Spring is just around the corner, but don’t put away that winter gear just yet. The bitter cold has finally passed and the sun is shining. This is the perfect time of year to get in that one last ski trip. In fact, spring skiing can be the most enjoyable as you don’t have to worry about frostbite. Whether you are looking for a quick family getaway, or some one-on-one time with your significant other, check out these spots to get in some snow time before it’s gone.

Lake Tahoe, California

Some of the best powder you will find is right here in Lake Tahoe. The resorts here offer something for everyone, from casual, intimate settings to world-class resorts. The peaks here offer unique challenges for experts, and yet are simple enough for the beginning skier. Each resort at Lake Tahoe offers a unique setting, from skiing through a forest to cliff jumping. If your kids aren’t skiers yet, they can play at one of the many snow parks in the area.

For the budget conscious, weekend packages start at $420 for two adults. This includes a two-day lift ticket and room at a resort.

Banff, Alberta, Canada

If you’ve been to Banff, you’re aware of the beautiful surroundings. They boast over 8,000 square feet of terrain for skiing, usually covered with 30 feet of snow.

The ski resorts in these Canadian Rockies offer skiing for all ages and all skill levels. If you are looking for a break from the downhill skiing, the area also offers snowshoeing, dog-sledding, and cross-country skiing. A 90-minute ride from Calgary (the closest airport) takes on you on winding roads through the mountains, showing off the beautiful scenery as you get near the resorts. Two historic ski towns are nestled in the mountains offering food, nightlife, and more.

Packages for the Banff area are currently starting at $490 for the weekend for two adults with a two-day ski pass.

Telluride, Colorado

Telluride has had over 25 feet of snow this year. This 2,000-acre resort, boasting some runs that are over 4 miles long. Snowboarding is as big as skiing is at this resort, so be prepared to share the mountain. If you’re in for a new adventure, snow biking is offered at Telluride. Take a class on how to use them and you can snow bike your day away.

There are many hotels and resorts available in this area, and while it’s usually quite expensive to stay, if you watch for specials, and create your own package, you can usually find hotel rooms for $100 – $120 per night, for two adults. A two-day ski pass runs around $256 for adults, bringing your total two-day package to right around $700.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Skiing by Salt Lake City means many things to people, from the Winter Olympics and Olympic City to mainstream downtown. This more urban environment not only has skiing, but a fantastic nightlife, spas, family activities, and more. The mountains offer something for your whole family from kids’ ski classes to your expert level, daredevil ski jumps. Snowboarders and skiers alike flock to these mountains to get in some of the best air time around.

Weekend packages come in many levels in Salt Lake City, starting at $446 for two adults, with a two-day ski pass.

Big Sky, Montana

This ski resort is one of the best in the country. With over 5,800 acres of ski area and 4,800 feet of vertical drop, the mountains offer runs for everyone in your family. The 300 runs offer beginning slopes for the kids and expert slopes for the ski-aholic. If you want to go all the way to the top, you can ride the tram. Only on Lone Peak can you ride 11,166 feet up into the mountains, and then ski down the slopes. While at the top, you can see two national parks and three different states. When the kids get tired of skiing, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Big Sky has zip-lining, bungee trampolines, sleigh rides, dog-sledding, snow coach tours and more. The fun continues on even after a long day on the slopes.

Big Sky doesn’t necessarily mean big price. Weekend packages here start at $559 for two adults, with the one-day ski pass.

Copper Mountain, Colorado

Copper Mountain is another great mountain for snowboarding and skiing. Nestled in the Colorado Rockies, you will find amazing scenery and beautiful powder. This mountain almost always has perfect ski conditions. Beware this spring though, as a few passes will be closed on certain days for USASA National Championships. There are plenty of other runs that are still open, so don’t shy away from this amazing resort, just be prepared.

Copper Mountain is another area that can get a bit more expensive when staying at the resort, but you can stay at nearby hotels for $403. The weekend package here includes two nights and a one-day ski pass for two adults.

Other resorts

These are just a few of the magnificent ski resorts that are in North America. There are ski resorts in virtually every state, right outside your door. Don’t be afraid to look for one close to home and one that will fit your budget. We all deserve a day on the slopes now and then, and time will quickly be running out this spring. Grab a day while you can, and get in that one last run.