Unsplash/Paige Cody

Who doesn’t love the idea of making extra cash without leaving the comfort and convenience of your home? These days, almost everyone has a side hustle. Different from a second job, side hustles allow you to set your own hours and earn as much — or as little — as you want. Find out how to earn some additional funds with minimal effort.

At-home web dev

Working as a web developer or web designer is lucrative no matter where you are. Do it from home and offer competitive prices, however, and you’ll soon have more projects than you can handle. Target a niche that wants what you can do, even if it’s just mommy bloggers dying for a customized WordPress layout.

Open up an Etsy shop

Do you paint lovely little watercolors? Maybe you quilt or crochet. Perhaps you craft divine pieces of jewelry out of old scrap metal. Turn your talents into an e-commerce opportunity. You don’t even have to launch your own store website unless that’s what you want to do. Opening a store on Etsy is perfectly sufficient, and it exposes you to millions of quirky shoppers with an eye for the homemade.

Try your hand at writing

Creating and curating online content is a dream job. As long as you can write a halfway decent sentence and know your way around the rules of punctuation and grammar, you can set up a substantial side hustle. You have the option to write for other people or launch your own blog, although those take longer to monetize.

YouTube it

YouTube creators can make bank. You need to have some kind of shtick, whether you’re reviewing video games or makeup. Build up an audience, however, and you may eventually get the chance to partner with YouTube. The money you make on ad views is nothing to sneeze at, either.

Become a virtual assistant

If you have excellent organizational and time management skills but no money, put those talents to work for someone else. Consider becoming a personal assistant on a digital scale. Virtual assistants schedule appointments, order lunches, book plane tickets, and do everything else a personal assistant does — they just don’t have to leave their homes.

What’s your side hustle? How do you make extra cash?