sell old items, garbage

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Do you like the idea of lowering your carbon footprint and increasing your income? Next time you are raiding your closet, before you throw stuff out in frustration to eradicate clutter, take the time to see what items you can sell for a quick cash boost. There are many items which still fetch a pretty penny secondhand.

Re-gift those gift cards

Gift cards are great as long as you have a large enough balance, or actually like shopping at the store that’s attached to them. Instead of throwing away gift cards with a low or odd balance, or one that you haven’t touched it in months, sell it for some cash. There are apps to help make the sale of your gift card a cinch.

Old luxury goods breed new currency

You spend a lot of money on luxury goods like designer handbags, watches, shoes, and outfits to look ultra posh. Once you have grown tired of a particular look, you can sell your items online or at a local consignment shop. As long as you can get your items authenticated, and they are not cheap knockoffs, you can get a return on your lavish investment.

Second life for house appliances

Now that smart household appliances are more plentiful and affordable, it might make sense to chuck old appliances after you make an upgrade. Instead of dragging old washing machines, refrigerators, or air conditioners to the curb, chose to sell them to a resale shop, or find a buyer on Craigslist.

Give old electronics a reboot

Online sites like Gazelle are a great place to sell your used laptops, tablets, or smartphones. There are plenty of people who are happy to scoop up a deeply discouted older model of smart device, whether you sell it on eBay, Craigslist, or another reputable platform. Make sure your electronics are in good cosmetic condition and you wipe old information before you part ways.

Be a bookworm’s delight

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of building a home library. Some of those books that have been collecting dust could appreciate a new home, and your wallet will appreciate the extra cash. Consider selling old books at local stores that accept secondhand books, or online platforms like Amazon. Depending on the book’s condition or how rare it is, you might get more for it than you thought.