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Quick Notes:

  • It doesn’t matter whether it’s business or dating, don’t settle for a compromise; keep your options open.
  • The key steps to manifesting something into reality are visualization, feeling positive excitement around your idea, and taking action by stepping towards the goal.
  • Worthwhile personal connections are just that… connections. A relationship goes two ways and must be built on real human-to-human interactions.

Choosing a spouse is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. So, make sure you choose wisely. It’s the same with business and clients; we only want the best! Personal connections can seem impossible in this day and age. The pressure of networking and the increasing influence of social media can make interactions difficult.

However, relationship coach and businesswoman Megan Weks reveals that dating and work can actually go hand-in-hand in beneficial ways.

Maintaining a business and a successful romantic relationship requires hard work, persistence, and empathy. Although we perceive one to be frivolous and the other to be materialistic, both can lead to rewarding opportunities and progression.

Visualizing you and your potential first

We’re always told we don’t mix business with pleasure, however… 

Megan Weks proposes the idea that dating can, in fact, help with business relationships. Surprised? We are too! She suggests visualizing you and your potential first. Weks recently set herself a goal of getting married within the year, not just to anyone, but the person she 100% wanted. She applies this same rule to business commitments. There is no room for compromise, and she won’t settle for less. 

The key steps she takes to make something a reality are:

  • Visualization
  • Feel a positive emotional excitement around it happening
  • Take action by taking steps towards the goal

The prospect is hard, and it’s difficult not to fall victim to your own negativity. Harmful and toxic thought patterns may arise and target yourself or the other person in the relationship. Opening yourself up to good energy helps to build charisma. Good charisma is vital to convince and comfort others in the relationship.

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Keep the funnel full

Weks’ program, “the Manfunnel,” is based around the sales term which is used to organize potential leads in business. The concept suggests that you will only close the deal with 20% of the people in the funnel, so it’s vital to keep your options plenty in the beginning.

You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, right?

She applied this same concept to dating. The year that she committed to getting married, she would go on two to three dates per week. Regardless of whether she met someone she liked, she still kept her options open. Exploring people is a learning process about ourselves and others. Keep a full prospect funnel, and you’ll have higher-quality options to work with. But, keeping the funnel full requires hard work, so keep at it!

Get to know their essence

Confidence is critical, once you are confident in yourself and your goals, you can provide and care for others. Getting personal with the person you are meeting is essential. This applies to both a dating and business scenario.

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Know when to fold

With both business and dating, you need to know when to talk away. It’s okay if the relationship or business deal don’t work out. We often see a collapse as a bad reflection on us and who we are as a person. This is not the case; it just means you weren’t the right fit. If the relationship doesn’t work out, this can be taken as a lesson, and you can realize there are other options out there. 

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