Organization is key. But what do you do if you find yourself, well, unorganized? While there are a thousand ways to start living a more balanced lifestyle, it’s a lot easier to let technology do the work for you. From budgeting better to establishing healthy habits, here are five apps to get you moving toward a new, more organized version of yourself.

Procrastinate No More

The perfect app for procrastinators, Procrasterapp is a service that’ll get you back to work. The free app will send you reminders for recurring tasks, all equipped with time allotments to keep you motivated. You can even set up self-defined rewards for jobs where you’ve managed to stay on track.

Budget Better

If your finances need an organizational uplift, consider downloading Venmo. The free digital wallet can be linked with your bank account or debit card, allowing you to keep track of bills and spending habits. Fees are very low with Venmo, costing only $0.25 to transfer money from your Venmo to your checking account.

Kickstart Healthy Habits

So, you know what habits you’d like to start but not sure where to begin. That’s where HabitList comes in. Once you’ve entered in the habits you’d like to start, whether it be eating healthier or hitting the gym, HabitList will send you reminders based on how often you want to participate in them. HabitList is available for a $3.99 subscription fee.

Tackle To-Dos

If you’re feeling burdened by an extensive to-do list, consider Things 3. This app will actually help you break down your tasks into smaller, more manageable accomplishments. You can even rank tasks in order of importance for each day to keep yourself organized and productive. Even better, Things 3 is totally free.

Time Well Spent

Another amazing organization-based app, RescueTime is a free service designed to help you save time and increase productivity. The app keeps track of everything you do online and catalogs just how much time you spend answering emails, scrolling on social media, online shopping, and more. After visualizing how much time you spend doing what, you can get back on track and prioritize where your time should be spent.