Home Price: $3,250,000

Located on south Florida Island, Miami Beach connects to Miami proper on the Florida mainland by a series of bridges. Miami Beach is known for wide, sandy beaches, spring break partiers, and nightlife in the trendy South Beach neighborhood. LeBron James, Matt Damon, and Jennifer Lopez all own homes in Miami Beach.

expensive zip codes, miami beachexpensive zip codes, miami beach

Unlike Miami, Miami Beach is easy to walk or bike around. Many residents choose to forego owning a car in favor of getting around on a beach cruiser. The population is diverse and very LGBTQ friendly. Plus, there are great events and nightlife happening every night of the week.

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9. 94024 – Los Altos, CA

Median Home Price: $3,254,500

Los Altos, Spanish for “the heights,” is a city on the northern end of Silicon Valley. Known as the birthplace of Apple Computers, Los Altos remains a hot spot for tech. Today, Los Altos is home to hundreds of startups, which are valued at an average of $4.9 million each according to AngelList.

expensive zip codes, los altosexpensive zip codes, los altos

Compared to nearby Palo Alto, Los Altos is more spacious with bigger homes and wider streets. On the other hand, if you prefer to ride your bike you might find Los Altos less cycle friendly. There are just a couple restaurants in downtown Los Altos, so local foodies recommend heading out of town for more exotic bites.

NEXT: This town is only 8th on our list, but it has the highest income per capita of any town in the U.S.

8. 94028 – Portola Valley, CA

Median Home Price: $3,300,000

Located in San Mateo County on California’s central coast, Portola Valley is possibly the richest city overall in the United States. With an average yearly income per capita of $152,128, residents are richer on average than anywhere else in the country. Additionally, it’s one of the most educated cities, with almost 80% of residents holding a college degree.

expensive zip codes, portola valleyexpensive zip codes, portola valley

Residents say that despite the affluence of their neighborhoods, people in Portola Valley like to live a down to earth lifestyle. Many people come to Portola Valley to retire, and the people who live there value the quiet and peaceful nature of their town.

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7. 94022 – Los Altos, CA

Median Home Price: $3,500,000

Los Altos is back on the list, coming in again at number seven thanks to median property values in the 94022 zip code at $3.5 million. Let’s take another look at this expensive and exclusive Silicon Valley community.

Los Altos California, expensive zip codesLos Altos California, expensive zip codes
LPS.1/Wikimedia Commons

It turns out Los Altos has quite the quirky side. Every May, they hold an annual pet parade. Dogs and cats are standard participants, but you’re likely to see some exotic animals in the mix too. The town also sports a network of walking paths known as its Pathway System. The Pathway System has over 80 miles of trails that connect most of the town.

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6. 94301 – Palo Alto, CA

Median Home Price: $3,755,000

Coming in at number six with a median home price of over $3.7 million, Palo Alto is back for a little more attention. The town of Palo Alto was given its name back in 1769 by a Spanish explorer who named it for one particularly tall tree. Local legend has it that that tree is still standing over 300 years later.

expensive zip codes, palo altoexpensive zip codes, palo alto

Palo Alto is near some great trails for hiking and observing wildlife, plus great community parks for enjoying sunny days. Palo Alto’s streets also feature prominent bike lanes, known as bike boulevards, which contribute to the city’s great cyclist-friendly reputation.

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5. 90402 – Santa Monica, CA

Median Home Price: $3,762,000

Located west of Downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find Santa Monica right on the California coastline. The sunny weather and beachside living have made Santa Monica a popular (and expensive) place to live. Plus, Santa Monica boasts a great school system, so it attracts lots of young families. It’s also a booming tourist destination, drawing thousands of visitors every year.

expensive zip codes, santa monicaexpensive zip codes, santa monica
Wikimedia Commons

Santa Monica has three excellent shopping districts, each catering to a slightly different customer. You can also enjoy balmy beaches and ride the famous carousel at the Santa Monica Pier. Lately, Santa Monica has been dubbed “Silicon Beach” for the tech companies like Hulu who call the beach city home.

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4. 10013 – New York, NY

Median Home Price: $3,810,000

South of Houston Street in Manhattan, you’ll find this incredibly luxe neighborhood. SoHo ranks at number four on the list with a median home price of over $3.8 million. However, this trendy and expensive neighborhood wasn’t always so extravagant. In fact, SoHo has been held up as a prime example of urban gentrification.

expensive zip codes, new yorkexpensive zip codes, new york

The neighborhood was once in a decline, when artists began taking advantage of the cheap rents to move in and set up their studios. The presence of the arts brought renewed interest and money back to the neighborhood, and eventually, it was built up with the fancy boutiques and restaurants it’s known for today.

NEXT: This Boston neighborhood is famous for its historic Victorian brownstone buildings.

3. 02199 – Boston, MA

Median Home Price: $4,772,500

This neighborhood was once a swamp, but since the city of Boston filled it in and developed it in the 1800s it has been one of the favorite stomping grounds of well-to-do Bostonians. Thrillist describes Back Bay dwellers as, “Old money. New money that aspires to become old money. Ladies who lunch. Tom Brady, once.”

expensive zip codes, bostonexpensive zip codes, boston
Wikimedia Commons

Back Bay is close to the heart of Boston and features plenty of shopping, dining, and a quiet wine bar or two. Back Bay is also home to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, an incredible collection that happens to be the scene of a famous unsolved art theft. If you’re thinking of cracking the case, living in Back Bay could be just right for you.

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2. 11962 – Sagaponack, NY

Median Home Price: $5,500,000

The village of Sagaponack, New York lies on the East End of Long Island. With a median home price of $5.5 million, experts estimate you’d need an annual income of over $800,000 to get by comfortably here. Sagaponack is one of the Hamptons, small coastal towns popular for vacationing city folks trying to escape a bit of the summer heat.

Sagaponack New York, expensive zip codesSagaponack New York, expensive zip codes
Americasroof/Wikimedia Commons

The beaches are a main draw at Sagaponack. Locals also love having a meal at Old Stove Pub, a local Greek restaurant where you can order a $2,000 bottle of wine if you feel like you haven’t spent enough money yet.

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1. 94027 – Atherton, CA

Median Home Price: $6,700,000

We’ve spent a lot of time in Silicon Valley, so it’s no shock that the most expensive zip code in the nation lies in techie territory. Atherton is in San Mateo County, near Menlo Park. Eric Schmidt of Google and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg are among the long list of famous techies who have made Atherton their home.

Atherton California, expensive zip codesAtherton California, expensive zip codes
Sanfranman59/Wikimedia Commons

From Atherton, it’s about a 20-minute drive to any of the major tech companies in the valley, making it an ideal commute. Atherton is very quiet and completely residential, so you will need to make a drive out of town to get your groceries. Nightlife isn’t big here, but if you want to work hard in tech and raise your family, Atherton is a great place to be.