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If you’re new to the workforce, interested in a career change or are just entering college, it can be helpful to learn more about the careers that are currently in the most demand for those with bachelor degrees. If you’re passionate about a career or industry, it’s important to know what your job prospects will be like and how much growth potential you have. Job opportunities run on the principals of supply and demand. When you’re a coveted employee you’ll reap the benefits of being an asset to an organization and will have the salary and growth potential to show for it.

In 2019, there are several in-demand jobs in various industries. Nurses, software developers, financial managers, and marketing specialists are just a few of the jobs in the highest demand this year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To determine which jobs are most the coveted, studies look at the number of job opportunities, income growth, and employment numbers. Here are some quick facts about these hot careers and what makes them some of the most in-demand jobs of 2019 and beyond.

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Application software developers

Software engineers run the process of developing software, applications, and programs. Developers work with companies to create and design a system, application, or program. They may also upgrade current systems, monitor the function of programs and create a seamless integration with other company software. A career in software development is sure to be a good idea in the near future. With a major increase in job opportunities, software engineers will be some of the most in-demand employees in the coming years.

Information security analysts

An information security analyst is vital to a company’s security. Analysts create security plans for organizations and protect their systems, networks, and data from breaches and attacks. Information security analysts help fight against cyber attacks, hackers and they are key to the safety of a company. Jobs as an information security analyst are in very high demand. Playing such a vital role in a company helps boost this career to one of the most coveted. A career as an information security analyst is predicted to grow faster than any other occupation by 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Financial managers

A financial manager plans budgets, distributes a company’s financial resources, acts as a support to management through financial advice and more. Their role within a company is to predict trends, review and present financial information, and produce reports. This work helps financial managers enact change and create plans to keep a company’s financial risk low and their profits high. This in-demand career is high paying and highly sought after. With such a big role in a company’s financial success, there is also a lot of job security for a successful manager.


Fundraisers are a great asset to any organization. Leading and developing fundraising campaigns through donors, events, sales, solicitation, and campaigns fundraisers are key to an organization’s financial goals. If you’re a born leader, highly-organized, detail oriented, creative and good with numbers, this career path may be right for you. Fundraisers have seen great growth in their job opportunities in recent years. As their value continues to rise, salaries for fundraisers have also risen.

Marketing specialists

Marketing specialists help companies tackle growth, sales and profits head on. Their main goal is to help a company succeed financially by reaching their customers. A marketing specialist will monitor consumers, predict growth, trends, voids, and habits to help companies plan their sales efforts. Marketing specialists have an important role within an organization and careers in this field will continue to be in high demand.

Market research analysts

Market research analysts will forecast sales, track marketing efforts, rank the effectiveness of a program and collect and analyze a company’s marketing and sales success. In a nutshell, analysts will often take large amounts of data, research, and trends and put them into easy terms for people to understand. They will display the data analyzed with charts, photos, graphs, and reports to help a company plan their marketing efforts. The results they produce can help steer a company onto a more successful path. Jobs in this field will continue to be in high demand and good analysts will be highly sought after and paid accordingly.

Registered nurses

The world will never run out of a need for healthcare providers and registered nurses are among some of the most coveted employees in the industry. With key roles in treating the health and wellness of patients, there are a lot of job opportunities for nurses in all fields. Good nurses have a high level of job security, a lot of advancement opportunities and earn high salaries. Registered nurses will see a huge growth spurt in their demand over the next several years.

Training and development specialists

A specialist in training and development can really help a company’s employees be successful, profitable, efficient and happy. Specialists in this area will asses employee’s skills, needs, and abilities to come up with training and development plans and strategies. Their goal is to make sure employees are properly trained and that their best skills are being showcased. Jobs in this field can be part of a human resource department, or on a consultant basis. Because companies need their employees to be happy, well trained, and productive, specialists in this field are very much in demand. Specialists help with employee retention, talent management and problems that can arise from poor training and high turn-over. With a career in this field, you can have the opportunity to work in many different industries and even as a consultant.