People often spend as much time in their cars as they do at home, so it’s not unrealistic to want some luxuries available. It’s not uncommon when a person buys a car to add something to a package or change the tires out for cooler rims. Luxury cars are no different. Adding some nice features can boost any sale. Some of them are fun, some a bit strange, but all of them have a uniqueness to them that someone, somewhere will appreciate.

Perfume dispensers

Goodbye air fresheners. Mercedes has added perfume dispensers to their S-series of vehicles. Glass vials featuring proprietary scents are stored in the glove box. You can set the controls for this fragrance systems so the scent is released on a certain schedule and at a certain strength. Currently, four different scents are available.

Infotainment pack

Thinking about keeping an iPad or two in your car? This is probably the most expensive way to do so. Bentley’s add-on Infotainment package has two iPads, a 12″ screen (drop down, of course) and two in-headset displays. This package includes 15GB of space, so you can listen to your music choice, and it’s only $32,000. Why not consider adding this to your next Bentley?

Champagne flutes

Mercedes has come up with a new design for their S600 rear seats. You can have the traditional luxury seats Mercedes has always offered, or you can replace those seats with two individual seats. That, in itself, has been done by mini-vans for years. It’s a great idea.

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Mercedes has taken it one step further. Between the two seats is a console that hides a fridge, two fold-out tables, and two silver-plated champagne flutes. These flutes have their own holders to prevent any spilling. Don’t forget the champagne next time you take a ride.

Leather air vents

Designed to match the seat belt buckles, sun visor, and other optional leather trim features, these air vents fit right in on a luxury car. Porsche created these to get rid of the plastic vents in their vehicles that are such an eyesore in a luxury vehicle. For just over $1000 you can add this feature to your new vehicle.

Granite trim

From lamb’s wool floor mats to leather heat vents, the interior of luxury vehicles has had a complete overhaul in recent years. The most recent update: granite trim.

Yes, perhaps granite usually belongs in the kitchen, but it is now available in the Maybach. The granite trimmings will only set you back $60,000 for the ‘basic package’. The ‘luxury package’ is anyone’s guess, as the price has not been shared with the public.

Seat massagers

There’s nothing like sitting back, relaxing and getting a back massage to make you feel nice and sleepy. And now you can do that while driving your car. That seems like it might not be the best idea, but with the Cadillac XTS, this is a real possibility. There are different massage settings available for rolling or kneading, and you can set and save your preferred settings. These seats are also said to improve blood flow if you are in the car for a long time.

Pop-up tweeters

This feature comes to us courtesy of Aston Martin. For $7,000 of your hard-earned cash, you can get Bang & Olufsen pop-up tweeter speakers in your car. Offering a world-class experience for music lovers, these directional tweeters hide in the dashboard when not being used. Most of us are willing to spend some extra money on a good sound system in our vehicles, so this one may be worth trying.

Starlight roof

This is not your regular sunroof, in fact, it isn’t a sunroof at all. Rolls Royce has gone one (or three) steps further and created a roof liner with fiber optic light display. When turned on, the fiber optics recreate the night sky. You can look up at the stars, while driving, without even having to open a window.

You can pay extra to have Rolls Royce lay out the stars to replicate a certain night— like if you have a special night you want to remember. Give them the date, and they will replicate the sky as it looked right it in your car.

Mechanical clock

Another Bentley premium feature, available in the Bentayga is a mechanical clock right on the dash. But not just any clock, a Mulliner Tourbillion by Breitling.

With a high-precision winding mechanism, you will always have the most accurate time available to you while driving down the open road. In solid white gold or rose gold, and coming in at approximately $196,000, this premium feature is slightly less than the car itself. When one feature almost doubles the cost of the vehicle, you are definitely living in luxury.

Dog mode

This is one luxury feature that actually makes a lot of sense. Someone should have thought of it sooner. Tesla’s dog mode activates a climate control setting that keeps the car at a comfortable temperature while you are out of the vehicle. This feature also displays an onscreen message to passers-by, letting them know that your dog is in a climate controlled vehicle, safe from the heat or cold. No longer is leaving the dog in the car an issue for Tesla owners. On the other hand, I’m not sure I’d want my dog hanging out in my Tesla without me.