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The first ink is the deepest

Who doesn’t love a good hummingbird picture? After all, they’re one of the prettiest and fascinating birds on the planet. What’s even more interesting about this picture is that the first iteration isn’t too bad, especially compared to the many others on this list.

colette345 via Reddit

With that said, the second picture is certainly a true depiction of beauty and grace. It’s even more impressive that it’s still, nonetheless, an improvement from the first iteration since it was drawn very eloquently.

A mermaid comes to life?

There is clearly something going on with the eye in this picture. We can’t tell if it’s been sewn shut or perhaps the artist wanted this to be the inference of the design in question. The shading also looks worn down or distilled, which was probably unintentional in all likelihood.

dwdwaterdrop via Reddit

We’re also torn on what the image is supposed to be of. It could be a siren or a mermaid, but we’re not sure. Either way, the second rendering ended up looking great and we are very impressed to say the least.

The cat from the jungle

What once was a pretty harmless-looking cat became quite a force to be reckoned with in one fell swoop after this tattoo was addressed. And to be sure, the first rendering wasn’t all that bad either. As you’ll see with many of these examples, the first attempt -or second- often looks irredeemable. 

The_Cpt_Hazza via Reddit

In fact, it almost looks like it went from a confused cat questioning its existence to one of being on the prowl in search of food in the wild. We give full marks to the artist and salute them with all that we have.

A man’s best friend

Given this popular saying, you would think the artist in question would want to portray the dog at its best. Well, that probably wasn’t the case for the first tattoo. With that said, however, we’re impressed with what the artist had in store for the second attempt.

Captainnawesomee via Reddit

This picture went from a dog that didn’t know what dimension it’s in to one that looks like it could quite literally jump out of the picture. In fact you can visibly see the whiskers and skin pigment much better in the second one than the first as well.

From girlfriend to ex-girlfriend

You definitely have to question one’s judgement when they decide to tattoo their partner on their body. But hey, sometimes love makes you do crazy things. Do we approve of the design, however? Well, if you ask us, it’s actually not too bad. But the second photo is the true one to behold.

Betterwithfetter via Reddit

It’s probably fair to say the couple split up, and the end result was likely not pretty. After all, the new iteration looks like a Hell spawn. And with that said, it still looks pretty good in our opinion!

A black and white difference

This might be one of the better touch-ups we’ve seen on this list. The addition of the stars adds much more of a heavenly spectre to the whole ambiance of the photo, too. Not to mention the obvious fact that the design of the cat and moon were very poor in the first try to say the least.

amusicmaker via Reddit

On a macro level, it appears as though someone took a bit of sandpaper and stroked the surface of the first tattoo. What’s even more impressive in respect to the second one is the cat’s tail. It’s very detailed and natural looking.

Pikachu to the rescue

Millennials, Generation Z and even some Gen. X’s can sympathize with this one. Pikachu is arguably one of the most iconic cartoon characters of the 1990s and 2000s, so you would think if this person decided to get a Pikachu tattoo, they would have done their research before doing so.

DarkStarFTW via Reddit

Luckily for them, it was saved in a beautiful way. The person presumably found a different artist who drew another Pikachu in the act of drawing another Pikachu. Now that is just sheer genius and we commend whoever came up with this brilliant idea.

A Princess coming into view

Here is another example of when the first tattoo was quite impressive, but the result of the next one was doubly better. The only question on this design is whether the price was worth it. For this design, the coloring added much more quality to it overall.

damndaniela via Reddit

The final result is pretty awesome. It’s almost reminiscent of some kind of movie we haven’t seen yet. It’s hard for us to pin it down, but we’ll go out on a limb and say she reminds us of Disney’s Esmeralda, but don’t take our word for it.

Music is art

We all know that popular saying that music is an important aspect of art. After all, it’s one of the oldest forms of art known to humanity (and perhaps the most seamless, too). The first iteration of this one just had us shaking our heads in disbelief. It looks like an amateur could have come up with it.

OutterInnerMonologue via Reddit

But the tattoo was clearly saved on the second go-around. It almost looks like a fusion of cyberpunk mixed with something from a science fiction-like dystopian future. You can tell that the picture tells a cool story, too.

Fading into obscurity

The first tattoo almost looks like something resembling being affected by an unseen black hole. After all, the unintended effect of the first image shows the hula dancer fading quickly into the ether. This in all likelihood was an unintended effect from the artist.

hula_eve via Reddit

Then enter the second act, which turned out to be a truly impressive work of art with incredible attention to detail. And when you are paying large sums of money -presumably- for something to be forever inked on your skin, you would hope the artist is on the talent level of the second tattoo.

Another ex-girlfriend cover up?

We have to ask the inevitable question when someone chooses to get their special someone tattooed on their skin. In the interest of everything logical and fair, why would you do it? We understand when you love someone to this point, but why take the risk?

CrowKingZero via Reddit

Well, here is yet another example of someone who didn’t think before they acted by the looks of things. Of course, there is the chance this isn’t the depiction of the person’s former girlfriend. But in any case, the final result looks pretty awesome if you ask us.

Flowers from another dimension

Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to trying to figure out what the image of the first tattoo is supposed to depict. We think it looks as if someone fell on some abstract floor that nobody can see. In full honesty it’s probably someone from an unknown TV show.

cOquine via Reddit

In any case, the final result left us with our jaws collectively dropped. If the concept of Inception was encapsulated in a flower tattoo, then this would be the final result. It’s like a bunch of flowers within other flowers!

For the love of Marge

It’s hard not to love The Simpsons. After all, the show is 30 seasons strong and one of the most iconic animated shows in U.S. history. Well, it’s probably safe to say this guy is quite the fan. Our only question is, what happened to Mary and why was she inked on his chest in the first place?

noijonas via Reddit

It could have been due to the fact she was his former partner. Or perhaps a friend he doesn’t speak to anymore. The possibilities are endless. In any case, this re-do of the first iteration is probably one of the most seamless ones on this list.

Flora and Fauna

The first iteration of this example is just another case where the first attempt went very well. In what appears to be a pair of maple leaves, the focus given on the outer edges is pretty evident. The same also goes for the stems–although they also look a little wilted.

dwdwaterdrop via Reddit

But the cover-up tattoo is what springs the whole picture into life. And this is probably one of the few that is truly flawless in its final rendering. Whether it’s the seemingly interactive bees or the incredible detailing in the flowers, we tip our hats off to this one.

Galaga makes its appearance

There are certain video games we love and cherish–Galaga is certainly one of those. It takes one back to the good ole days of when video games were just starting to make their way through popular culture. So to that end, it makes sense as to why someone would want this tattoo design.

shaolinblaze via Reddit

With that said, the first run-through of what should be a pretty simple tattoo design process was pretty poorly botched. We think it was probably somewhat easy to re-do this one with some grace.

Seeing into another dimension

Let’s be honest, the first tattoo was probably done with good intentions. But sometimes concepts need to be left at the door and not put into action. This is one of those examples. After all, the artist in question probably didn’t know what they were doing with the first tattoo.

shaldaya via Reddit

But it’s probably safe to say this one was indeed saved. It definitely gives off those psychedelic vibes from the 1970s. And if that was the overall intention, then they did a fine job of convincing us.

A curious predicament

This is one of those instances where the first tattoo would have panned out fine if the person decided not to move forward with a cover-up. With that said, however, we’re confused as to what it’s supposed to be, which is probably why this person decided to move forward with a makeover in the first place.

m-o-u-se via Reddit

After the cover-up tattoo was done, we could see (obviously) what the intent was. The finished product ended up being a precious, beautiful peacock; and we’re sure this person couldn’t have been more prouder.

A rose can cure anything

While the design of the first iteration isn’t too bad, in all honesty, the concept is just silly. If you are going to get a design inked on your skin for the rest of your life, then you would think the person in question would want something cool or a design they can be proud of.

kaylasmith96 via Reddit

Well, it turns out a rose can cure many wrongs, like the first tattoo. But the second design of a rose is probably one of the best we’ve seen on this list. The folds and the contours of the petals are so precise and well-done, too.

A DNA mushroom?

It’s amazing how the artist was able to turn a seemingly non-assuming cube-like picture into a masterpiece from a dreamy, idiosyncratic science fiction world. After all, we’re talking about a mushroom that arbitrarily sprouted a giant eyeball and a DNA helix, to boot.

snowmanthejimmy81 via Reddit

Presumably, the person was probably able to tone down -or just override altogether- the cube-like picture that came with the first by adding a mist-effect around the mushroom, which was very smart in our opinion.

A guppy fish

You can tell by the second photo that this person decided to have their star overlaid by some kind of fish resembling a guppy. Suffice it to say, the final iteration looks pretty good by our standards. And this is mighty impressive considering the artist had their work cut out for them.

Kimlakill via Reddit

We also love the dreamy, almost fairy-like stars flanking the fish, too. It almost gives off this dreamy scenario where anything is possible. Perhaps this fish even has superpowers we aren’t aware of. Who knows!

Making grandma proud

While we like the hair color in the first picture, the depth of the skin tone is definitely in question, here. It’s truly amazing to see how the slightest change in a picture can add so much life to it. And this example is certainly no exception to that rule.

beetlebug666 via Reddit

The same submission can be made about her hair, too, which while it is not bad in the first drawing, it looks much more natural in the second. Overall we’re very impressed with the second picture and wonder if it was a different artist than the first.

When in doubt, go Samurai

What is likely, here, is that the artist in question was clearly confused about which direction to go in this picture. At first, it looks like they wanted to depict some sort of sign or symbol, but that was clearly botched from the get-go.

dwdwaterdrop via Reddit

The end result almost looks something like a shogun master from Japan’s samurai era. While that could possibly be disputed, what isn’t up for debate is how the end result turned out. It looks pretty amazing if you ask us.

In Living Color

This is an example where the tattoo was in desperate need of some color, and it got its much-needed wish, here. It also appears some aesthetic additions were made, too, which certainly added to the overall splendor of the picture. 

tnevinski via Reddit

While the sparkles are the first noticeable addition, you can see that the lantern is also enshrouded with leaves and a rose with a ringlet at the top. Our only question is what the image is on the bottom. Your guess is as good as ours, but it’s a great drawing overall.

Building on a great foundation

We simply love the first drawing, as you can tell it has a great harmonic blend with the two subjects in the image. Indeed, it is one of humanity’s oldest friendships between a dog and its owner. Or in this case a wolf-like dog (or just a wolf).

misstahaxx via Reddit

In the second tattoo, however, which looks pretty awesome in our collective opinion, the wolf looks almost more like a fox of sorts. Regardless of this speculation, the second iteration turned out spectacular.

Superman loses to an owl

We’re not sure what gave this person the inspiration to go from Superman -arguably one of the most popular superheroes of all time- symbol to an owl. But suffice it so say, we’re pretty impressed with the overall outcome. 

Back2Beantown via Reddit

If you look carefully, you can tell the artist wanted to capture the primordial atmosphere with the owl, too, to give it that augmented sense of reality, too. With that said, they certainly had their work cut-out for them, too, since the pressure to draw a beautiful snow owl is probably somewhat overwhelming.

Arizona never looked so good

As you can tell, the first attempt at this tattoo resulted in something that looked like a blurry picture of the Arizona desert. Actually, we think it looks more like an Arizona desert through the lens of a person going blind. Obviously, something went awry with the coloring in the first try.

DA-Alistair via Reddit

Meanwhile, the second picture captures that beautiful essence of the desert with incredible attention to detail. The artist put particular focus on ridges of the mountains while not neglecting the river and cacti.

From Alaska with love

This could have been one of those times when the person in question got a tattoo that was done while they were drunk. The reason why we postulate this is because why would anyone in their right mind get a James Bond symbol on the state of Alaska?

polarrrburrrr via Reddit

If you have seen any of the Bond films, this doesn’t quite add up as the saying goes. The state is hardly ever referenced in the movies, so we’re not sure why they went with this idea in the first place. Not to mention there were eight stars in the first picture, not seven.

Butterfly fever

It seems that this person had a change of heart either learning of their horoscope for the first time or desiring to broadcast their sign to the rest of the world. But we’re not sure as to the correlation -if any- of a butterfly to the libra sign. 

JeanGrey1313 via Reddit

Or perhaps this person simply was tired of seeing this and opted to get something new out of sheer boredom. At any rate, the checkered effect of the butterfly looked really beautiful in the long run.

Another couple apart

Here is yet another example of someone who shouldn’t have taken their relationship too close to heart (or their skin) for the benefit of their conscience. Luckily for them, however, the tattoo artist in question was able to cover it up with relative ease.

Greenflowers23 via Reddit

It’s a nice remedy, too, to cover it up with some flora and fauna to help you forget about a relationship that could have been. In some ways, it could serve as a symbolic way of moving on with one’s life or helping forget about the past relationship, too.

Something from nothing

We’re not sure what the first tattoo is supposed to be depicting. It almost seems to look like a fading desert oasis or some strewn broccoli. In any case, this is one of the best remakes of a tattoo we have ever seen regardless of this list.

EarthBelowMyFeet via Reddit

To take something that had no artistic or visual direction, seemingly, to something concrete is pretty amazing in and of itself. But what this person was able to accomplish is extraordinary to say the least.