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Anyone attending college is familiar with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. This application is the key to unlocking financial aid for students in the form of grants, loans, work study, and even scholarships. While filling out the FAFSA is quite complex, a new app feature may make the daunting chore a little easier.

What on Earth is a FAFSA?

The FAFSA is the official government form that is used to determine financial eligibility for numerous forms of money earmarked for higher education. It needs to be completed annually and focuses on the income of the student and their family.

Part of the FAFSA centers on the previous year’s tax return. Students who are still dependents must work with their parents to ensure the most recent completed year of tax returns are included. The app can help students know when to include that information.

App provides direct access for parents and students

The feature function of the FAFSA app allows parents and students to start, save, complete and submit their FAFSA form for the upcoming year. With lots of helpful features, the user-friendly app can guide even the most hesitant user through the process.

There’s no worry about information getting into the wrong hands, because the FAFSA app is extremely secure, with many of the same security protocols as the standard FAFSA website.

Transfer your forms instantly

In addition to the ease of working on a FAFSA application on a mobile device, there are some helpful features that save lots of time. Users can use a data retrieval tool that transfers their federal tax return to the FAFSA form. One soon-to-come feature will allow parents to transfer FAFSA information from one college-bound child’s form to another child.

School counselors and other advisors can also help students by using the app under the “preparer” feature so that students can get help as needed with the complex process.