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25. Birmingham, AL – 21,208 Job Openings

Birmingham was once called “The Magic City” for its incredible economic growth in the early 1900s. Today, the city is experiencing a new wave of that magic. Birmingham is becoming one of the most important financial and business centers of the South East.

job openingsjob openings

The multicultural city has garnered the attention of large international corporations that are interested in its business friendly environment. Companies such as Lockheed Martin have moved into Alabama, using the state to produce ground-breaking hypersonic technology. Other large companies such as Mazda Toyota Manufacturing are also investing close to Birmingham.

24. Memphis, TN – 23,268 Job Openings

Once well known as the home of Elvis Presley’s Graceland, the city of Memphis has evolved past its musical heritage, and has embraced a variety of new industries. The city has seen unprecedented economic growth resulting in the construction of new homes and hotels.

job openings job openings

New renovations to the city’s airport and convention center, promise to bring billions of dollars to the city. Large corporations are also helping to boost Memphis’ economy. Companies such as FedEx, which began in the city, now employ more than 30,000 people. Memphis is also the home to the internationally renowned, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital which provides healthcare services to children affected by cancer.

23. Oklahoma City, OK – 23,970 Job Openings

In recent years, Oklahoma City has moved from the farm to the future with an increased investment in the aviation and aerospace industry. The city boasts almost 40,000 jobs by more than 250 aerospace firms across the state. Oklahoma City attracts private companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and others.

job openingsjob openings

The city also is home to one of the most important livestock markets on the globe, and is an important hub for the oil and natural gas industry. Additionally, the influx of new high-tech startups and other industries has also created a wealth of back office jobs for the many companies that have headquarters in the city, including Hobby Lobby and American Fidelity.

22. Louisville, KY – 25,553 Job Openings

Once known for their Bourbon, the city of Louisville has turned on their Southern charm to a variety of international companies looking to invest in the Kentucky city. Louisville is becoming a large and thriving city, but has still retained a low cost of living.

job openingsjob openings

The plethora of affordable housing and estimated job growth has attracted thousands of new residents. A 2018 report from Glassdoor labeled the city a “top 20 city for job hunters”. Since 2014, the city has received over $15 billion in investments, creating many new jobs. Large companies such as UPS WorldPort have decided to call the Southern city home.

21. Richmond, VA – 28,164 Job Openings

Richmond is known for its stunning historical architecture, and rich history. The city is also quickly becoming an economic powerhouse as it embraces modern industries such as high-tech and financial technology. Richmond, which is home to a branch of the Federal Reserve, has also attracted a variety of well-known banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Suntrust Bank, and Capital One.

job openingsjob openings

Car company CarMax, and real estate data company Costar, have both chosen to open large offices in the city. It was also recently announced that Facebook would be opening a large hub in the city. According to Glassdoor, in demand jobs in Richmond include customer success managers, data engineers, and registered nurses.

20. Hartford, CT – 28,842 Job Openings

As rent prices continue to soar in East Coast cities like New York and Boston, more and more employees are looking to other more affordable places to start a new job. Hartford, Connecticut is becoming an increasingly appealing city for those looking for employment, or to start their own business.

job openings job openings

The city is currently known as the “insurance capital of the world” for the amount of prominent insurance companies that have their headquarters in Hartford. These companies, such as Aetna, flood the city with billions of dollars and a large amount of job opportunities.

19. Milwaukee, WI – 32,040 Job Openings

Milwaukee is well-known for their cheese and beer production, but the past few years have shown that the city has more to offer than artisan food products. The city is becoming an attractive location for large international corporations to set up base. One giant, is a Taiwan-based electronics corporation called Foxconn which opened in the Mid-Western city.

job openings job openings

Another technological giant, Amazon, plans to expand their presence by opening a multi-story fulfillment center which is said to result in an estimated 1,000 new jobs. Milwaukee not only boasts affordable cost of living, but the city offers residents a variety of cultural experiences such as unique outdoor festivals, award-winning restaurants, and local breweries.

18. Cleveland, OH – 37,073 Job Openings

Many Americans are familiar with the health care provider, Cleveland Clinic. This Ohio based clinic is just one part of Cleveland’s large health care and social assistance industry. Cleveland Clinic, and a variety of hospitals affiliated with universities, account for much of the city’s employment.

job openingsjob openings

While the health industry is a substantial part of the city’s economy, other industries such as manufacturing continue to grow. Large corporations such as paint giant Sherwin-Williams and greeting card corporation American Greetings are based in the city. This potential for jobs, and a low cost of living, has made the city an appealing place for job seekers to relocate to.

17. Columbus, OH – 43,086 Job Openings

Most people do not think of Columbus, Ohio as a popular destination for job seekers, but the Mid-Western locale is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing cities, with a variety of new job openings. The city is establishing a reputation as being business-friendly, prompting many corporations to invest and expand there.

job openingsjob openings

Forbes called Columbus one of the tenth “Rising City for Startups”, and it was ranked the second U.S. city for corporate investment. Although the city’s economy is booming, cost of living remains low and affordable. It consistently ranks high on lists of best cities for new grads, young families, and those seeking employment in the STEM fields.

16. Indianapolis, IN – 45,331 Job Openings

Those looking for a new job may want to hop on the speedway and head to Indianapolis. The bustling city, is becoming an important center for high-tech and biomedicine. Large pharmaceutical companies such as Lilly, and others have chosen to expand their medical device manufacturing industry to Indianapolis.

 Indianapolis Indianapolis

Tech giants such as Salesforce have also moved in, bringing hundreds of new tech sector jobs with them. Other tech companies such as Amazon, Infosys, Angie’s List, and Genesys are all making their mark on the city. Forbes ranked the city fifth in their list of cities for “Creating Most Tech Jobs”.

15. Cincinnati, OH – 45,638 Job Openings

Located on the Ohio River, Cincinnati is quickly carving out a name for itself as a one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Ohio, and in the country. The city has seen significant increases in the manufacturing, and financial services industries resulting in an increase in employment.

job openingsjob openings

Many Fortune 500 companies have made their home in the city, including Procter and Gamble, Macy’s, Cintas, and Kroger. The city is estimated to have a $138 billion economy, and an increased amount of job openings thanks to corporations investing there. In addition to increased job opportunities, the city also boasts a low cost of living, making it an attractive option for job seekers.

14. Kansas City, MO – 46,644 Job Openings

One of the fastest growing economies in the United States is also one that most people wouldn’t expect — Kansas City, Missouri. The city is attracting a variety of high tech companies and engineering firms. Economists believe that the city will continue to grow as it expands its international airport, opening up the possibility for foreign companies to invest.

 Kansas City Kansas City

New jobs are emerging in the fields of healthcare and high-tech. Meanwhile, engineering firms in the city have long struggled to find employees for the quickly growing engineering industry which has focused on building components for city infrastructure, for both the domestic and international market.

13. Pittsburgh, PA – 48,811 Job Openings

Often referred to as “The City of Bridges”, a move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania might serve as the bridge to your new job. Historically known as a leader in the steel industry, Pittsburgh is now known for its growing healthcare and high-tech industries.


Some of the most promising industries include tech and robotics, energy, healthcare and life science, advanced manufacturing, and financial and business services. Pittsburgh is fortunate to be surrounded by a variety of renowned colleges and universities, which supply the city with a talented pool of employees. High-tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook have also entered the city’s market, resulting in more job openings and higher wages.

12. Raleigh, NC – 52,412 Job Openings

Raleigh is becoming one of the most important cities for high-tech. The city constitutes part of the “research triangle” of North Carolina — an area surrounded by three major universities: Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This triangle serves as a pipeline between innovative companies, and research from the city’s colleges and universities.

 Raleigh  Raleigh

Although the city is gaining a reputation as a tech-hub, unlike other cities, Raleigh is still quite affordable in comparison to other tech-hubs such as those on the West Coast. Large tech companies such as IBM, Red Hat, Citrix and Cisco have all decided to make the city their base.

11. Austin, TX – 52,777 Job Openings

Austin may be known as the “live music capital of the world”, but the city’s business environment has been striking the right tune with some of the largest corporations. Companies such as Facebook have set up shop in the Texan capital, prompting new job openings such as social media coordinator, customer success specialists, and UI developer positions.

 Austin TX Austin TX

In addition, auto giant Tesla has announced that they want a slice of the Texas pie. In July of 2020, the company announced it would open a $1 billion “Gigafactory” after a long bidding war with various U.S. cities. The new factory is estimated to bring in more than 5,000 new jobs to the capital city.

10. St. Louis, MO – 59,131 Job Openings

A far cry from the small town founded by French fur traders, St. Louis has become a cultural and economic metropolis. The city’s historical ties with the financial industry is still evident today, as financial services account for a large percentage of jobs.

St. LouisSt. Louis

Another important industry that has grown in recent decades is the health care industry. Health care and social assistance is currently one of the largest industries, followed by educational services, and food service industries. A developing bioscience and high-tech industry promises to bring thousands of new jobs to the burgeoning city.

9. Baltimore, MD – 68,967 Job Openings

Conveniently located in the center of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, Baltimore is becoming an increasingly popular choice for employees seeking career opportunities, and lower costs of living. ‘The Charm City’, which has struggled in the past, is now charming its way into the hearts of business investors who see the city’s economic potential.

job openingsjob openings

Large companies such as apparel manufacturer Under Armor and jeweler Pandora Americas call Baltimore home. Other large companies such as investment banking companies Legg Mason and Morgan Stanley, and nuclear electric power company Exelon have all chosen to invest in the city. In addition to private businesses, the city also employs thousands of employees with over 60 federal agencies and many research labs.

8. Detroit, MI – 71,137 Job Openings

Detroit has a long history with the American automobile industry. Nicknamed the Motor City, Detroit is number one in research and development in the automotive and mobility industry. Companies based in Detroit employ some of the most advanced manufacturing workers in the country.

job openingsjob openings

While the car industry remains an important part of Detroit’s economy, the city has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include military vehicle production, aerospace equipment, automation, and medical devices. Large tech companies have also invested in the city, and the state of Michigan. Companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have opened offices and hubs, leading to thousands of new jobs.

7. San José, CA – 72,669 Job Openings

Known as the birthplace of “silicon valley”, San José offers a bright future in high-tech. Those hoping to make it big in high-tech will be pleased to know that a large portion of tech companies are based in, or have an office, in San Jose.

 San Jose San Jose

According to Glassdoor, jobs that are in demand in the San José area include product managers, systems engineers, and clinical nurses. The area is home to more than 2,500 technology-related companies that create over 90,000 high-tech jobs. The city was ranked third in ‘best places to live’ and fifth ‘best city for talent’ in surveys conducted by U.S News and Report and

6. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN – 78,839 Job Openings

Affectionately referred to as the “Twin Cities”, the adjoining cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are emerging as some of the Midwest’s biggest economic powerhouses. Often compared to larger East Coast cities, the Twin Cities offer residents historical charm and culture, at a much more affordable cost of living.

 Minneapolis St. Paul Minneapolis St. Paul

Once the center for the flour milling and timber industry, the Twin Cities have moved into business and technology. One of the largest medical technology companies, Kodak Pharmaceuticals, announced that they would be hiring more than a thousand new employees with their new business ventures. According to Glassdoor, other in demand positions include jobs in human resources, pharmacy technicians, and speech language pathology.

5. Seattle, WA – 111,979 Job Openings

Most people associate Seattle with the coffee giant Starbucks, but the Emerald city is quickly becoming synonymous with high-tech. Companies like Amazon, Expedia, T-Mobile, and Microsoft have created unprecedented economic growth in the area, and have become some of the region’s top employers.

 Seattle WA Seattle WA

According to Glassdoor, Seattle has job openings for strategy managers, civil engineers, and servers. Amazon has continued to grow, adding close to 100,000 new jobs beyond high-tech, including delivery drivers, employees for their vast warehouse network, and grocery shoppers. As more people turn to Amazon and other online retailers, economists believe that job opportunities in the Seattle region will continue to grow.

4. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX – 143,144 Job Openings

Dallas is quickly emerging as one of the most important, and largest, metropolitan areas in the United States. The Texas city is shedding its image of the wild west and cowboys, and blazing into new economic markets like high-tech and other industries.

Dallas, TXDallas, TX

Dallas’ large international airport has made it an attractive destination for international investors, and helps connect the city to the global economy. According to Glassdoor research, some in demand jobs are dev-ops engineers, registered nurses, and landscape architects. Ecommerce giant, Amazon, recently announced that they would be expanding their operations in the city which will result in an estimated 600 new jobs.

3. Boston, MA – 143,505 Job Openings

Already known for its historical importance and Ivy League institutions of higher education, Boston is now considered one of the country’s biggest hubs for technology. Economists forecast that the city will witness growth in upper level and mid-level tech careers.


Those who decide to join the high-tech work force will be able to receive job training, pathways to entrepreneurship, and access to continuing education in an effort for the city to develop its technology industry. High-tech industries such as cybersecurity, network architecture, and systems integration are all expected to grow within the next few years.

2. Washington, DC – 179,071 Job Openings

It’s no surprise that our nation’s capital, Washington, DC would be a great place for job seekers. What many would be surprised to know is that the city boasts a variety of jobs unrelated to politics. DC is emerging as a center of high-tech innovation and business.

Washington D.CWashington D.C

It is home to 15 Fortune 500 companies including hospitality giants Hilton Worldwide and Marriott. The region is also one of the most important centers for defense technology with companies such as Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics. Seeking work in a nonprofit? Washington, DC has no shortage of international organizations such as the World Bank, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the International Monetary Fund.

1. Chicago, IL – 192,966 Job Openings

Chicago may have been known as the ‘candy capital’ of the United States due to its history in the food processing industry, but the windy city is increasingly turning to other less cavity-inducing industries. Chicago is now considered one of the most important centers for publishing- everything from educational materials to magazines.


The city is also an important financial center with many large banks being headquartered in the city such as Northern Trust and First Midwest Bank. Insurance giant, Allstate Corporation, also has a presence in the large city. High-tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and Uber have expanded into the city, resulting in an increase in new job openings.

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