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Some may think money is the root of all evil but used wisely, money can bring joy and peace. You can readily change your outlook about your finances and quality of life, once you harness money as a tool. Travel the world, take classes to learn a new skill, or pay off old debts to bring a smile to your face. The world is yours, once you realize how you can use your money to bring your desires to fruition.

Financial freedom

Being in debt sucks, but you can use your money to improve your credit score and get back in the black. Look over your spending habits, recurring expenses, and current cash flow. Take active steps to pay down what you owe over a set period of time, and get back control over your life and finances.

Every Buck Counts

If you need more money, spend time on building your skill sets so you bring more value at work. Get a side hustle, and use the additional income to give yourself more financial security and flexibility.

Cash out for experiences

Money is not only for paying rent, bills, and food, but living life to the fullest. Get a change of scenery with a vacation out of the country. Indulge in a shopping spree to celebrate life’s small victories.

Check out that restaurant that just opened, or upgrade your living space. There’s nothing wrong with spending money to treat yourself, improve your mood, and create memories.

Born to give

You earn it, spend it, and save it, but there is always room for giving it too. Money is like blood, as it must circulate in different sectors of our economy. Pay things forward by donating some of your income to organizations that support your values, or give to individuals as you see fit.

Donate a minimum of $250 annually and you can apply that amount as a tax write off. Put more money in your wallet, help others, and send out positive vibes.