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It’s easy for a young person to leave a miserable job for a dream career, but the stakes are higher for soon to be retirees. A few more years of misery, and you’ll be free forever! These tips can help you persist, even if you hate your job.

Make A Vision Board

What do you look forward to doing in retirement? Find pictures that represent your ideas, and make a collage. If you’re not artistic, make a list of your retirement plans. Place your representation somewhere you can see it, such as in your workspace. Try to focus on it when times get tough. 

Take Care Of Yourself

Between unhealthy lunches and sitting way too long, working can have a bad impact on your health, which has a direct impact on your mood. Take a fitness course. Pack a healthy lunch. Do what’s necessary to feel better physically and mentally. These habits will be useful in retirement.

Catch A Case Of Enthusiasm

While colleagues your age might have a “get me out of here” attitude, people who are just entering the workforce are far more enthusiastic. Take a younger colleague under your wings. You can show them the ropes, and they’ll show you how to enjoy your final years at work.

Work On The Rest Of Your Life

Work is just work. Although it takes up a lot of time, it’s just a small facet of your life. Tough work is easier to get through when you have something to look forward to at the end of the day or week. Recreation needs to happen before retirement.

Schedule Your Pity Parties

You can’t force yourself to like a hated job, but you can control your hatred. Rather than allow your entire day to be dampened by negative thoughts, reserve only five minutes of the day for complaining (ideally to yourself). Once it’s out of your system, keep on working!