Lock your valuables

When you ride up and down the boardwalk, it’s important to have a place to lock up your bike in case you need to go somewhere you can’t take it. So while most beaches have a rack nearby for people to lock up their rides, some use the bike rack for other things…

In this case, a random beach-goer decided to use the bike rack to lock up their pair of sandals. The sandals don’t actually look all too expensive. In fact, they’re probably less expensive than the cost of the unnecessarily large lock. But hey, better safe than sorry, right?

Runway ready

Some pictures are taken at just the right moment. This is certainly one of them. This adorable dog was caught standing on its hind legs, with its ears high up in the air, blowing in the wind. This pup looks like it’s ready to strut its stuff down a runway at a fashion show!

If this picture were taken a second later, the dog would probably be back on all fours like any other canine companion. But, instead, the photographer ended up with perhaps the greatest photo he or she has ever taken. That photographer definitely deserves a raise after this picture!

Found his beach

Laying out in the sun without sunscreen is never a good idea, especially for those who are starting to feel sleepy. One unlucky beach-goer learned that lesson the hard way, falling asleep holding a bottle on his chest. The result was amazing: A sunburn that perfectly outlines his hand and drink like it was painted on his chest.

That’s gotta hurt! One can only imagine how painful it would be to step in the shower with a sunburn as red as this one. At least this guy can take solace in the fact that his drink prevented a sunburn on a tiny part of his body!

Going bananas

Most beaches aren’t known to have any wildlife on the shore, especially not wildlife that generally inhabits the jungle. So when one tourist was spending a vacation day at the beach, she was shocked to see a group of monkeys come and greet her out in shallow water.

It looks like this woman is holding some bananas in her hands, which explains why all the monkeys are going crazy! Maybe they weren’t even the near the beach, but the smell of the bananas lured them away from their home and out towards the ocean! Either way, it made for a great photo opportunity!

Sweet tooth

There’s no better snack for a beach day than a nice, cold ice cream cone. Beach-goers love to eat ice cream, which is why there seems to be a stand at almost every popular beach. But what happens when you lose track of your frozen treat for a split second? The result is rarely what people hope for.

In this case, a curious seagull decided to not only steal some ice cream, but also photo-bomb a picture of the cone! This seagull ruined the food AND photo in one fell swoop. What an accomplishment — some might describe it as killing two birds with one cone!

Crashing the party

The beach is a perfect place to host a party. Beach-goers love to cook out on grills, making hamburgers and hot dogs to enjoy with a view. But they always need to be on the lookout when they cook, as seagulls loom in the distance.

In this picture, it looks like the party is cancelled! Seagulls flew down from above to steal the food from the table, causing the party-goers to spill their drinks everywhere! This picture is chaos in its purest form.

Hopefully this party brought some extra food, because they might get hungry soon with all of the unaccounted guests!

Built for comfort

Sand is comfortable, but not as comfortable as a couch. Two resourceful women decided to go to the beach and take advantage of this insightful relaxation knowledge. So, naturally, they brought the perfect item for the occasion: A couch, equipped with a pull-out mattress!

This is genius on many levels, with the primary being that by sitting on a couch, sand won’t get all over their clothes! There’s also the added benefit of resting drinks on the armrests and using the pull-out mattress for maximum laziness.

One question, though: How did these ladies get the couch down to the beach?

Horseback rider

Horses are a rare sight on the beach, aside from the occasional tour-operated horseback rides at vacation destinations. So when two guys went to a beach where tourists embark on these rides, they had an idea. What if they had a horseback ride of their own?

Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like. It’s a grown man on top of another grown man in a horse mask, trying to fit in with the group of vacationers in ridiculous fashion! It’s a pretty hilarious prank, and it makes for an even better picture. Hopefully none of the horses got startled too bad — otherwise, these two could be in some trouble!

Words of wisdom

Because beaches are public property, there are a lot of rules to follow. To enforce those rules, signs often let people know what is and isn’t allowed. One city official had some fun with one sign at a local beach that’s as a confusing as it is hilarious.

Telling people not to wear sunglasses at night seems like a pretty big waste of time, but maybe there are some people out there who are insistent on wearing sunglasses in the dark. Either way, the phrasing of this sign makes it hilarious. It’s also funny to think that some people need to be reminded not to wear sunglasses at night!

Too quick

Birds can be a nuisance at the beach, but it’s not limited to only seagulls. There are plenty of hungry animals that want to steal food from strangers, especially when the food is delicious. One unsuspecting beach-goer learned that lesson the hard way when she was taking a photo of her fresh donut.

This nosy stork will not let you take a picture of your food while it’s hungry! For all this stork knows, this lady is flaunting her donut all over the place, asking for someone to eat it! If there’s anything to learn from this list, it’s that taking a picture of your food at the beach is a bad idea.

Sand castle

Beach toys have become wildly popular over the years, but the classic beach bucket still seems to be at the top of the pack, at least when it comes to popularity. Families have found all sorts of uses for the popular toy, but one particular use of the bucket is pretty hilarious.

The photographer is holding the bucket close to the camera, as if it’s big enough to trap the two kids in the photo, while they pretend to be terrified of the bucket! It’s a silly prank, but it’s a good one nevertheless. One thing’s for sure: Posing for a picture like this makes for a memorable photo!

Group photo

People find some pretty interesting things to do while at the beach. Combine that with a desire to take a great photo, and that’s a recipe for something amazing. One group of beach-goers had an incredible idea for a funny photo, and they executed their wonderful plan to perfection.

Carving faces into the sand, this group then stood in a position that would make it look like their shadows have faces! It’s a brilliant idea, and even better execution. If there was a Hall of Fame for most creative photos taken on the beach, this one would definitely make the cut.


Everybody wants to go to the beach. One horse owner wasn’t able to to take their horse to the beach, so they did the next-best thing, dressing their horse up for a day out on the sand. Equipped with a snorkel, inflatable tube and flippers, this horse is ready to go!

The image of a horse dressed up as a “sea-horse” is a pretty hilarious sight. This stallion’s owner certainly has a sense of humor! And by the looks of it, the horse seems to be playing along as well. Maybe they will actually end up going to the beach after all!

Time to unwind

There may be no better feeling of relaxation than finally making it to a lounge chair and laying out by the water. It’s a great way to decompress after a long, stressful day. One toddler knows the feeling all too well and rushed poolside for some solid relaxation time as soon as he got to the resort.

It’s pretty hilarious to see a child laying in a position that’s more popular with adults who are stressed out from work. But, hey, this kid has probably had a lot on his plate lately! As the saying goes, judge not, lest ye be judged!

Kooky nun

Surfing has become a popular beach activity over the years, especially on weekends. On the west coast of the United States, many people take the opportunity to go surfing on their days off. One nun used Sunday to hit up the waves for a post-mass surf session. Good lord, she’s got some moves!

It’s impressive she managed to get into the water in her attire, and it’s equally impressive that she managed to pop up onto a nice wave! Nuns are already known for being some of the kindest, most interesting people on earth. This nun just made nuns look even better than they already do!

Sea monster

The beach is a great place to play games. Beach-goers can play sports on the sand, they can play catch in the water, surf, or make up games of their own! One dad found a pretty fun way to pass the time at the beach that couldn’t be further from any of those options.

Somethings about this pictures says the daughter isn’t having as much fun as her dad. And hey, the look on his daughter’s face says it all! Maybe the seaweed monster has her terrified, or maybe she’s just running away because he’s embarrassing her in front of her friends.

The dog days of summer

There’s nothing better than those perfect summer days where it’s just you and your dog. As the saying goes, dog is man’s best friend. Even if that means you’re there to be your dog’s Instagram parent while it casually strikes a pose in front of a picturesque shoreline and demands you take a photo.

We’re all wondering why this pupper came with a bottle of sunscreen — after all, one would think the coat of hair on its back is good enough — but at least he’s promoting protection from the blistering summer sun. We can all agree on one thing; This Frenchie is doing summer beach days right!

Unexpected surprise

A relaxing beach vacation isn’t complete without a picture to commemorate the incredible experience. But sometimes, an unexpected surprise can turn a good picture into a great one. That’s what happened to this couple, who lined up to take a pretty typical picture in front of the ocean.

Photo-bombed! One sneaky beach-goer decided to have some fun and snuck into the background of the photo, even striking a pose while he was at it! The couple definitely didn’t see this coming, and they’ll be shocked when they turn around! But hey, at least it makes for a good picture. This is definitely one of those photos they’ll never forget.


In recent years, camping on the beach has become a very popular activity. Some beaches have even carved out space for a dedicated RV park and camping site. But when beaches introduce the concept of bringing RVs nearby, trouble is bound to happen. And it happened to one unfortunate RV owner.

What a hilariously tragic photo. This guy hitched his RV to his truck, hoping he’d be able to drive it down the beach. Unfortunately, the tide came up and made it nearly impossible to get out! Now this guy probably has to wait a few hours for the tide to go down before he can drive his stuff out of the water!

Flotation device

It takes true courage to go swimming when you don’t actually know how to swim. But to some, the incredible feeling of being in the ocean trumps any fear of an accident or mishap. And when you don’t own a flotation device, sometimes you need to improvise. This guy came up with a hilariously interesting contraption.

Never have soda bottles been so useful! It’s hard to tell whether this guy is a genius or crazy, because it looks like there’s a good chance those soda bottles wash away pretty quickly. But hey, anything to get in the water — right? There’s no shame in trying.

This is my hat now

Birds have been a staple of this list, and for good reason. Birds — seagulls, in particular — seem to cause trouble for all kinds of people who spend time at the beach. This old-timer was no exception. Apparently, even the act of simply wearing a hat is too much for some seagulls to handle!

Though it seems obvious this guy didn’t provoke the seagull, this looks like an act of retaliation! And the guy is clearly shocked, totally not expecting a random bird to swoop down and grab a hat straight off his head. One could only wonder how far this seagull managed to fly with the hat — and whether it got away!


There’s a reason lifeguard trucks are the only vehicles that are supposed to be able to drive on the beach. Some people just aren’t equipped to drive on the beach, even if they have the right vehicle to do the trick. One driver thought things would be different for him and tried to drive his SUV down the shore. He failed miserably.

It’s hard to say too much about this picture without making fun of the driver. It seems almost impossible to sink a car that deep into the sand, yet there it is! Next time, don’t try to be a hero — stick to driving on a paved road, for your own safety.

Herding the beach

Cattle are a rare sight on the beach, but it’s even rarer to see a ton of cows hanging out on the sand and in the shallow part of the ocean! It’s pretty funny to imagine how the cattle got to the beach, what they’re doing there, and why so many of them are laying down.

Do cows like it when waves crash down on them? Can they tell that there’s an ocean breeze? Do they like the smell of fresh salt water? Who knows, but this makes for a pretty hilarious photo either way! It would be a pretty big shock to run into a herd of cattle on the beach like this!

Made you look!

Kids find all sorts of crazy things to do and shenanigans to get into on the beach. When cameras became popular, the list of things to do on the beach expanded to funny pictures to take. And one kid made it a mission of his to create the funniest photo of all-time.

At first glance, it looks like this kid lost his head — but at second glance, it looks like he got buried! His friend’s positioning is so realistic that it makes the photo look totally believable for a split second! This photo took amazing execution and a great sense of humor — these kids get it.

Face first

Most of the time, people who go to the beach don’t expect to run into animals. Maybe there will be a few seagulls. Maybe a stingray or jellyfish. Generally, people don’t see anything out of the ordinary. But one day, some beach-goers ran into a fascinating creature: A baby elephant.

As if a baby elephant on the beach wasn’t good enough, it was seen with its head buried in the sand, getting a face full of ocean water. Who knows whether elephants should be drinking salt water from the ocean, but it’s a pretty hilarious sight to see! Thankfully, someone had a camera to capture the moment.

I am sorry, Jon

Everyone’s favorite newspaper comic cat, Garfield, seems to have made an appearance at a local beach. It’s pretty rare for a cat to be comfortable around water, but this is one big exception. No one’s really sure why or how he washed ashore, but these ridiculous phones have been littering French beaches for decades.

These plastic phones have apparently been washing ashore since the early ’80s! We have to hand it to this hungry cartoon cat – that sure is a long journey to get to that lasagna! And credit to Garfield, he’s almost there. For our feline friend, it looks like Italy is the next stop on the list!

Making a splash

It’s almost depressing how many cars seem to be buried in the sand on the beach. One genius had a pretty wild idea, in which he’d surprise his friends by driving up to them while they were on the beach. But unfortunately, not only did his plan backfire — he also ruined his car!

What makes matters worse is that his friends don’t even seem to be that surprised by what happened! Instead, it appears as though they either saw it coming all along or are upset that this guy totally wrecked his car! This is yet another reminder that cars are meant for the road, not the ocean.

Fixing the tan

The saying “sun’s out, guns out” has become a mantra for those who want to put on a tank top and get some color on their arms. The vast majority of beach-goers try to get some sun to an extent, whether it’s trying to tan or just getting a little dose of Vitamin D.

But on occasion, suntanning can go too far. So was the case with one beach-goer. This guy spent the entire day in a tank top, but he forgot to put on sunscreen! With a brutal sunburn, he decided to cut his losses and try to get some sun so the rest of his body would match with his arms.


Laying out on a lounge chair at the beach is one of the most relaxing things known to mankind. But as it turn out, relaxation spans far beyond just humans. As it turns out, a local seal decided to give sunbathing a try, and somebody managed to snap a photo of the mammal laying out in the sun.

It’s pretty hilarious to see a seal laying down in a chair as if it’s a human, just like the rest of us! And it’s pretty impressive the seal managed to climb up to the chair, especially considering it doesn’t have any arms or legs! It just goes to show that relaxation is worth the work it takes to get there.

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