One of the most intimidating situations is driving in wintery weather. Well, worry no more! Whether it’s items to keep your hands warm or emergency kits that will help you out in a pinch, here are 5 items under $25 that will keep you safe and ease your mind while driving this winter.

First-aid kit

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s shocking how many people actually go without a first-aid kit. While this is helpful all year round, it’s especially important during the winter season. Make sure you have some kind of package that includes bandages, alcohol prep pads, a flashlight, whistle, and an emergency blanket so you’re prepared for any mishap.

Folding shovel

This is especially important if you live in an area that regularly experiences a high volume of snow. While you may be prepared for shoveling yourself out of the snow in the morning at your homestead, having a foldable shovel on hand in your car can get you out of tricky situations no matter where you may venture this winter.

LED road flares

Everyone should have flares in their car in case of emergency, but hardly anyone actually keeps these close by. Don’t skimp on this emergency item this winter. By packing LED road flares, you’ll be prepared in case stranded in a snow storm or if you skid off the road. Help will be able to easily find you and you’ll prevent others from causing further damage.

Snow brush and ice scraper

You may already have these on hand, but if you don’t, buy one now! Research and get a two-in-one item that has tough bristles that won’t scratch your windshield. Put in the time to find a good one. Nothing’s worse than trying to clean your windows in a pinch and then your whole scraper breaking off.

Kitty litter

It may sound silly, but you should invest in at least a small bag of kitty litter before the snow starts this season. No, it’s not for emergency bathroom situations. AutoinsuranceEZ recommends spreading cat litter over ice or snowy parking spaces to help your tires gain traction and get you out of any slushy situations.