Many would agree that the pay scale is a bit warped and backward. Professions that save lives, fight for our freedom and serve our future generations are vastly underpaid. On the flip side, professions that are for mere entertainment and enjoyment make hundreds of thousands to millions. It is quite a paradox. Although people are aware that a lot of heroic and selfless careers are not paid their worth, many don’t know exactly how severely underpaid they are. Keep reading to find out just how poorly these professions are valued.


You would think that setting the learning foundation for our future doctors, scientists, …etc would pay handsomely. Well not at all. Of course, salary varies by location and level. College professors make more than grade school teachers. However, in the grand scheme of things they are all underpaid. The average salary of a public school teacher is $47,372. Can you believe that?! Many efforts are being made to increase their salaries. In some school districts, teachers are even going on strike to demand higher wages. They are deserving. Teachers do so much more than teach their students. They raise, discipline, counsel, love, and are there for their students. They should be paid accordingly for it.

Public Service

It is difficult to fathom that some careers where individuals are putting their lives in danger daily are not getting paid big bucks. Even more interesting is that they’re actually making pretty low salaries considering. Firefighters literally run into burning buildings, save lives, and put out fires. They work 24-hour shifts and have to remain in top physical condition. If ever there was a profession deserving of a six-figure salary they should definitely qualify. However, while there are definitely some exceptions, on average, Firefighters make $47,684. Of course, that varies based on rank and location. Yet, regardless if they’re fighting fire in Palm Spring, CA or New York, NY, a fire is a fire and their life is on the line. Their pay should be a reflection of that.

Police officers also put their lives in danger on a daily basis. They work hard to preserve peace. It is no easy feat in today’s climate. Of course, some areas have less crime than others. In high crime areas, a police officer has to be even more cautious when they’re on duty. It also requires a vast amount of knowledge retention, training, and constant observation. A lot of police officers often express how they can’t turn their training off when they’re off the clock. Even when they’re out on their personal time they cannot help but remain on high alert observing the area around them. After such rigorous training, it’s embedded in them.

Social Workers

This one really isn’t even a shocker. It is pretty common knowledge that social workers are often overworked and underpaid. They are tasked with helping those in society that cannot help themselves. On average they barely make $45,000 a year! Social workers too put their lives in dangerous situations while on the job. Home visits to a stranger’s home is not always a pleasant experience. Especially if you’re there to potentially remove someone’s child from the home. Some social workers are assigned in very dangerous areas where crime is high. Unlike Police Officers, they’re only armed with a folder. Their pay should be reflective of the above and beyond measures that often take for the benefit of their client.


You can’t get more underpaid than being a stay at home parent. Being a stay at home parent takes a lot more work than most people give it credit. As a stay at home parent, you are the core and hub of the family. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework, giving baths, running errands, and so much more! Depending on the family dynamic and needs a SAHP’s tasks will vary. However, no matter how you slice it they almost always have their hands full trying to maintain and care for their household. It comes with no salary, sick time, vacation time, and it definitely requires working more than a 40-hour workweek. What is worse is that not only is it underpaid, it is also oftentimes underappreciated.


In the medical field, nurses oftentimes do the most work and their pay doesn’t match. Registered Nurses on average make $60,000. However, if you consider the number of hours they work and their responsibilities that doesn’t quite equate. They’re responsible for an individual’s care and life during a long 12-hour shift in many cases. Not to mention that some patients are horrible. ‘

Certified Nursing Assistants are also paid poorly. On average, CNA’s make $26,590. That is chump change considering their responsibilities. CNAs are often caretakers for the elderly. They are responsible for bathing them, feeding them, monitoring their medication, …etc. What is more, is that being a CNA can be physically demanding. They have to assist if their patients need help getting in and out of bed, their wheelchair, the bathtub, and other similar situations. They have to be able to support their body weight to make sure they don’t fall. That’s not as easy as it may sound and it requires technique. CNA’s are not paid remotely comparable to the amount of work that they do.

Passion over pay

It is evident that for some professions employees have to be fueled by passion instead of a paycheck. People working in any of the professions listed above do so out of love for others. They are truly selfless. They may not be compensated fairly monetarily for all that they do, but helping others is greatly rewarding.