Tipping is important at any time of year, but around the holidays it is increasingly important! All the people who help make your outings memorable have friends and family they need to buy gifts for as well, after all. Follow the tips in this article to ensure that you’re spreading holiday cheer in smart ways this winter!

Cash is king, but gifts are good too

While tipping has come to accept modern methods of payment such as credit cards, cash is still the best way to show your appreciation to your server, delivery driver, etc. Around the holidays though, some other tips can be welcomed! If you’re always making too many holiday cookies, consider giving them with or instead of cash tips

Give in proportion to what you get

Some people help you more than others and these people deserve a larger tip. It’s always a good policy to tip more to those people who help you the most, or whose service means the most to you. Remember that better tips (or gifts!) can result in a better relationship with these helpers.

Appearances matter even when tipping

While any tip is always appreciated, clean, crisp bills are better than a handful of change. Around the holidays, consider sprucing up your tips with festive decorations! Arrange bills into origami bouquets, place them in a holiday-themed card, tie them with a nice bow, or whatever crafty way you like.

Prepare your tips early

There is a whole lot of things to manage around the holidays: food, gifts, decorating, traveling… Trying to make gifts to give with your tips, or dress them up and make them pretty, can add a whole lot more to your workload. So, if you want to do something special for your holiday tips, prepare ahead of time!

Know who not to tip

When giving out holiday tips, it’s important that not everyone who helps you needs, or even expects, a tip. Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, etc, don’t expect or need tips, for example, and anyone employed by the government could be accused of taking bribes if they accept a tip. It’s good to get to know anyone who does services for you and whether or not they can accept tips.