At the end of every job interview, your potential employer will ask, “Do you have any questions?” You may not have any questions, but you should definitely come up with something. Asking questions helps you stand out from the other candidates and could increase your chances of being offered the job. If you’re at a complete loss on what should ask, keep reading!

What Is Your Ideal Candidate?

This question will provide the interviewer the opportunity to explain the characteristics that they are looking for. The key to this question is your follow-up response. Pay attention to the qualities that the interviewer says, and then reiterate the qualities that you possess that are in line with what was stated.

What Do You Hope To See Accomplished In This Department And How Can This Position Help You Get There?

It is important to let the interviewer know that you are a team player and asking this question will do just that. It indicates you are ready and willing to aid the company in reaching their short-term goals. It also opens the door for the interviewer to share with you exactly what they are expecting from you. Pay attention!

What Are Some Challenges For A Person Entering This Position?

Show your potential employer that you have realistic expectations. You know that there will be challenges and you are prepared and ready to take them on. Starting a new position can be difficult in the beginning while you’re adjusting and learning new things. However, proving your resilience during the interview process can solidify that you have what it takes.

Do You Have Any Concerns About My Qualifications?

Asking this question will really speak for your character. It shows the interviewer that not only are you are open to criticism, but you are capable of receiving it as well. Employers don’t just want employees that can do a job. They want employees that they can teach and groom as well.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working Here?

This question is a great way to build a connection with the interviewer. It allows them the opportunity to open up and get personal. If they’re unable to answer this question, or if their answer doesn’t sound genuine, you might want to reconsider working for the company at all.