Boost Your Income

Fatimah Collins/Pixabay

There’s beauty in the freedom of finding a weekend job or side gig. Since you call the shots, searching for a weekend job on your own terms is a great feeling. When it comes to boosting your income, searching for something you enjoy is ideal. From freelance photography to landscaping, here are five weekend jobs and side gigs to boost your income.

Become A Freelance Photographer

Photography is more than just taking pretty pictures. For many, photography is a way of life. From taking family portraits, model shoots, and weddings, becoming a photographer is a creative profession. For beginners, companies such as offer several online classes to help you get started. If you’re a creative person who appreciates learning new tech and taking photos, then photography might be a great option for you.

Pet Lovers Love Pets

Pet owners are always on the hunt for a reliable pet sitter. Not every pet owner can afford the cost of a kennel, and many prefer the convenience of keeping their pets home when they’re away. Online companies such as are always recruiting pet sitters. And who knows, by offering a stellar service, you might become one of their high-rated sitters. This will surely get you noticed in searches for your area.

Turn Your Passion For Writing Into A Paycheck

Do you love to write? Some people are naturally good writers. With writing, you can turn your free time into a paying part-time or full-time gig depending on your passion for it. From local news outlets to national ones, you can be assured that someone is searching for a good writer and/or editor to join their team. Freelancing is a great opportunity and steady path forward to boost your income.

The Flexibility Of Tutoring

Students across the country are always in need of a dependable tutor. With tutoring, you can turn your passion in any subject into a reliable source of income. Whether a student is in your geographical area or not, online tutoring has become a viable tool for parents and students. Companies such as offers tutoring support in a myriad of subjects. As a tutor, you can choose the place and set your own hourly rate.

Turn Your Love For Plants Into Landscaping

It’s likely that a homeowner’s best friend is a good landscaper. Having great curb appeal requires a great eye and attention to detail. If you enjoy doing yard work, then chances are you’ll love turning your passion into a dependable, weekend gig. In new and older developments alike, landscapers are in high demand. Every homeowner has grass, shrubs, and plants that require maintenance, but not everyone has an interest in doing it themselves.