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1. Jennifer Gates

Company: Microsoft

Estimated Net Worth: $20 million

With an estimated net worth of about $20 million, and a father whose net worth tops $114 billion, it’s safe to say that Jennifer Gates could live the rest of her life comfortably without lifting a finger. But that’s just not in her genes. Instead, this Microsoft heiress graduated from Stanford University in 2018.

Jennifer Gates heirs and heiressesJennifer Gates heirs and heiresses
Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images/Instagram/@jenniferkgates

And her impressive résumé did not stop there. Gates took a year off to focus on her equestrian passion before heading off to medical school at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine. At the time, the New York Post reported that her parents, Bill and Melinda Gates, bought a $5 million condo near her school. Wonder who that is for!

2. Lydia Hearst

Company: Hearst

Estimated Net Worth: $100 million

When it comes to heirs, it certainly pays to be the great-granddaughter of the late newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst and the inheritor of his massive magazine fortune. And considering that Lydia Hearst has to share the family fortune with 67 family members and still remains a multi-millionaire, that gives anyone a pretty good idea of just how wealthy this family has become.

Lydia Hearst heirs and heiressesLydia Hearst heirs and heiresses
Phillipp Schaufele/Wikimedia Commons/Instagram/@lydiahearst

And beyond inheriting a magazine fortune, Hearst has managed to grace some magazines of her own. As a model, she has appeared on Vogue Italia (her very first magazine cover, naturally), Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, GQ, L’Officiel, and Esquire, just to name a few.

3. Ally Hilfiger

Company: Tommy Hilfiger

Estimated Net Worth: Unknown

The world first got to know this heiress as not only the daughter of Tommy Hilfiger, but the star of MTV’s reality show Rich Girls. Audiences followed Ally Hilfiger and her best friend Jaime Gleicher through travels and escapades, from New York’s top high school to London, the Hamptons, Nantucket, the British West Indies, and Los Angeles.

Ally Hilfiger heirs and heiressesAlly Hilfiger heirs and heiresses
Catwalking/Getty Images/Janette Pellegrini/FilmMagic/Getty Images

But that was only a snapshot of Hilfiger’s life. Since then, she has written her own book about her struggles battling Lyme disease. And while her current net worth is unknown, she is set to get at least a large portion of her father’s $450 million business one day.

4. Georgina Bloomberg

Company: Bloomberg LP

Estimated Net Worth: $100 million

Life seems to be pretty lavish for the daughter of businessman and former politician Michael Bloomberg, also known as one of the richest people in the world. The heiress to Bloomberg’s $61 billion empire is known to be a decorated equestrian, and has been up in the saddle since she was just six years old.

Georgina Bloomberg heirs and heiressesGeorgina Bloomberg heirs and heiresses
Flickr/Kevin Turinsky/Instagram/@georginabloomberg

Bloomberg once famously said in 2003 that growing up with her last name “sucks”. But in 2017 she changed her tune, albeit somewhat unsurprisingly. “I’ve come to have a lot more respect for my parents and my last name,” Bloomberg said in an interview with Town and Country. “It’s a last name that now I’m proud of.” We sure hope so.

5. Marta Ortega

Company: Zara

Estimated Net Worth: Unknown

While no one knows exactly what Marta Ortega’s net worth amounts to exactly, we can all rest assured that the number is likely extremely high. That’s because her father, the founder of Zara, is one of the richest businessmen in the entire world. He’s accumulated a net worth of about $67 billion dollars. So yeah, we’re sure this heiress is not strapped for cash.

Marta Ortega zaraMarta Ortega zara
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images/Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

With her father consistently holding the spot of one of the 10 richest people in the world (at one point he was the richest), Ortega has enjoyed the finer things in life. Take, for example, her lavish wedding, where she rocked 4 different designer looks and enjoyed a casual performance by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

6. Allegra Versace

Company: Versace

Estimated Net Worth: $900 million

Allegra Versace was just 11 years old when her uncle, Gianni Versace, was famously murdered outside of his Miami home. And seven years later, when she turned 18, she officially inherited 50 percent of her late uncle and mother’s company. But like most heirs, this Versace was always living in the world of fame and fashion.

Flickr/LL Barkat/Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Versace was gifted her first piano by her “uncle”, a man the rest of the world knows as Sir Elton John (she later admitted that she never learned how to play the instrument). In interviews, Versace remembered being sent to Italian preschool in silk dresses, refusing to fingerpaint out of fear that the paints might ruin her gowns.

7. Alexa Dell

Company: Dell Technologies

Estimated Net Worth: Unknown

Some young adults turn to apps like Tinder to try to find potential suitors to date. But for Alexa Dell, the heiress to Dell Technologies, she just went ahead and dated the CEO of Tinder instead. We guess one could say that that is one of the perks of coming from a $28 billion fortune.

Alexa Dell heirs and heiressesAlexa Dell heirs and heiresses

And when that did not work out, Dell went on to get engaged to a millionaire real estate investor who proposed with a 12-carat diamond, estimated to be worth up to $3 million. And when you throw in the fact that she grew up in a sprawling mansion called “The Castle”, Dell’s life really starts to seem like a fairy tale.

8. Margherita Missoni

Company: Missoni

Estimated Net Worth: $185 million

Margherita Missoni’s life seems just as colorful and vibrant as a Missoni fashion show. And that’s not too surprising coming from a family who has made a name for themselves with their vibrant knitwear. But beyond being born into this famous fashion family, this Missoni has worked hard to forge a name for herself in her own right.

Margherita Missoni heirs and heiressesMargherita Missoni heirs and heiresses
Jonathan Drake/WireImage/Getty Images/Instagram/@mmmargherita

After working as a model and actress, in 2009 Missoni decided to pivot her focus back to her family business. From there, she’s become one of the main faces of Missoni, both in magazines and behind the scenes. Missoni has taken an interest in the fashion house’s design team. She’s following in her mother’s footsteps, who served as Missoni’s creative director.

9. Chloe Green

Company: Topshop

Estimated Net Worth: $100 million

There are some heirs and heiresses who tend to stay under the radar, and then there’s Chloe Green. This heiress to the Topshop fortune has been front and center in British tabloid headlines for years as the glamorous daughter of knight and billionaire, Sir Philip Green.

Chloe Green heirs and heiressesChloe Green heirs and heiresses
Michael Gottschalk/Getty Images for Topshop Topman/Instagram/@chloegreen5

But Green made the most headlines when she unexpected began dating Jeremy Meeks, also known around the Internet as the “hot felon”. Suddenly, Meeks went from having his mugshot taken to having paparazzi snap photos of him on vacation aboard the family’s yachts. The two have since broken up, but share a two-year-old son.

10. Paige Laurie

Company: Walmart

Estimated Net Worth: $4.3 billion

The creators of Walmart might have created a world where everything is super cheap, but somehow they’ve still managed to amass a billion-dollar empire. Paige Laurie is the only daughter of Nancy Walton Laurie, making her the granddaughter of one of the founding members of Walmart.

Paige Laurie walmartPaige Laurie walmart
Tim Boyle/Getty Images/M. Caulfield/WireImage/Getty Images

When her father died, Nancy Walton Laurie inherited a whopping $4.3 billion, with $70 million in dividends alone. And while her grandfather managed to stay relatively under the radar, Laurie is not the same. This heiress has made tabloid headlines for her marriages, and for a scandal that resulted in her forfeiting her University of Southern California degree.

11. Aerin Lauder

Company: Estée Lauder

Estimated Net Worth: $2.8 billion

When Aerin Lauder wants to take some time to relax, she can pick to vacation almost anywhere in the world, including at her homes in the Hamptons, Aspen, or Paris, just to name a few. And we would expect no less from the granddaughter of the famed makeup mogul Estée Lauder.

Aerin Lauder heirs and heiressesAerin Lauder heirs and heiresses
Flickr/Westfield Airports/Instagram/@aerin

This heiress has continued the family tradition by also involving herself in the cosmetics company. Aerin not only serves as the style and image director for Estée Lauder Cosmetics; she also has her own lifestyle brand called AERIN, which sells perfumes, clothing, hand bags, furniture, home decor, and cosmetic products.

12. Eden Sassoon

Company: Vidal Sassoon

Estimated Net Worth: $20 million

Are there any Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans out there? If so, they might remember this face from their television screens. Eden Sassoon is not only a bona fide Bravo celebrity, she also just so happens to be the daughter of one of the most recognized names in hair care, Vidal Sassoon.

Eden Sassoon heirs and heiressesEden Sassoon heirs and heiresses

Sassoon went on to carry the family name forward by launching a few hair salons of her own, called EDEN by Eden Sassoon. Her passion for Pilates has also inspired her to open up her own Pilates studios in Los Angeles. With her inheritance, combined with her own hard work, Sassoon is one of the richest members of the entire Housewives franchise.

13. Travis Knight

Company: Nike

Estimated Net Worth: $2.3 billion

Travis Knight could have rested on his family fortune. But instead, he hit the ground running. Knight grew up as the son of Nike’s founder, Phil Knight. Rather than taking on the multi-billion dollar family business, Knight decided to pave his own path, and pursued another career entirely.

Travis Knight heirs and heiressesTravis Knight heirs and heiresses
Phil Cole/Allsport/Getty Images/Mike Point/WireImage/Getty Images

After first trying his hand at a rap career (which failed), Knight began to intern for an animation company, and it was there that he finally found his passion. Since then, Knight has become a much-acclaimed animator, working on films like CoralineThe BoxtrollsParanorman, and Kubo and the Two Strings, which was nominated for an Academy Award.

14. Delphine Arnault

Company: LVMH (Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy)

Estimated Net Worth: Unknown

Delphine Arnault has been referred to all over the fashion world as “Fashion’s First Daughter” — and that’s because she kind of is. This heiress is the first daughter of Bernard Arnault, the owner of LVMH and a person who is widely regarded to be the richest man in France. And with a portfolio that includes Moët Hennessy and Louis Vuitton, it’s no wonder why.

Delphine Arnault heirs and heiressesDelphine Arnault heirs and heiresses
Peter Kramer/Getty Images/Francois Durand/Getty Images for Dior

But Arnault has not just rested on her family name. She herself has been appointed as the executive vice president of Louis Vuitton, and served as deputy managing director of Christian Dior. She’s also been known to be the behind-the-scenes face to the company, working to win over the hottest, most up-and-coming designers in order to keep her family brand fresh and relevant.

15. Ariana Rockefeller

Company: Standard Oil

Estimated Net Worth: $2.8 billion

A list of the wealthiest heirs and heiresses in the world would not be complete without a Rockefeller on the list. As the great-great-granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller, known to be one of the richest people in modern history, Ariana Rockefeller has enjoyed some of the finer things in life…in moderation.

Ariana Rockefeller heirs and heiressesAriana Rockefeller heirs and heiresses

Even growing up as the heiress to the Standard Oil fortune, this Rockefeller said that she had to keep detailed records of her allowances and where she spent them. “The message was, a dollar is a dollar and to value that and to put a lot of value on hard work and enjoyment of life,” Rockefeller said in an interview with CNBC.

16. Balthazar Getty

Company: Getty Oil

Estimated Net Worth: $200 million

Balthazar Getty has been an actor in movies like Lord of the Flies, he’s been a fashion designer, and he’s been a DJ. But no matter what career he takes on, this heir is most known for being a member of the Getty family and the “wild child of America’s most dysfunctional dynasty”, according to the Evening Standard.

Balthazar Getty heirs and heiressesBalthazar Getty heirs and heiresses
Flickr/Mike Mozart/Michael Buckner/Getty Images

But after years of trying to escape his family’s name, he told The Standard that he is finally willing to embrace it. “I’ve gotten more comfortable with who I am, where I come from, being a Getty,” he said. “I don’t see it any more as something I have to run from.”

17. Eve Jobs

Company: Apple

Estimated Net Worth: Unknown

With a name like Eve Jobs, we would guess that it would be pretty hard for this daughter of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs not to live up to the family name. But for the most part, Eve has managed to stay out of the spotlight as she has grown up.

Eve Jobs heirs and heiressesEve Jobs heirs and heiresses
Scott Barbour/Getty Images/Instagram/@evecjobs

The more private of the Jobs children, Eve has enrolled in Stanford University and has become a pretty accomplished equestrian, even competing against Bill Gate’s daughter, Jennifer. And while we aren’t exactly certain as to how much her net worth is, the entire family is expected to be worth about $20 billion.

18. Dylan Lauren

Company: Ralph Lauren

Estimated Net Worth: $50 million

Dylan Lauren can be recognized from both of her names. As a Lauren, has grown up as the daughter of famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren. But some might recognize her from her first name, Dylan, as in the owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar a.k.a “the largest candy store in the world.”

Dylan Lauren heirs and heiressesDylan Lauren heirs and heiresses
Robert Alexander/Archive Photos/Getty Images/John Sciulli/WireImage/Getty Images

And it seems that this Lauren always knew that she was destined to start an empire of her own. When she was just 16, her father wanted to name a Ralph Lauren perfume “Dylan” after his daughter, but Dylan refused. Instead, she wanted him to save the name for when she built a brand herself.

19. Petra Ecclestone

Company: Formula One

Estimated Net Worth:$400 million

Petra Ecclestone is living a life that most people could only dream of. This heiress is the daughter of a former Armani model and the billionaire founder of Formula One. She lives a lavish life, with hobbies that include collecting Hermès Birkin bags that cost tens of thousands of dollars. And that is not even the most impressive part.

Petra Ecclestrone heirs and heiressesPetra Ecclestrone heirs and heiresses
Drew Gibson/Getty Images/Instagram/@sampalmerofficial

Ecclestone spends vacations aboard her family’s $30 million, 176-foot yacht, and her “normal days” living in one of her many multi-million dollar properties around the world. Her home in LA, known as The Manor, was eventually sold for $119.7 million, making it the most expensive property sale in the history of California at the time it was sold.

20. Paris Hilton

Company: Hilton Hotels

Estimated Net Worth: $300 million

Honestly, would a list of the world’s top heirs and heiresses be complete without mention of Paris Hilton? We think not. Even with a great-grandfather who founded the Hilton Hotels, this heiress and socialite has managed to make her own name practically as recognizable as the family brand itself.

Paris Hilton heirs and heiressesParis Hilton heirs and heiresses
Robert Alexander/Getty Images/Instagram/@parishilton

Hilton started gracing magazine pages as a model, but it was not before long that she began making it into the tabloids as a fixture of her own. In the early 2000s, Hilton was known to be Hollywood’s “It Girl” before eventually becoming a reality TV star, releasing a few songs, creating a perfume line, and somehow along the way recording her own cooking show.

21. Peter Brant II

Company: White Birch Paper Co.

Estimated Net Worth: $2 million

For any Gossip Girl fans out there, we’ve found who we are calling the Real Life Chuck Bass. From his fashion choices, to his social media pages that depict a life of jetsetting, to the sensational headlines he’s managed to generate, Peter Brant II has cemented himself in all the right ultra-wealthy, elite, socialite circles.

Peter Brant heirs and heiressesPeter Brant heirs and heiresses
Mark Kolbe/Getty Images/Instagram/@petermbrant

Peter is the eldest child of his father, Peter Brant, who just so happens to own the colossal White Birch Paper Company. Alongside his brother, Harry, the two launched a unisex makeup line for MAC called “Brant Brothers”. No wonder the New York Times once dubbed them “the new princes” of NYC.

22. Sam Logan

Company: E.W. Scripps Co.

Estimated Net Worth: $1 million

Sam Logan was first introduced to MTV audiences as a cast member of the show Siesta Key, and between his incredible collection of sports cars, his family’s private plane, and his gigantic yacht, fans quickly began to wonder how this teenager made his fortune.

Sam Logan hgtvSam Logan hgtv
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery/Instagram/@Sam_jlo

It turns out that Sam Logan’s mother, Elizabeth, inherited part-ownership of her family’s company, Scripps Networks, which operates television channels like the Food Network, HGTV, DIY Network, and the Travel Channel, just to name a few. And while we do not know exactly how much money Logan has, let’s just say that Scripps was bought for $14.6 billion in 2018. So we’ll guess the number is pretty high.

23. Virginie Courtin-Clarins

Company: Clarins

Estimated Net Worth: Unknown

Olivier Courtin-Clarins and Christian Courtin-Clarins, the two brothers behind the skincare brand Clarins, are said to have a combined net worth of over $2.2 billion. And while each brother has two daughters, their fortunes are set to be split up among the four cousins, including Virginie Courtin-Clarins.

Virginie Courtin-Clarins heirs and heiressesVirginie Courtin-Clarins heirs and heiresses
Flickr/thinkretail/Petroff/Dufour/Getty Images

Virginie was called a “French It Girl” by W Magazine. And she seems to be quite the jetsetter as well, flying between her hometown of Paris and her sister’s hometown in New York City. Together, the two siblings have become staples of Fashion Week shows, often mistaken as models themselves. In her free time, she’s even started her own swimsuit line, called Luz.

24. Lynsi Snyder

Company: In-N-Out Burger

Estimated Net Worth: $3 billion

Lynsi Snyder was born into this world as the sole heir to one of America’s favorite burger brands: In-N-Out Burgers. And now, she’s gained control of the multi-billion dollar franchise. In fact, for her 35th birthday, Snyder inherited the entire company, becoming its sole owner. Now that’s what we call a birthday present.

Lynsi Snyder heirs and heiressesLynsi Snyder heirs and heiresses

The reclusive owner has been known to keep a relatively low profile. She’s only granting extremely rare interviews every once in a while. She is now married to Sean Ellington, who actually was himself a former employee of In-N-Out Burgers. In her free time, Snyder is known to take part in drag racing events.

25. Megan Ellison

Company: Oracle

Estimated Net Worth: $200 million

Megan Ellison might have originally started her career being known as the daughter to billionaire Oracle Corporation Chairman Larry Ellison, but she’s carved out a place for herself in Los Angeles in her own right. In 2011, her passion for film led her to launch Annapurna Pictures.

Megan Ellison heirs and heiressesMegan Ellison heirs and heiresses
Scott Olson/Getty Images/Instagram/@megan_e_ellison

Since then, she has produced for films like Zero Dark ThirtyHerAmerican Hustle, and Phantom Thread, all of which earned her Oscar nods. In 2014, Ellison was the first woman to receive two Academy Award nominations for Best Picture in the very same year. Just a few years later, she won the Women in Motion Award at Cannes.

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