Energy For Life

Financial fights among couples are common. Money factors into the majority of arguments because there’s never enough of it and everything is expensive. Who wants to waste that much energy on a disagreement, let alone with someone you love? Besides, you can change your habits and the way you communicate to make money a non-issue in your relationship.

Transparency from the start

There’s a prevailing belief that talking about money is crass, rude, or taboo. Hogwash. Talk about money all the time. Discuss your spending habits, mention your financial flaws, and share your memories of money from your childhood. Letting your partner understand that you’re frugal because your folks were frequently broke will forestall financial fights.

Weekly CEO meetings

Set aside time each week to discuss your woes and worries about your financial situation. With scheduled time to talk, nothing festers. You’re less likely to resent your partner when you speak openly about what’s bothering you. During your CEO meeting, you can also talk about bills, your various accounts, and money-saving tips that you can try throughout the week.

Balanced budgets

Creating weekly budgets is something else you can do while you have your CEO meetings. Put together a budget for grocery shopping, then design a meal plan for the week. Work out how much you can spend on entertainment, as well as the money you can afford to put in a savings account or IRA.

Accounts and billing

Decide what you want to do about your bank accounts. A money management system can install a variety of fights. For example, why not have a joint account for bills and household expenses, along with activities you do as a couple? Each of you can maintain a separate account for your personal purchases. You’re accountable to each other, but you still have financial freedom, as well.

The first step

Admitting that you have a problem is the first step toward fixing it. It’s crucial to reiterate this point: own your poor spending habits and talk about them often. Go a step further and admit any slip-ups to your partner. It’s okay that you spend too much money on comic books or shoes. You just have to admit it and work to improve.

How often do you fight with your partner about money?