Millennials are on the house hunt! Are you prepared? As a home seller, your main objective is to make your home as appealing as possible to as many people as possible. Essentially, casting a wide net to hook at least one fish. When it is a competitive market sometimes you’ll have to invest in your home a bit to make it appealing. You know the saying, spend money to make money. You may wonder, though, what features millennial buyers are looking for in their future home. You don’t need to check every single box, but having a few of the following will definitely help you seal the deal.


Having a home that is capable of smart home upgrades is a great selling feature. Younger buyers will love being able to set up their echo devices to operate their lights, doors, security systems, etc. They also want to know that their internet provider will have no problems installing the service, their cell service will work effortless, and ultimately any device they want to hook up will be able to do so. Having devices like ring video doorbells and security cameras that they can easily connect to will be a huge plus as well.


For a young buyer, most want to be able to move in with ease. They don’t really want to have to consider projects they’ll have to tackle now or later on down the road. Having an updated kitchen and bathroom will really appeal to buyers. Of course, kitchen and bathroom renovations are not cheap. It may not be worth it to have such expensive work done to a home you’re planning on selling. If so, do small updates. Changing cabinet hardware and fixtures will make a surprisingly big difference. Also, a light bright fresh coat of paint will help as well. Lastly, consider resurfacing, or even just painting, cabinet doors will give a complete facelift!

Energy Efficiencies

A way to keep monthly expenses at their lowest will be a big draw for buyers. Knowing that the home is energy efficient will be a feature hard to refuse. If you have Energy Star qualified windows and appliances be sure to mention that! If you don’t, see if it will be worth it for you to purchase some. Having energy-efficient windows can help cut down heating and cooling costs by 12%. Energy-efficient washers and dryers can save $45 or more a year on the utility bill. That doesn’t sound like much up front but in the long run, it will add up. Ultimately, saving is saving. When a person is about to spend a lot of money to purchase a home, hearing about the potential of any savings will make them pay attention.


Ceiling fans are in high demand, but low abundance. A lot of homes do not have ceiling fans installed throughout the house. In most cases, there is one in the living room and that is all. Having ceiling fans in the living room as well as the bedrooms will make younger buyers love your house! Having some ceiling fans installed in your home shouldn’t break your bank too much. You can find some inexpensive fans at Lowe’s and Home Depot. If you’re unable to install them yourself, you should be able to find an electrician that can take care of it fairly easy. This is a home feature that is definitely worth adding to help sell your home.


Having an open floor plan is a hot commodity nowadays. Unfortunately, it’s not really something you can DIY to have if you don’t already. If you do have an open floorplan, make that apparent in the pictures you post online. Younger buyers value having an open floorplan for when they’re entertaining guests. Also, if they have children it will make it easier to see what is going on when they’re in the kitchen. It also makes the home feel bigger.