Cheat Sheet

There are many factors involved in determining a car insurance rate such as the type of vehicle, age, driving history, and the area in which you live. Of course, many of these factors are out of your control. However, there are some things you can influence to get lower premiums. Your wallet will certainly appreciate it.

Thumbs On The Wheel

One big factor that also drives insurance rates up is the behavior of others. Texting while driving has caused car insurance rates to go up for everyone. You read that right. Regardless if you text and drive or not, your car insurance rate has been affected. This is an instance where the majority has messed it up for the few. Because let’s face it, a majority of drivers are guilty of texting and driving.

Your Past Can Haunt Your Present

Driving history plays a huge role in determining your car insurance rate. Multiple accidents, tickets, and/or insurance claims can send your insurance premium through the roof. Depending on how poor your driving history is, some insurance companies may not even offer you coverage. Unfortunately, once these negative marks are on your record, they’re there. The only thing you can do is wait for time to pass. The longer it’s been since you’ve had a driving infraction, the less effect it will have.

Cars and Credit

A lot of people don’t realize it, but your credit score can also have an effect on your car insurance rate. There isn’t a clear point of reference to what score will cause a certain percentage of increase. However, it has been noted that individuals with low credit scores have to pay much more for insurance.

Will You Marry Me?

Can you believe that your marital status can also affect your insurance premium? It has been determined that single people have more accidents than married people. For a man with a good driving record, having a spouse could save him almost half on his car insurance premium! That’s a good incentive to put a ring on it. In addition to love, of course.

Size Matters

The size of a vehicle can help you obtain a lower insurance premium. Larger cars are considered safer already. Pair that with good safety ratings and you’ve got a winner! If a car is safer, then the insurance companies figure that’s less money on medical expenses they would have to pay in the event that there was an accident.