If you can’t seem to find a job, don’t worry. You have an unlikely partner in your struggle. Employers can’t seem to find the right employees.

Why Is This Happening?

After years of job seekers being desperate enough to accept any job that was offered to them, unemployment has hit a record low. Many employees have solid jobs, and others are leaving the workforce to become entrepreneurs. That means employers are now at the mercy of their potential employees.

Atomic Object

It’s taking longer than ever to fill job vacancies, and there are plenty of new jobs being added to the market every day. The jobs offered pay well, have good benefits, and allow unused college degrees to finally be put to use.

Perks, Perks, And More Perks

Since the market is heavily in the favor of job seekers, employers are offering previously unheard of benefits to attract the perfect employees. More and more companies have replaced strict corporate dress codes with more casual ones.


Wages are getting higher, and benefits are becoming more commonplace. Many companies have ditched the 9-5 work schedule for remote or flexible schedules. Employees want a work-life balance, and employers are answering the call.

One Small Problem

The only downside to the current job market is the fact that companies are looking for the best employees, which really isn’t a problem at all. It simply means that you might have a longer interview process than you traditionally would have. Companies want to know that they’re making a good decision before they invest so much in you.

Live Career

While it may sound like fluff, the phrase “if you believe it, you can achieve it” has never rung truer in the American job market. Polish up your resume, and go get the job of your dreams!