Toothbrush holder

hotel hacks
BrReg via Reddit

The cleaning staff (usually) do the best they can, but hotel bathrooms can be full of bacteria. If you’re uncomfortable putting your toothbrush on the bathroom counter (and you should be), consider this DIY solution.

It’s easy — just cut a small hole in the bottom of a paper cup. That’s it, you’re done! By placing the cup upside down on the counter, you can now stuff your toothbrush through the hole and you won’t have to worry about the brush end touching the countertop.

Hang your clothes in the bathroom

Ken Kistler via

Bunching your clothes in a suitcase will get them severely wrinkled, but ironing clothes is just one extra chore no one wants to do. Fortunately, with this helpful hack, you won’t have to worry about it.

Hang your clothes in the steamy bathroom after you shower for five minutes. Afterwards, move them to the drying rack. Absorbing the steam will naturally get rid of most — if not all — the wrinkles.

Nice and dark

hotel hacks
rklau via Twitter

Get jet lag? Changing time zones will sometimes have you nodding off in the middle of the day. However, it can be tough to fall asleep when it’s bright out, no matter how tired you are. Pulling the curtains helps, but still lets in some light.

Most hotels will leave a coat hanger with clips in your room. Use it to clip the curtains together — you’ll be amazed at how much darker the room gets.

Conditioner works as shaving cream

hotel hacks, shaving
Sethronious via Wikimedia Commons

Maybe you forgot to pack some, or maybe you just ran out. But now you’re stuck without shaving cream and you’re starting to look like Grizzly Adams. Should you buy a whole new can, only to have to throw it away when you pass through customs? No! Use the conditioner your hotel provides.

Unlike shampoo, which opens your pores, conditioner closes them up, making it ideal for shaving without irritating your skin.

Spreadable butter

toast melting butter
SamanthaBrown via Twitter

There’s nothing worse than trying to spread cold, hard butter on your toast. Actually, we take that back, there are lots of worse things. That said, it is annoying. Lucky for you, there’s a hack.

Just put the packaged squares of butter on top of the toaster while your toast cooks — it’ll melt inside the package and be perfect for spreading by the time your toast is done. Just be careful you don’t drop it in the slot of the toaster.

Hair dryer also works as an iron

hair dryer hotel hacks
Woodarelaisku via Wikimedia Commons

Most of the time, your hotel will provide you with an iron. But if they don’t, and you don’t have time to steam up your bathroom, a blow dryer will work in a pinch.

Just hang your clothes on a rack and point the hot air at the wrinkles. You’ll be surprised how well this works!

Add some moisture

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eighthblackbird via Twitter

We all know how dry hotel rooms can get — but there’s an easy way to fix that. Just drape a wet towel over the radiator by putting a suitcase rack next to it. This makes sure all the air that circulates your room is properly humidified.

If it feels dry in your hotel room, give this trick a shot. Your nose and throat will thank you when you wake up in the morning. You can even add ice to the towel if it’s too hot in there.

Keep your shampoo from leaking into your luggage

shampoo hotel hack
JaidenAnimation via Twitter

It seems that no matter how hard you screw the caps onto your bottles of shampoo, face wash, conditioner, etc., some of the contents inevitably leak out into your bag. There’s an easy way to fix this.

Unscrew the cap and place a plastic bag over the top of the bottle — make sure you leave a little slack — then screw the cap back on over the bag. Now you don’t have to worry about your toiletries ruining your clothes.

No bottle opener? No problem!

door closer bottle opener, hotel hacks, bottle opener hack
Ardfern via Wikimedia Commons

You might think you’re out of luck if you want to enjoy a bottled beverage but have no bottle opener. You’d be wrong! Most hotels rooms now are equipped with fire doors — the door closer doubles as a bottle opener.

Just put the cap of the bottle up just above the “elbow” of the door closer arm and slowly pull the door closed. When done right, the cap should pop right off. Nifty!

Does your favorite beverage come with a cork instead of a cap? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that later.

Clothes hanger doubles as a doorstop

hotel hacks, door stopper hotel hack
Khanoisseur via Twitter

In most hotels, the doors automatically close as soon as you let go of them. This can be annoying if you’re bringing in a bunch of luggage in at once, or if you have multiple people with you and they don’t all have key cards.

If the clothes rack is close enough to the door — or if you can find something else to hang it on — you can use a coat hanger to hold the door open. Just put the swinging arm door lock through the coat hanger. Now hang the hanger on the rack like you normally would.

Sick of leaving without your charger?

hotel hack, phone charger hotel hack
crujones43 via Reddit

Make it impossible to leave without it! With this simple trick you won’t get far without your phone charger. It’s easy, just loop the cord through your key chain and tie a loose knot.

Now, if you check out without your charger, you’ll remember it when you get to the car and don’t have your keys. It’ll be annoying returning to your room, but it beats leaving your stuff behind.

Bring an HDMI cable

HDMI hotel, hotel hacks
dylanbeattie via Twitter

The whole point of travel is to get out and explore. But doing that all day and night will wear you out — that’s when it’s time to flip on the TV. If you’re in a foreign country and can’t speak the language, the local television stations will get boring fast.

If you have a laptop and an HDMI cable, you can plug in your device and watch all your favorite shows from whatever streaming service you prefer. This can be a life saver!

Sound proof

towel under door, hotel hack
WendoverCasino via Twitter

Hotel walls are sometimes thin, and people like to party on vacation. If your neighbors are keeping you up, stuff a towel under the door to muffle the noise. You’ll be surprised how much this simple trick will help you get to sleep.

It also comes in handy if you anticipate you’ll be making some noise yourself. Why not be considerate to those in the rooms next to you?

Chill out

hotel hack, ice in sink, cold beverages
syswolf via Reddit

Practically every hotel provides ice, but not every room has a refrigerator. And if they do, it’s usually full of those vastly overpriced snacks and drinks. Never take stuff from the minibar! The lack of a fridge can be frustrating when you want to enjoy a cold beverage — but have no fear, there’s a workaround.

Fill your sink with ice and stuff your drinks in there to keep them cool. It works just as well as any fridge and it’s really simple.

Ironing board as a table

ironing board table, hotel hacks
Vanessa Rivero via Pinterest

Feel like ordering takeout or would you rather just eat some snacks in your room instead of going out? That can be annoying if you have a big family and the hotel room only has a small desk. What are you going to eat on?

The ironing board comes to the rescue! Fold it out and place it between the bed(s) and the seat(s). You’ll find it’s a bit narrow for a dinner table, but it’ll do the trick. Just be sure to put a towel or something over the ironing board to avoid staining it.

Turn it up!

bowl amplifier, loudspeaker
The Kim Komando Show via YouTube

Packing light is essential for any experienced traveler. That might mean you don’t have room to take a Bluetooth speaker with you. If you find your cell phone isn’t giving you the volume you need, here’s a simple hack to help — it’s one that cooks and dishwashers likely already know.

Simply put your phone in a cup or bowl. When the sound is focused in one direction it’ll be louder — sort of like when you cup your hands around your mouth to shout during a sporting event.

The shower cap has other uses

shower cap luggage hack
Rachel {1 Crazy House Tips} via Pinterest

You might not think you need the shower cap the hotel provides you with, but trust us, it’ll come in handy. If you want to be comfortable on your trip, you’ll likely want to pack a couple different pairs of shoes. But do you really want your muddy running shoes rubbing against your nice suit?

That’s where the shower cap comes in. Simply stretch it over your sneakers and voila! Your suit is safe and you’re good to go.

You can also use your shower cap to hold a wet swimsuit in your luggage, and to cover your leftover food.

No need to go to the laundromat

laundry hotel hack, coins in sink
Shareably via Pinterest

If you’re traveling light, going to the laundromat and paying for a full load of laundry just seems like a waste of money. Luckily, there’s a simple trick that costs nothing, though you’ll still need some coins.

It’s simple, just wash the clothes in the sink.

But wait, you say: “Hotel room sinks rarely have plugs and all the water just drains out. It’ll take ages for me to clean one pair of jeans.” Fear not. Just put a piece of plastic — like a sheet of cellophane or a plastic bag over the plug hole. Place some coins over the plastic to keep it in place. Now get to scrubbing.

Cook your own ramen or oatmeal

hotel hacks, coffee pot
Roamancing via Twitter

Just because you’re on vacation or a business trip doesn’t mean you have to eat out every meal. Save some money by making some food yourself. That can be tricky without a stove. Fortunately, you don’t need one boil some water.

The coffee pot in your hotel room doesn’t just make coffee or tea — it can make food too! With some creativity you can make a number of delicious dishes with just a coffee maker and a bowl.

Dryer sheets keep your clothes smelling fresh

hotel hack, travel tip, fresh clothes
Cedar Rest Resort via Pinterest

Ever notice how when you travel, your clothes start to smell like the inside of your suitcase? If you don’t like spraying your clothes with a deodorizer, consider packing dryer sheets with your clothes.

They’ll keep your clothes smelling fresh, no matter how long you keep them scrunched up in your luggage. 

Also, leaving a dryer sheet or two in your shoes overnight will keep them from smelling like feet.

Ask to borrow a crock pot or a blender

crock pot in hotel
Mike Mozart via Flickr

Want to eat more than just cup noodles or oatmeal but don’t want to pay to eat out. Try asking the hotel to provide you with some supplies. You’ll be surprised what they have on hand.

It’s not uncommon for the hotel to have a crock pot or blender they are willing to loan out to guests. If not, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Trust us, it won’t be the weirdest request they’ve ever heard.

Take the cummerbund off your bed

hotel hacks, comforter, clean bed
Ktr101 via Wikimedia Commons

Not all hotel beds have this, but many do: It’s that 2-foot band of thick fabric wrapped around the foot of your bed. That’s called a cummberbund, and it is rarely cleaned, so you’ll want to discard it immediately. 

In fact, you’ll probably want to take the comforter off as well. Many hotels don’t wash their comforters between customers. Yuck. This isn’t true of all hotels, but it’s true of enough hotels to give you pause. The reason is simple — cleaning bed sheets is easy, but comforters take more effort. Some hotels that do put the extra effort in will leave a note or tag the comforter with the date it was last washed.

Practice good remote control hygiene

remote hygiene, hotel hacks
Nwa1348 via Reddit

You may have heard that the remote control in your hotel room is one of the worst sources of germs and bacteria. This is true — mostly because of how often it gets cleaned (think about how often you clean your own remote at home). 

If you neglected to bring some disinfectant but are still grossed out by the remote, you can put it in a clear plastic bag and tie it off. You’ll still be able to see the buttons, but you’ll pick up less germs (at least in theory).

If you must use the mini bar …

mini bar hacks, hotel hacks
Amin via Wikimedia Commons

Hey, we get it. Sometimes you have a sugar craving that just needs to be satisfied. If that overpriced Coke or candy bar in the hotel mini fridge is just too hard to resist, there may be a way to fill your tummy without emptying your wallet.

Now this only works in some hotels — many fancy hotels will have specialized snacks you can’t find elsewhere, or a locking system you need to bypass to open the fridge door. But if not, just take a picture of the exact way the food and drinks are laid out, eat what you want, and buy the cheap version at a grocery store. If you replace the consumed items, no one will be the wiser.

Car air fresheners aren’t just for cars

air freshener for hotel, hotel hacks
The MisAdventures of Maja via Flickr

Hopefully, when you get to your hotel room, it’ll be nice and clean and smelling fresh. But every once in a while you’ll find your room has a funky smell. If the staff won’t change your room, don’t fret, there’s an easy fix.

The air fresheners made for cars that clip onto your air conditioner vents will work on the vent in your hotel room as well. So, if you find your room has a musty odor, clip an air freshener on the vent and freshen the scent.

Duct tape to the rescue

outlet cover hacks
POPSUGAR via Pinterest

Are your kids trouble makers that always get into things they shouldn’t? Consider packing a roll of duct tape or electrical tape to kid-proof your hotel room.

Use it to cover any exposed outlets and to keep pesky wires pinned down and out of the way of trampling little feet. Band-aids will also work as makeshift outlet covers.

Bonus tip: lots of hotels have outlet covers on hand — so call ahead and request them.

Misplaced your charger?

phone chargers, lost and found, hotel hacks
Johann H. Addicks via Wikimedia Commons

When you travel, it’s easy to leave something behind somewhere — hopefully it’s not your heart or your wallet! For some reason, it’s often a phone charger, something we all desperately need! The hotel may be able to help.

If the staff doesn’t keep one on hand they can loan you, there’s a good chance someone like you left their charger behind a long time ago. Multiply this by many different people over many years of business, and odds are the hotel has a charger that will fit your phone!

Open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

hotel wine opener, key opener, hotel hacks

Most hotels will loan you a wine bottle opener if you need one, but if not, there’s a number of ways to MacGyver the cork out of the bottle. One of the simplest (and perhaps the least messy) is to use a key.

Note: you’ll want to either use a very solid key or one you don’t mind bending.

First, stab the cork with a key at an angle. Get it deep in there. Once it’s down deep, twist the bottle around the key. Once it’s loosened a bit, you begin lifting the cork while twisting the bottle until the cork pops out the top. Here’s a video demonstration of the technique.

Invest in a mini power strip

mini power strip charger, hotel hack
Belkin via Amazon

Unless you’re traveling solo, you’ll probably run into a situation where more than one person needs to charge their phone at once. If there’s a limited amount of outlets, this can cause serious problems — even ruin a friendship. Just kidding, but it is annoying.

That’s why if you’re traveling in a group, one of you should always bring along a mini power strip. Now, everyone can charge their phones at once, and everyone’s happy.

Tip your housekeepers

housekeeping tip, hotel hacks
seabaugh via Reddit

This one’s not a hack, per se, but it will build up some good karma, and that never hurts. For some reason, most people still tip valets and room service, but many neglect the housekeepers. It’s a difficult job, and some extra money from each room cleaned goes a long way. 

Leave a note with the money so they don’t assume you just left it by accident.

On that note, consider not using the “Do Not Disturb” sign when you step out for the day: Housekeepers often get paid by the hour, so if there’s not enough rooms to clean, they may get sent home early with less money to take home.