YOLO for mug shots

This probably takes the cake for the most hilarious tattoo photo of all time. First off, it’s clearly a mugshot photo with the acronym ‘YOLO’ imprinted on his forehead. We can’t even begin to speculate on this one. It seems like he went out and did something he later regretted.

snake___pit via Instagram

But we’re not sure whether that’s specifically regarding the tattoo, a crime or a combination of both. To be sure, his face definitely says it all. He probably doesn’t even know what century it is either. At least the tattoo wasn’t a complete travesty..or is it?

Alien Batman

Unfortunately, it seems this Batman is an amputee, as he’s clearly missing his entire lower body. This Batman is simply not from this planet, and we mean that in a bad way. He’s clearly not here to save the day. In fact he probably wants to take over humanity.

The Worlds Worst Tattoos via Facebook

In actuality, this tattoo looks more like the woman from Species who would lure unsuspecting men into bed only to reveal her true form–a blood-thirsty alien from outer space. We’ll go out on a limb and assume this wasn’t the intention of the artist.

Leave smiley face emojis where they belong: on your phone

Generation Z is known for many things, including being the most technologically-inclined and versed generation in our lifetime. As a result, they tend to be texting on their phones on a frequent basis using emojis like smiley faces to convey their emotions.

snake___pit via Instagram

But that is meant for your cell phone and instant messaging platforms (as well as social media). However, that wasn’t told to this guy, who seems to likely have a habit of not taking advice from his peers. It seems like he would have been given a benefit of not having to be embarrassed if he would have been more attentive.

For the love of Crocs

Why would someone want to get a tattoo of a Croc sandal cemented on their skin? Not only do they lack in style from a fashion standpoint, but it’s arguably (or not) worse to get it engraved on the surface of your skin. This basically screams to the world that this person doesn’t have any fashion sense.

snake___pit via Instagram

The irony of this of course is how it’s basically a perfect drawing of a Croc sandal. But again, we question the reasoning -as with every other example on this list- as to why this was thought to be a good idea.

Can you spot the Little Dipper?

Yes, believe it or not, this tattoo was supposed to depict actual stars in space. Instead, it turned out to look more like little hair sprouts. And hey, we’re not here to say that’s wrong, but considering this was likely not the artist’s intention, we’re quite simply astounded by the awful rendering of the design.

macsimilian via Reddit

It literally looked like the person took a Sharpie marker -or a pen- and simply made little dot marks all over her neck area. We just hope this person didn’t charge insanely high rates because this is certainly a nominee for worst tattoo of all time.

Marilyn Monroe is rolling over in her grave

Considering it can be surmised that virtually every single Marilyn Monroe picture in popular culture is somewhat flawless, this picture is definitely doing a disservice to her as well as every Monroe fan out there. But hey, at least it has its humorous aspects, albeit completely unintended.

User via Imgur

Our first reaction is, of course, what happened to this poor woman? It looks as if the roses are attacking her and she’s desperately trying to get away as fast as possible. This is definitely a  candidate for one of the more humorous options we’ve seen thus far on this list.

Total Recall gone wrong?

We are honestly not sure what to make of this picture. Your guess is as good as ours, but we will try to take a stab at what this could possibly be in any event. In some ways, this appalling alien-like figure looks something akin to what we saw in the 1990s movie Total Recall.

The Worlds Worst Tattoos via Facebook

Whatever it is, we’re sure Arnold Schwarzenegger would most likely “terminate” it immediately, much to the betterment of society to be sure. But as to what this literal picture actually means, we have no idea other than to say it looks like some sort of grotesque baby crawled out of a sewer. 

He did it, and probably regretted it

The most glaring issue with this tattoo is the obvious butchering of the Nike logo sign. Now to be fair, it’s not quite the easiest symbol to draw, but it’s also not the hardest either. But that aside, this person simply did a terrible job of trying to replicate it.

snake___pit via Instagram

One of our immediate questions goes to how much money this person had to pay in order to get his done. Let’s just hope the total wasn’t anywhere near $10. But as the general rule goes: the larger the design, the more expensive it tends to be.

Ryan Gosling crabs are the worst

This is truly an appalling sight, even for the non-Ryan Gosling fans out there. And for the avid Gosling fans, we can only feel sorry that you have to see this grotesque -but slightly hilarious- image. The best question we could come up with is: what was this person thinking?

snake___pit via Instagram

Who would’ve guessed Gosling would have a potent venom not to be messed with? Well, he could’ve fooled us. This actually looks like something created out of a South Park episode. But hey, if this was done for comedic -and not literal- purposes, then we’re all for it, because it gave us a good laugh.

The virtues of “patients”

The old saying that ‘patience is a virtue’ seems to have went completely over the head of whoever decided to get this tattoo. That or maybe they simply cannot spell “patience” correctly. We’re going to go with the latter on this one; and you’ll see this will become a recurring trend on this list.

PatrioticAnonymous via Reddit

We could of course make a giant stretch -thereby giving this person the benefit of the doubt- and assume they work in the healthcare field. Therefore, they take care of patients on a consistent basis. However, this of course is highly unlikely.

That’s one way to spread COVID-19 awareness

Perilous times sometimes bring out the worst decision-making in people. This example is certainly no exception to that. On the positive side, at least this person is bringing some degree of awareness when they go out in public. The question is, what happens when this pandemic finally dissipates?

snake___pit via Instagram

At that point, it would seem rather pointless to have ‘COVID-19’ emblazoned on your forehead. Although you could make the argument that this will be remembered for quite sometime and the tattoo would serve as a visual reminder. In any case, it’s a curious decision to say the least.

An owl-dog?

Did the artist in question decide halfway through the sketch to turn the image into a dog? Or did they mean for it to be a hybrid between an owl and a canine? It is certainly -by far- one of the worst sketches we’ve seen on this list or in any of our lifetimes, too.

snake___pit via Instagram

Whatever it is, it probably wishes it wasn’t in existence in any form. This is what happens when you give too much power to humanity. We get careless or curious and end up creating something that shouldn’t see the light of day.

“Jimmy” Seinfeld or his fictional brother?

What’s funny about this is that the actual Jerry Seinfeld does not have any brothers for siblings. In fact, he only has one sibling whose name is Carolyn Liebling. But that aside, how could someone misspell the name ‘Jerry’ so flagrantly?

snake___pit via Instagram

Or at the very least, why not so some very menial research and find the spelling of his name? Perhaps the ‘artist’ was so ignorant that they always assumed the actual spelling. The world will never know. On the plus side, the actual rendering doesn’t look too bad.

The Beatles or something else…

This picture was reportedly taken during a hot dog eating contest, which probably serves as the perfect backdrop for somebody who would actually go out of their way to to get a poorly-done Beatles tattoo sketch on his back. And hey, we’re not saying the Beatles are a bad band.

The Worlds Worst Tattoos via Facebook

In fact, we think the opposite. If anything, this guy is doing a disservice to arguably one of the best bands of all time. If you are going to get inked with a tattoo commemorating the legendary Beatles, then it better look good. Yeah, that didn’t happen here.

Some sayings just aren’t meant to be inked

It’s one thing to get a saying that is repeated over and over again all the time. It’s quite another to get it inked on your back. You would think that would be an easy process for a tattoo artist, because it requires very little exertion from a designer aspect.

The Worlds Worst Tattoos via Facebook

Apparently, that wasn’t the case for this artist. It’s a true marvel to see someone screw up what should be an easy process for even the most amateur tattoo designer. Maybe this person will think twice or at least do better research on the artist before going through buying.

Jesus would not be amused

There are so many things wrong with this design that we simply have no words. But in any event, we will try our best to diagnose the many problems here. First of all, why is Jesus’ head next to the bottom of someone’s heels?

The Worlds Worst Tattoos via Facebook

It seems like some people may take offense to this. But that aside, why did the artist decide to give him green eyes but leave the rest of his face with no coloring? Your guess is as good as ours, which will probably be a recurring theme on this list.

He still lives on in our hearts…and on our bodies

This person is obviously a huge fan of Tupac Shakur, a former rapper who saw the heights of his prominence soar to even greater heights during the 1990s. However, the rendering of his face would probably be enough to make him roll over in his grave.

The Worlds Worst Tattoos via Facebook

There is no coloring, which would have actually been the easiest part of this. But putting that aside, this person looks nothing like him. We can only feel bad for the person who got this tattoo, but then again, they probably didn’t do their research beforehand. In which case, they get none of our sympathy. 

When Toad goes through the frying pan

For those who don’t know, the tattoo in question is supposed to be a representation of Toad from the Mario video game series. However, this seems to be an iteration of something else entirely. It looks like Toad was thrown into an oven and then taken out after a solid hour.

The Worlds Worst Tattoos via Facebook

It honestly just looks downright painful to us; and many of the tattoos on this list seem to have that in common. It honestly looks like it would be on the prowl for taking all of our collective souls.

The worst tattoo ever?

We take it back, this might be the worst tattoo ever made. We admit, though, this person had some guts to show up at a bar with no shirt on. Or maybe it’s one of those kinds of bars where this would be encouraged. Either way, we’re not entirely sure given the lack of evidence.

User via Imgur

Although in hindsight, we’re more convinced this may have been taken at the tattoo parlor. And if that were the case, who in their right mind would let this person draw a tattoo on them? Your guess, as per usual, is as good as ours.

That clock didn’t look quite right…

Clocks have maintained their importance for, you know, throughout human history. We use them as a way to measure the equivocal concept of time. Therefore, we need them to be as accurate as possible to prepare for the impending temporal seasons and other existential reasons.

User via Imgur

Well, apparently this guy didn’t get that memo. If you look on the right side of the nautical clock tattoo, the third numeral is repeated twice. Who knows, maybe this was intentional. Perhaps three-o-clock is his favorite time during the day.

Jesus would probably not approve

There seems to be a recurring theme here where some religious people try to imply piety while showing the opposite. Our immediate question is why would someone choose to get this kind of tattoo above her chest region of all places?

chevroletstyleline via Reddit

After all, the human body offers plenty of surface area (in some cases more than others), so why this specific region? And more pertinently, why this specific tattoo? The latter question will most likely always baffle us.

The ‘Fallout’ after this tattoo was made…

For those who are familiar with the ‘Fallout’ video game series, they will know that this rendering of what is the series’ label is simply atrocious. Hey, to the esoteric gaming community, this would at least look pretty cool to them in all likelihood. But to the general community, not so much.

Skittleone via Reddit

In any case, from a purely objective standpoint, the artist is missing some crucial fill-in parts of the picture, which would be presumably the easiest portion of the drawing, too. This leads us to wonder as to the questionable work ethic of these ‘artists’ on this list. 

Conflicting messages

In keeping with the spirit of nautically-themed tattoos, we chose this example as a truly peculiar one. After all, when someone sees an anchor, they are inclined to think that it is trying to imply a sense of solidarity and being grounded in one’s thought process to some extent.

pattiecolvin23 via Buzzfeed

But the text of the tattoo conveys the opposite with the phrase ‘refuse to sink’. This is in contrast to the obvious point that an anchor is designed to sink and keep a boat in one place in virtually any place in the ocean. It seems like this person doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on on a daily basis.

Jesus is still facepalming

Of course we would be remiss to not mention yet another theme of a religious tattoo gone horribly wrong. In fact, this tattoo is so bad we couldn’t tell whether it was trying to depict Jesus or somebody else. You could probably make any guess you’d like and there would be a chance of it fitting that description.

Tsunamibash via Reddit

What’s truly mind-boggling is how this figure is probably one of the easiest to draw even for the most amateur tattoo artist. Yet this was too much to ask for this person; and you would probably be right to assume that any drawing would be hard for them in general.

Who knew the Raiders were so ‘RAD’?

It’s known as the classic tattoo mishap when someone mistakenly misspelled the desired phrase or word to be tattooed on one’s skin for the presumptive remainder of their lives. So to that end, you would think there would be a certain degree of precaution or research on the artist prior to having these designs inked.

snake____pit via Instagram

Of course, this is not how you spell the NFL team ‘Raiders’. It should also be mentioned they aren’t particularly known for being ‘radd’ either, adding insult to injury. The Raiders’ persona has always been mean and gritty, which is a pretty standard fact in the NFL. 

The eye(s) of the tiger aren’t looking good

This basically looks like a tiger that went to the plastic surgeon to get some markups done on its face and fur, only to come to an appalling conclusion that would have resulted in the complete abandonment of its friends. Of course, this is a hypothetical, but that’s basically what it looks like to us.

snake___pit via Instagram

Its eyes are clearly out of alignment with each other, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as the saying goes. With normal tigers, the stripes are supposed to be in somewhat of an alignment with each other, too. But that’s not the case here either.

Poor decisions were made

What’s truly hilarious is that this tiger rendering is probably the best one on this list, but that isn’t saying much when you take a look at the complete lack of artistic talent on this page. Suffice it to say, we’ll give this artist a few compliments before roasting it for all its worth (or lack thereof).

snake___pit via Instagram

First off, the teeth are proportional and very well executed, as well as the hair. But it’s missing a full side of its whiskers as well as a complete disfigurement of its chin area, too. Although we’ve seen much worse, this isn’t anything to be proud of.

A Chinese dragon on mushrooms

How do you even begin to describe what can only be thought of as a violent scribble on skin? This thing looks like it was meant to be a dragon, but it ended up looking something like a demented snake with irregularly shaped scales.

snake___pit via Instagram

We’re not sure who to feel sorry for most, the actual dragon or the person who got this inked for the rest of their lives. But we concluded on the former, because it didn’t asked to be portrayed this way. While the person got what they asked for, given there was very little thought put into it.

So many poor decisions were made

The thought-making process going into this tattoo was most likely to be non-existent. Why on earth would someone want to have a baby face engulfing a sock on their body for the rest of their life? Well, the answer might be simpler than you think.

snake___pit via Instagram

It’s safe to assume that people who choose to get tattoos like this have given up on life in all likelihood, or they live in a community that shares the same grievances. After all, if a single male tried to pick up a woman with this tattoo, he wouldn’t get too far.

Who needs shoes?

Let’s hope this person doesn’t assume that having a shoe-like tattoo means they won’t have to wear shoes in public, especially during a pandemic. It’s certainly not the most sanitary practice in the world, but that either didn’t occur to the subject in question, or they simply didn’t care at the time.

snake___pit via Instagram

Given the atrocious design and concept of the result, we are going to assume the answer is the former, because it simply confounds us to think someone would actually go through with getting this. Our faith in humanity is falling fast.

Poor tiger…thing

Here is yet another tiger that was done by an amateur artist who has never seen a tiger in their life, in all likelihood. For starters, it has an apparent lazy eye that’s hard to ignore. Also, why is its head dwarfing the rest of its body? We can only speculate as to the sheer amount of problems with this rendering.

snake___pit via Instagram

But hey, we’ll give them credit on the stripes–as those didn’t turn out too poorly. Although we also have to question why the tail is also disproportionate to the rest of its body, too. So many questions, so little time.

Scooby Doo? Scooby Don’t

This guy really went all-in. Fully committed to the Scooby Doo lifestyle. While some people spend years agonizing over a chest piece, we’re gonna go out on a limb and guess this human canvas was a little more spontaneous. Sure, Scooby Doo does contain a lot of great pearls of wisdom blanketed in a kitsch 70’s animated form. Be careful, however, when going full Scooby Send. Bad things can happen. Ruh-Ro!

A man shows his full-chest tattoo reading "Scooby doo taught us that the real monsters were always human. The moment I will stop loving Scooby Doo will be the moment i will stop breathing"A man shows his full-chest tattoo reading "Scooby doo taught us that the real monsters were always human. The moment I will stop loving Scooby Doo will be the moment i will stop breathing"
Via Reddit

Maybe more troubling than the art or the content? The lack of capitalisation on the proper noun “I” in the text. It would be a lot easier to stomach this ink with proper grammar. But maybe we’re missing the point. Or maybe not.

Nothing Else Mattress

Metallica’s epic 1991 ballad “Nothing Else Matters” is a heavy metal classic. However, Melattica’s song “Nothing Else Mattress” doesn’t exist. Or maybe it does, in the form of an ad jingle for some mattress retailer with an awesome sense of humor? However you look at it, this tattoo is hilarious and we totally agree with the sentiment. Nothing else does mattress.

Tattoo reads "Metallica nothing else mattress"Tattoo reads "Metallica nothing else mattress"
Via Reddit

Maybe this person was also a big fan of the Sci-Fi classic “The Mattress” or the Urkle star-vechile “Family Mattress.” We can’t really be sure. Either way, throw some horns and headbang to some Melattica for this one. Super metal!

Cool Cat

The art of drawing with perspective took thousands of years to develop. For ages, human beings could only portray the world in crude two-dimensional representations. This tattoo artist seems to be harkening to that bold tradition. The cat’s legs, uhh, don’t look quite right. Also, something about that two-wheeled skateboard looks kinda suss.

Tattoo shows crude drawing of a cat with sunglasses riding a skateboard with two wheelsTattoo shows crude drawing of a cat with sunglasses riding a skateboard with two wheels
Via Reddit

At least no one can accuse this cat of not living their best life. Clad in sunglasses and entirely missing a nose, this feline tattoo says… well, we’re not sure what it says. What it definitely doesn’t say is “I paid a talented professional tattoo artist to do this ink.” Nope, def. not. 


Is that Arnold?!? No. No, it’s not. This tattoo was clearly going for realism but fell a bit short. It looks a little like the blurry lovechild of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vin Diesel. Or maybe a Sly Stalone deepfake. It takes us right back to the classic 1987 movie “Predator.” Not because it actually looks like Arnold, but more because it reminds us of a terrifying jungle filled with alien forces…

Tattoo of Arnold SchwarzeneggerTattoo of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Via Reddit

There’s a slight mismatch in the level of care taken in drawing the face and body on this piece. Which is better? Both. Neither. Neither and both? Yikes. Perhaps even more glaring – what is going on with the proportions of the hands there? Truly a horror movie, for sure.

Don’t Pass Out

It’s hard to argue with this logic. The gag here is a pretty obvious one, as it’s unlikely you would be able to sleep through a tattooing session while passed out. However, it’s still worth a good laugh. In this case, tattoos aren’t the real danger… that’s what sharpies are for. Any frat boy can tell you that much.

Tattoo reads "Make your own rules: 1. Never pass out 2. -----------Tattoo reads "Make your own rules: 1. Never pass out 2. -----------
Via Reddit

While “2” was left intentionally blank for the gag, maybe it’s just good forward thinking. By planning to have some more rules, the owner of this funny tattoo can leave the door open for more personal growth and learning. For instance, maybe 2 will eventually read “Don’t get a tattoo that seems funny freshman year”, or maybe not.

All Fudged Up

While the intent here was clear, the execution was less, umm, artful. In fact, it seems like it got pretty FUBAR (Fudged Up Beyond All Recognition.) Or maybe this ink commemorates a fallen Keebler elf. It’s a mystery. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be fudge covered. Actually, yeah, nah. That doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Tattoo reads "Only God Can Fudge Me"Tattoo reads "Only God Can Fudge Me"
Via Reddit

Again, it’s important to stress that this person may be a confectioner or a chocolatier. Still, we can’t really imagine Willy Wonka rockin’ this ink. Devotion and faith never

Wolf Pack

So, what you see here is obvious. We’ve got a wolf on the left side, check. On the right side, we have… Wait, what the heck is even that? To keep that ironic hipster wolf t-shirt vibe going after you take off your t-shirt, you can always go for a wolf tattoo. Just make sure it actually looks like, you know, a wolf.

Poorly drawn tattoo shows two wolves howlingPoorly drawn tattoo shows two wolves howling
Via Reddit

The whole open mouth + angle thing clearly threw the tattoo artist for a bit of a loop here. The thing on the right kind of looks like the mask from the 1996 classic “Scream.” Let’s just give this one the benefit of the doubt. Wolf and Scream. Yep. That’s the ticket!

Scrabble Ink

When deciding on a text-based tattoo, it’s always a good plan to make sure it can only be read one way. If you go for the junior jumble style, bad things can happen. For instance, this fine example. While the intent seems to have been “PASSIONATE EVERYTHING”, we can also spot “*sshat” “Hate” and “*rgy” which probably wasn’t by design. Or… was it? DUN DUN DUN!!!

Woman dislpays full-chest tattoo with a jumble of lettersWoman dislpays full-chest tattoo with a jumble of letters
Via Reddit

It’s also a good reminder. Releasing balloons is a bad idea – even tattoo balloons. The real ones can harm the ecosystem, and the ink ones can result in an epic tattoo fail. Don’t be like this woman. Proofread your ink before you have an “*sshat *rgy” situation going on.

May the farce be with you

Star Wars is one of the most popular and enduring franchises in cinema history. Sitting at the core of the Star Wars universe was the late Carrie Fisher. Her timeless portrayal of a strong take-no-guff Princess Leia is an indelible piece of film history. This tattoo honors her, umm, stunt double?

Poorly drawn tattoo of Princess LeahPoorly drawn tattoo of Princess Leah
Via Reddit

An example of the phrase “Close, but no cigar” in tattoo form, this highly detailed attempt at capturing Princess Leia’s likeness is a noble attempt. It may have missed the mark by a few light-years (or parsecs if you’re into that kinda thing) but it’s the thought that counts. Calling rebel base… calling rebel base…