Facebook is once again offering people the opportunity to earn money for using one of their apps. The catch? They’re going to watch (almost) everything you do.

In early 2019, the company’s last user-tracking app, Research, was shut down in the wake of a very public controversy. Now, Facebook has introduced a new app, called Study from Facebook, that will collect data about users’ phone activity. Participants will be paid monthly, although how much they will receive is unclear.

What happened to Facebook Research?

If you were a Facebook Research participant, or you knew someone who was, you know that it was shut down rather abruptly after operating for nearly three years. The trouble began when technology news outlet TechCrunch exposed how the company paid teenagers for root access to their phones.

TechCrunch’s investigation revealed that Facebook had been paying users aged 13 to 35 up to $20 per month to gather information such as app history, web browsing activity, private messages, location data, and more. The app, which required users to install a VPN that routed all of their data through Facebook, was likely even grabbing information which belonged to participants’ friends and contacts.

In addition to the very public call-out by TechCrunch, Research was further shamed by Apple, who banned the app from their store. Their issue? Facebook used a certificate to bypass the App Store for greater access to iPhones  — a big no-no.

Now, Facebook says, “We’ve learned that what people expect when they sign up to participate in market research has changed, and we’ve built (our new) app to match those expectations. We’re offering transparency, compensating all participants, and keeping people’s information safe and secure.”