Lance Bass


You’ve likely seen headlines within the past few months claiming that former *NSYNC member, Lance Bass, was buying the house made famous from the Brady Bunch. Mr. Bass was, in fact, interested in buying that house, but things did not work out. There are rumors flying around but what really happened?

Celebration Before The Victory

Property is a hot commodity right now, and luxurious homes sell at lightning speed in California. Less than a month after it hit the market, Lance Bass made an offer on the Brady Bunch home and was sure he had it. He rashly tweeted, and he even threw a party.

A Change Of Plans

Before Bass could make memories in the Brady residence, he got bad news from the same real estate agent who originally said his offer had been accepted. Lance’s offer had been upset by another buyer who had offered more. Like any motivated buyer, Bass wanted to increase his offer.

Not So Fast

According to Bass’ tweets, the real estate agent discouraged him from making another offer saying that he couldn’t top it. What could have inspired the real estate agent to say that boy band royalty couldn’t top an offer on a home that was listed at $1.85 million?

Who Is The Mystery Buyer?

As rich as Mr. Bass must be, we’re willing to bet he’s not wealthier than HGTV, the humongous television corporation who purchased the home. While HGTV would have certainly won if a bidding war ensued, was it right for the agent to discourage Bass from changing his offer?

What Should Have Happened?

When more than one buyer makes an offer on the same home, it is considered a multiple offer situation. The real estate agent tells each buyer to make their best and final offer, and the seller picks one. This is way Lance Bass was not allowed to change his offer.