Happy Valentine’s Day

Retirement is the time to live the life you’ve always wanted. Although, preparing for retirement isn’t the easiest. From investing to planning, there are a lot of steps involved in living happily once you’re finished with work. Here are a few tips you should take advantage of now so you won’t have any retirement regrets later.

Travel While You Can

If you’ve always dreamed of traveling overseas during retirement, make sure you don’t postpone your plans too long. Travel as much as you can while you’re young or attempt to take the trips you’re most excited for during early retirement. You never know when your health may decline.

Research Before Moving

Though palm trees and 80 degree winter days are appealing, you should always do your research before moving to a new place. Take a trip to see if you enjoy the culture of the local area before diving headfirst into your new “home”. You may change your mind after spending a few weeks in the community.

Stay Active

Exercising is important at every age, but even more so during your 30s and 40s. Take initiative and keep yourself active as you grow older. Neglecting your health now can add up to some unfortunate consequences in your 50s and 60s, such as reduced life expectancy and expensive medical bills.

Don’t Work Too Long

If you have the resources to retire, consider doing so before working into your 60s and even 70s. Most retirees often regret the long hours they put in near the end of their working years. However, if you’ve failed to save enough for retirement, working a few more years is the right move.

Time Social Security Right

Even though Americans can start collecting Social Security at 62, waiting a few more years may be more beneficial. The older you are, the more you’ll receive in retirement benefits. For instance, someone who claims the full 100% benefit amount at 67 will receive 30% more on their monthly checks for the rest of their lives than those who claim at 62.