Quick notes

  • Check for organizational discounts
  • See what deals your credit card provider offers
  • Be prepared to shop around

Lyft and Uber have taken the world of transportation by storm. However, there is still something special about the convenience of being able to just hop in a car and leave with no wait. There are a number of reasons to rent a car. Maybe you’re flying into an airport and don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of finding where the special pickup lot is located. Perhaps you’re going on a road trip and don’t want to put excessive miles on your personal vehicle. Regardless of the reason for renting a car the most important thing is to get it for a deal.

Organizational benefits

A lot of organizations offer great promotional codes and discounts. If you’re an active member of a professional or personal organization they may have special promo codes that you can use. Even if you are not an active member you may still be able to benefit from the perks. Most people are aware of AARP and AAA benefits, but there are so many more. For example, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars is a collegiate organization. They offer a host of discount codes to their members, including promo codes for Hertz rental car. Even after graduation, members have access to those codes. Try to think long and hard about organizations you have been associated with, both past and present. It could save you some coins!

Credit card perks

Another way to save money when renting a car is by using a certain credit card for the payment method. Reward cards may offer cashback for a particular rental car company.


Also, declining add-ons can save you a lot. Car seats and Sirius XM are easy to say no to. The additional insurance car coverage may be a bit more tempting to accept, though. It is better to be safe than sorry, right? Well, you don’t need it. In most cases, your personal car insurance will cover your rental car as well. If you’re still feeling uneasy about it just rely on your credit card for the coverage instead. A lot of travel credit cards will automatically provide protection when you use them as your method of payment. For example, both Capital One and American Express have cards that have car rental loss and damage insurance. For more information visit their websites.

Less is more

When booking your rental car the full-size luxury sedan can be very appealing. Especially if your personal car is on the smaller side. However, don’t book for more than you need. If you’re traveling alone or with just one other person, do you really need a lot of legroom in the backseat? If not, opt for an economy car. They are usually the cheapest and they are great on gas.

A lot of organizations offer great promotional codes and discounts.

One-stop shop

When trying to get the best deal on a rental car, it will require some shopping around. Bouncing from website to website for the best deal can be tedious. There is a simpler way. Utilize aggregator websites. They will allow you to put in the details of your itinerary once and the site will show you all of the rental car companies with something available for booking. Popular sites are,,, and But don’t stop there! There are so many more. Once you’ve found what appears to be a good deal visit the actual rental car company website to double-check the price. With patience and research, you will be able to score a great deal on a rental car!

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