U.S. states


$100,000 goes a lot further in some states than in others. Many parts of California and New York City typify areas where housing, food, transportation, and other living expenses are so high that a six-figure salary provides for just a modest lifestyle. Other places are different. There are some states where earning between $80,00 and $100,000 is plenty of income for you to be able to enjoy life. We’ve got a list of the three lowest-cost U.S. states and what it is like to live there. All three states happen to be in the south, so there are some similarities with each. But each also retains its own charm and uniqueness. It is worth considering if one of them would be a good fit for you.


On average, it costs just 81,038 to enjoy life as a top tier earner in the Magnolia State. This is the lowest in the nation. Part of Mississippi’s reasonable cost is due to the fact that the median price of the best homes available is low, at just $218,000. Where do you live if you’re here? The top cities in the state are Jackson and Gulfport but Hattiesburg and Biloxi are also well-known metro areas. If you decide to relocate there, Mississippi residents love their outdoor sports, especially hunting and fishing. They love their history, music, and seafood. When they go out to eat, locals enjoy classic southern favorites like sweet tea, pecan pie, and slugburgers, a type of hamburger that is made with soybean meal mixed into the meat and deep fried.


The state with the second-lowest cost to live like a king is Arkansas where a gorgeous, luxury home can be bought for a mere $216,200 on average. Major cities include Little Rock, Fayetteville, and Bentonville. What is it like to move here? You’ll have access to a range of diverse state parks, and be able to enjoy world-class mountain music. As you might expect, friendly locals enjoy hiking, camping, car racing, and barbeque. They’re proud of their more relaxed pace of living, mountain crafts, and mountain culture. Culinary favorites among locals include cheese dip (they insist they invented the snack), smoked meats, fried pickles and many varieties of pie including caramel pie.

West Virginia

West Virginia has the third lowest cost in order to be considered among its wealthiest residents. Furthermore, pricing for luxury homes actually comes in as the lowest on this list, coming in at just $187,000. If you moved here you’re likely to live in one of the state’s largest cities in the state like Charleston and Huntington. If you move here, expect to enjoy great access to mountains with areas to hike and enjoy nature with biking and making the most of river access. Autumn scenery there is some of the most beautiful in the country. Locals enjoy bluegrass music and famous West Virginian treats include jerky, pepperoni rolls, and Austin’s Ice Cream

Strategies to move to any of these states

If you’re looking to boost your quality of life by moving to any of these states, there are a number of ways it could happen. Major metro areas in these states include Nissan motors in Mississippi, Walmart Headquarters and JB Hunt Transportation Services in Arkansas, and employers in higher education, retail, and medical services throughout all of the states. If you’re lucky enough to have work flexibility, such as workers who do their jobs remotely, you may want to live in one of these areas and boost your quality of life. Retirees may also want to consider living in one of these states so they can make a fixed budget stretch further. Anyone who is able to make a move will be able to enjoy spacious homes and more discretionary income that just wouldn’t be possible elsewhere in the US.