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Getting married isn’t only a huge investment in your future, it’s also a big leap into the world of personal insurance. You’ve long been independent when it comes to finances, and now there are two people to be responsible for. Learn what kinds of insurance you need to commit to as you embark on the great adventure into married life.

Take care of that rock

Whether you’re planning to pop the question or you already have that ring on your finger, it’s important to insure that priceless piece of jewelry. Contact your home insurance company to discuss adding that valuable ring to your policy.

Accidents happen and you want to make sure your wallet’s covered if the engagement ring is lost. If your home insurance company can’t accommodate you, there are also organizations like Jewelers Mutual who can set you up with a stand-alone ring policy to keep your mind at ease.

Bump up your benefits

If you’re engaged or already married, it’s probably time to combine health insurance plans. Reach out to both of your providers and see what options are available, such as a family plan.

Bundling up under one plan can mean big savings, as well as access to better benefits that may not be available through you or your partner’s current health insurance coverage.

Take care of your new household

Lastly, consider investing in renter’s or home insurance. Now that you have a united home, there are most likely a lot more valuables under one roof. If you’re currently in an apartment or condo, look into renter’s insurance. This will not only take care of your personal items in case of an accident or natural disaster, but it could also help you get a lower rate for home insurance in the future by establishing a credit history with your insurer.

Both renter’s and home insurance typically provide liability coverage that protects you and your loved ones. So explore your options! You’ll be glad you did.