There are a lot of people who carry their entire lives in their wallets. However, that’s actually a very risky move. Wallets are small objects that are commonly misplaced. The last thing that you want is for your wallet to end up in the wrong hands with all of your highly sensitive information inside.

A thief’s dream

Misplacing your wallet is one thing. However, misplacing your wallet with your social security card in it is on another level. Your social security number can be the gateway for thieves to take out loans, open credit cards, and more with your identity. Save yourself a headache. Memorize your number just in case you need it, but leave the card at home.

Don’t make it easy to steal your identity

Birth certificates are also big no-no’s to keep in your wallet. A birth certificate isn’t a form of identification people ask to see randomly. If you need it for a potential job or any important opportunity, you should be given proper notification and time to provide it. If you keep both your birth certificate and social security card in your wallet, you are in for a world of hurt should you ever lose them.

Got credit?

There is no reason for you to carry all of your credit cards in your wallet. Think of the hassle you will endure having to call every credit card company if your wallet is lost or stolen. Instead, only carry the credit card that you would normally use for everyday purchases. Also, carry a second credit card that you can use in the event of an emergency.

Not always in need of a spare

Having a spare key in your wallet may seem harmless if your wallet is lost. However, you have to keep in mind that along with that spare key in your wallet is also your ID that probably contains your address. It is super convenient to have your key in your wallet in the event that you forget your main keys, but it isn’t worth the risk of being robbed in the event that your wallet falls into the wrong hands.

Unnecessary paper

After making a purchase it is very common to stick your credit card and receipt in your wallet. A lot of times those receipts stay in your wallet well after the purchase is made. Many people don’t know that your wallet is misplaced those receipts could aid in the theft of your identity. A particularly skillful thief could take the last few digits from your credit card along with the store name that is on the receipt and figure out the whole credit card number.