gender pay gap

How is it that there’s still a gender pay gap in 2018? Despite the constant reports on the issue, this problem continues to persist. In fact, experts predict if we continue as we are, the gap won’t close until 2061. In light of this, we’ve revealed a few ideas below that could help speed things up. Let’s dive in!

Do your research

Utilize sites like Glassdoor to get a better idea of what you could potentially earn. When you have the facts and figures behind you,  you’ll enter salary negotiations better prepared and are more likely to get the raise you deserve.

On a similar note, you should practice what you’ll say to your boss before asking for a raise. Think about the conversation you’ll have and how you’ll answer their responses.

Highlight your strengths

You can’t be afraid to own your strengths. It’s the only way to show your bump in pay is warranted. Prove you’re fundamental to the smooth running of the office by highlighting your achievements and merits.

Show your employer you’re worth the raise by working hard and leading by example. Have you got any stats or figures that show how your work has aided the company? Did you play a crucial role in organizing an event that was a success? Have you helped train new staff or implement methods to improve productivity in the office? These are all achievements you should talk about.

It’s more than just the salary

The pay gap is more than just dollars and cents, you should also negotiate other benefits.

For example, extra vacation days, improved medical and/or dental plans, or if you work in an industry where you could earn a commission in addition to your salary, perhaps you could ask for that? Or, if you’re already receiving a commission, ask for a raise in that?

Together we can help combat the gender pay gap. If you think you’re a victim of this inequality, we hope these tips help you re-negotiate your way to a fairer salary!