Kimmie Connor has been traveling the world for almost three and a half years. She doesn’t do it by working online. Instead, she does it the old-fashioned way— by being frugal.

These are some of Kimmie’s top tips for traveling the world on a budget. The key, Kimmie says, is to forgo the unnecessary luxuries.

Where Kimmie Gets Her Money

No matter how tightly you budget, travel still requires some sort of income. Kimmie funds her non-stop vagabonding by doing odd-jobs along the way. The hospitality industries are always looking for English-speaking workers. Kimmie has spent time working as a tour guide as well.

Kimmie sees her budget-driven lifestyle as a source of income in itself. When you save hundreds of dollars a month by spending wisely, it ends up being the same as making that much more.

Say No To The Salon

One obvious way to reduce costs is to pass on the pampering. Do you really need to get your hair dyed and your nails done? When you’re caught up in the grind of a 9 to 5 in your hometown, it can be easy to slip into the habit of treating yourself a little too often.

If you want to make infinite world travel a reality, you may need to take an extended hiatus from the salon. After all, you can paint your own nails, exfoliate your own feet, and dye your own hair.

Eat Out Less

Food can quickly turn into a money pit, especially when you’re on the road. When Kimmie changes locations, grabbing a bite at a restaurant is inevitable. When she settles into a new place, 90-plus percent of the time she can cut costs by grocery shopping and eating in.

Even if you don’t have a stove-top burner or kitchen sink, buying deli meats and fresh veggies is all you need. Making breakfast and lunch at home can stretch your adventure out to three years and counting if you master it like Kimmie.

She also recommends hitting the trail instead of the gym. Body-weight exercises and self-discipline go a long way. Combine that with breaking your attachment to name-brand clothing, and you’ll be joining the ranks of Kimmie-esque budget travelers in no time.