Women are intelligent and great at business! We deserve to be paid the same as men because we’re no different than our male counterparts. That being said, the world throws some unique curve balls at us that can hurt us in finance. Banish these thoughts from your mind today!

I Should Let My Husband/Boyfriend Control Our Finances

This idea is just as outdated and counterproductive as the notion that women should always handle all of the housework. A couple should tackle finances together. This gives a woman the assurance that she can handle things if her significant other is not around. Two heads are better than one.

I Don’t Need To Think About Retirement Yet

You’re never too young to start retirement saving. It takes decades of planning and saving to be comfortable in retirement. Beware of the pitfall of relying on your spouse’s retirement. Even if you’re a stay at home mom in a stable marriage, build your own retirement savings.

I’m Uncomfortable

As women, we tend to be more cautious and emotional, and we’ve got to stop! When it comes to money, learn to ignore feelings that hold you back. Whether it’s a new job, a conversation with a spouse or business partner, or an investment opportunity, just do it!

I’ll Do It Later

As women, we are often juggling too many plates. That’s why it’s easy to let things that seem less urgent slide through the cracks. There are some things like planning for retirement, making a budget, and long-term financial planning that cannot be put off. Make the time!

I’m Not Worth It

Recognize your worth as an employee or an entrepreneur. When setting prices, if you own your own business, or salary requirements if you’re an employee, consider yourself first and the customer/business second. What do you need? What do you want? That’s exactly how much you’re worth!