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Debt can be a downer on your dating life. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are a few tips and tricks you can follow that will let you maintain an open, honest, and healthy relationship while in debt. Of course, love doesn’t conquer all. You may have to move on if someone decides your financial burdens are too much. But if you really care about a person, you should give these three steps a try. They might be able to help you perfect the art of dating while drowning in debt.

Be Open

One of the best ways to start out a relationship is to be completely honest with the other person. If you are in debt, make sure you let your significant other know. This conversation doesn’t have to happen on the first date, but it should occur before you notice things getting serious.

You also need to be specific when you talk about money troubles. Let them know you’re in debt and how significant it is. You should also share credit scores. These things definitely need to be discussed before marriage is on the table, since your debt will become theirs if you tie the knot.

Be Creative

Just because you are in debt doesn’t mean you get a pass in the romance department. The key to maintaining a good relationship when financially burdened is to make it feel like you aren’t. However, you still need to remain financially responsible. That’s where a little creativity comes in handy.

Cook at home, make picnics, use RedBox, and clip coupons. These are great ways to make your significant other feel like they are still a priority. You can also create a jar full of date ideas that are color-coded by cost. When date night comes around, only choose from the options that you have the money for.

Be Willing

The most important thing to remember when dating with debt is that you need to be willing. Be willing to change your habits, put money into savings, and even get a side job. Showing this kind of effort will help put your significant other’s worries to rest.

In the end, you also need to be willing to accept who you are right now. Because of your debt, you might not be the ideal mate for that person you’ve had your eye on. Let them go if they need more than what you can give. Things can always change in the future when you’re more financially secure.