money-making apps

Pexels/Christina Morillo

We could all use a little extra change in our pockets from time to time, but it can be difficult to find ways to earn some extra spending cash. Thankfully, almost all of us have the best tool for making a little money with us all the time: our phones! Here’s a short list of some good apps for making a few more dollars.


Shopkick is one of the best apps for earning money if you’re a frequent shopper. Like many apps, it allows you to earn money back from your normal shopping expenses, but Shopkick goes one step further. You earn “kicks” just for walking into certain retailers or visiting them online and checking out their sales!


Trunow is probably the best app out there for making money back on one of your most frequent purchases: gas. Every time you fill up at the pump (and Trunow’s app comes with a gas station locator) you can simply snap a picture of your receipt, send it in through the app and get money back.


Drop is special among cash-earning apps because it links directly to your debit or credit card. Your cash back doesn’t come in the form of gift cards or points but is deposited directly into your account for you to use. The earning potential of Drop is a little lower than some other apps, but its ease of use is a welcome bonus.

Zap Surveys

This app is quickly becoming one of the best-known survey apps for making a little extra money. Each survey pays anywhere between 30 cents and 100 dollars! Aside from just surveys, the Zap Surveys app allows you to earn money by answering polls, visiting partnered locations, posting on social media and more.


BillsBoard doesn’t pay you for doing any of the things the other cash-making apps I’ve mentioned before do. This app is unique in that it allows you to earn money simply by turning on your phone. BillsBoard plays an ad each time you unlock your phone. Think about how many times a day you do that and you can see how much the money can add up!