Dave Ramsey—a financial advisor, television, radio personality, and author—has helped many people get out of debt, save money, and plan for their financial future. In a message to recent graduates, Ramsey gives his insight into what life will really be like out of college and what these young professionals should expect if they want to live financially free. In his message, he touched on these five tips.

Continue Living A Low Key Life Style

Graduating college and moving out on your own for the first time can be overwhelming and daunting. With many firsts such as paying rent, bills and planning your finances, this time can be a lot more manageable if you maintain a low-key lifestyle similar to how you lived in college.

Just because your bank account seems bigger than you’re used to, you can still cook at home rather than going out to eat until you have enough to put down some money. By living simply, managing your money won’t be as cumbersome.

Budget For A Savings Account

In his speech, Ramsey advised that to live like a college student, that means making a daily budget for all items and sticking to it.

“I tell young people who call our radio show that you’re already used to living like a broke college kid, so keep living like one until you start making grown-up money,” Ramsey told CNBC.

By choosing to live in a certain way and budgeting a certain amount to be saved each month, you’re setting yourself up for success later on.

Remain Patient In The Office

Ramsey also warns those entering the workforce that their first job, and first few years in the working world, might not be exactly what they expected.

He suggests using this time to remain vigilant in your work and learn as much as possible, even if the gig you landed isn’t your dream job.

“Remember, you don’t have experience right now and that you’re going to need to work like crazy, learn everything you can and make yourself a valuable team member,” Ramsey said.

Prioritize Your Goals

Identify the things that really matter when budgeting and see where you can save. For example, traveling out of college might be something you’ve always wanted to do, but in order to do that and save for your future, you might need to drive around the old car your parents gave to you in high school.

While you can still budget for things you want to do, it’s important to prioritize your savings and other funds that may help you become more financially independent like a house savings or emergency fund.

Hustle Until You Succeed

Ramsey also reminds new graduates, and anyone trying to save, that putting in hard work initially will pay off later. “Will there be struggle? Oh yes. Guaranteed. There really isn’t a yellow brick road. You need that struggle in order to succeed. Embrace it. It’s part of the journey!” said Ramsey.