Between the many online job-search websites and the ease of submitting a resume with one click, standing out amongst hundreds of people can be difficult. If you’re one of the chosen few who get selected for an in-person interview, you need to be sure to you avoid these common mistakes that make an employer toss you out of the running.

Showing Up Late

This may be obvious but do whatever you can to be on time for your interview. Some people do a practice run of the drive from home to the interview location to see how long it really takes to get there. Make sure you arrive five to ten minutes early, so you are there when the HR manager comes to get you.

Forgetting To Do Your Research

When in your interview, make sure you mention the things you know about the company that intrigued you about the position, so the employer knows you did your research. Also, make sure to ask questions that help you understand the company better so that you get a sense of the culture and how the office functions.

Asking About The Salary Too Soon

Unless the employer asks for a salary range you are seeking, money shouldn’t be discussed until the company is offering you a job. Make the interview about your value and what you bring to the table and use it to determine if the company is a right fit for you before diving into the details.

Talking Poorly About Your Previous Jobs

Many people start their job search because they are unhappy with their current situation. That doesn’t mean the people interviewing you have to be aware of it. If you bad mouth your current employer, it could raise a red flag for the person interviewing you. Plus, you don’t know who they might know from your current firm and you don’t want to burn any bridges.

Unprofessional Behavior

Make sure you maintain complete professionalism from the moment you walk through the door until the job offer is signed. That means making sure you look your best, your clothes are appropriate, and that you watch your language. Leave your phone off and in your bag so it doesn’t go off in the middle of the interview.